Top Ten Best Kesha Songs

The Top Ten Best Kesha Songs

1 Tik Tok

I love that song it was Ke$ha's debut as single and in my opinion it is her best song!

I love this song. I especially like the scene when her mother drops the pancakes on the floor. All of their expressions are wonderful. Love it

It is so awesome ah I love it
I think its so awesome its like wake up in the morning feeling like p diddy
All and I mean all the kids in my class love it we made a remix I've it

kesha's rapping in this is annoying but this is a really good party song

2 We R Who We R

Ke$ha rocks. Also this song is my favorite Ke$ha song. I can not stop listening to this song. This song is really catchy.


Omg I love the beat... and the lyrics... and the music... ok I love everything about this song

I Like This Song Because It Really Means Something! When You Have A Song That Sometimes Means Something, It's Good! All Because Of The Words That They Sing Because When The Words Actually Speak To You It Means That It's A Good Song Because Of The Words.. I Think This Is The Best Kesha Song Because It's Saying Stuff To Me.

3 Blow

Love this song heard it on a now 37 cd and I think I murdered the replay button lol you rock kesha

this song is totally stuck in my head I love the lyrics & I love the music 2

Mind blowing music and lyrics... Excellent... Never listened such song... Awesome...

In my war with my opponent of being the best dj... He was about to win but this song made all the difference. Even the judges swayed in this rhythm. It not only my favorite song but saved my reputation man... It is sexy and killing just like kesha

4 Your Love is My Drug

this song is gr8 in any ways kesha is the real hot girl but this song roxxx in her hole animal album kesha I'm crazy abt you

Like I love this song so much I don't know why... Love ya kesha! These songs are just like... AMAZING who agrees.. I like all her songs but this is one of my favorite I even accidentally sang it out loud in school

Out of all Ke$ha's songs, this one HAS to be my favorite. It's very catchy, and has an amazing rhythm. This is Ke$ha at her absolute best. Rock on girl!

As of now, I'm calling this me and my boyfriend's song. First he quoted part of it to me in a cute message. Then another time we watching random videos on YouTube and this one came up. And best of all, one night we got drunk and I put this song on and we were drunk dancing for a few moments before an untimely bout of barfing my guts up. Wouldn't trade it for anything. (But don't drink, kids! ) This song just describes us so perfectly...we are indeed codependent and I don't care if it's bad, I love him and I thank Kesha for this adorably cheesy pop song!

5 Die Young

This is really good... I know this a brand new song of her but this is better than Tik Tok... So this should be place at the top

Die young should be number one

Love it mad she took forever to release it x). Thank you Ke$ha for everything you do you make us proud to be your party aniamls. Stay the life of the party.

I love this song but there is no way it's better than Tik Tok I think it's good here!

6 Take It Off

Her best, catchiest song! makes me wanna dance. oh, and the remix is probably the best song she's released!

This song is my definite favourite. It has a catchy tune to it and a great use of auto-tune. It could be a theme song for party freaks...

I love this song and I really don't like kesha. I'm a guy too! but I guess that doesn't matter. I also like we are who we are too.

I think this song is the best of Kesha and should be first. It is so catchy and her voice is so much better shown in it than in other songs. OK, I like Tik Tok but totally it does not reach this in quality. The music video rocks! Bravo Kesha!

7 Praying

Why is this not her number one. Not only is this song full of emotion, but it tells a story. Granted it may not be as FUN as her older songs, but it means more than all of them combined. This song shows how well she can actually sing. It shows she is not just another pop singer or defined by her pop, fun, party style that she used to have. Kesha is not a character she is a real person who has emotions and an incredibly deep, true story.

This song is amazing. Her best to date.

0/10. It's a boring, slow song and it gets my pick of Worst Of 2017.

How dare you! , this song explains something you'll never understand

She has SO many good songs but, this is definitely her best! Real raw emotion and talent! So proud of her.

8 Crazy Kids

The song is just awesome, and it invades many shades of pop that remained unrecognized for several decades, and kesha voice is at her best in this song, without auto tune.

So summery! I love the beat & the switch-ups... The lyrics are so obviously her that it makes the track even more enjoyable

All her songs have catchy beats and different amazing sounds, and I love them all. But at this moment this song has a good sound to it and on my replay list! Kesha's Warrior album has impressed me!

This song (and Thinking Of You) are by far her best songs! Please, don't listen to the version with the stupid rappers in it because the bridge in the version just by herself is the best part!

9 C'Mon

This song is super catchy, even when I just listen to it on the radio I will sing the entire song over and over again! It's somewhat better than Die Young, and the rap in come on is so much better.

The song is just very very very good, and its true that it is far better than die young, I love its tune, video and lyrics specially!

I love it so much I think come on should be first and this song just sounds so great and it is very very very very very good and you should make more really good songs like this one.

I love this song and the video! A lot of her other songs are way too fast and don't have much meaning. This song is slower and I love the symbolized meaning

10 Blah Blah Blah

It's a really addicting song, at the start I thought it wasn't that good but I can't stop raping the replay button now

Your song makes me crazy and make me to feel like a ROCKSTAR! OH YEAH! Kesha let's rock the world!

because its different then all the others because its less fierce but I love my first kiss

I love this song because it is a great song and has a great artist

The Contenders

11 Cannibal

Awesome song! I've bin listening this song for days when I got it laugh out loud,
Supper amazing and great voice a super duper awesome and outstanding mind blowing mind blasting, superior of all! Love this song so so much! Yea baby!

Awesome song little freaky but still it's a great song! Cannibal is supposed to mean an eater of you're own kind. I think she means something els

Honestly, I just have fun when I am in a call on Skype and there are boys in it so I just turn it on and the boys act so funny! I also just love to hang out with friends and we turn on music and this is the first choice. I just rock out with it! Super great song!

This song is a musical masterpiece in every way, shape, and form. After listening to the catchy chorus and the raw emotion of the bridge, I was instantly hooked

12 Animal

Hands down the best song she has ever written. Transcends her usual skanky diva pop. Despite what people may think of her, this song is proof Ke$ha is capable of writing an undeniably beautiful song.

This song is amazing! It has been in So many things lately like the nine lives of Chloe king and Americas got talent. It' no wonder that the album is named after this song. It is meaningful and so catchy, and when I first heard it, I HAD to find out who sung it. I had no idea it was kesha. It is so raw and emotional. I can't listen to this song enough!

This song is much more meaningful than other Kesha songs. It doesn't talk about "going party", but about love. LOVE IT!

I love this song and in a way, it makes me cry. You are probably wondering why? Well this is why, when I listen to it I imagine what life would be without animals, and their cute faces. Then I think of something even worse, animal abuse. I do not believe in animal testing, and I will not wear any animal products, only for the fact that if they are real, I wonder what they put that animal through to get that product. I really think that this song should be number 1, am I the only person that thinks that?

13 Learn to Let Go

It's the best on rainbow

The bets

, this song is so touching! And catchy as hell. Love you so much, Kesh. xox

14 Last Goodbye

This song should actually be in the top 10! Kesha is referred to as a sleazy girl who just sits around getting wasted 24/7. People say she has such crappy songwriting, but it's all untrue! This song has to be a single or something because it shows her true singing and writing skills! She's more than just a sleazy girl. That's just the image they want you to see. Sure this song is a bit slower, but the story in it is just so great. You must listen to this!

This really helps you get to know about her a bit better. I know it's a slower song but definitely one of her best. It also just has such a great storyline behind it! I can just feel the emotion wrap me up in this song. The chorus just explains the song so perfectly, like it should. Animal for life.

This proves that kesha is more than just an ordinary songwriter, singer. The emotions are so pure that you can literally feel the music vibrating in your veins. Wid this song I fell in love with kesha. She should write more songs like this and the harold song. Animal for life. Kesha girl you rock!

Reminds me of a jerk that I can't get over with

15 Timber

This song is BEYOND description thru words! Its just awesome and love the beats! Should be number 1!

Can't stop replaying this song!

This song is UNBELIEVABLE... This is her most latest song, take this in top 3

Best collaboration song with Pitbull! I wanna live with Applejack now!

16 Harold Song

This song touched my heart.. A friend just suggested that I listen to it and boy it really got me listening to it. A different side of Kesha's singing talent will be discovered here.

This Song is not like one of Ke$ha's (THIS PLACE ABOUT TO BLOW! ) or (THERE"S A PARTY AT RICH DUDES HOUSE! ). THis song is Touching it is about love that was Ripped apart. It is Romantic yet Ke$ha kept her Rocker side and Glitter fusion. She expresses her voice in the song like she is feelling the pain as she sings the song. When she says "Young Love Murdered! That is what this must BE! ". You really feel her pain. It has an underground feeling at the begginging. Anyway This Song is AWESOME!

This song is just awesome... It should have been on number 6 or7 cause the song is far better than 'cannibal' or 'backstabber' and kesha's song in this voice is quite different from her voice in other dance pop song songs... Before hearing this song I didn't know that kesha is so talented.

Such a touching song! I really enjoyed hearing a more mature side of Kesha! She has some real talent. I don't understand why she does the over synthesized pop. She can sing very well from the heart.

17 Supernatural

This song is pure ecstasy. The heavenly chorus, raging verses, and dance breakdown all converge in the last chorus, effectively conveying the sense that ghost sex, like this song, is out of this world.

Supernatural really shows off her voice at some parts. It's an awesome song and should be in the top 10.

Amazing song I love it! Really good, its the one of my favorite kesha songs, I really love this song, it should be 6

This song is magical, it's electric, it's her best song so far to me! I absolutely love it. The instrumental third chorus is amazing

18 Rainbow

This song tells a story and is filled with power. It's obvious how much Kesha has matured both as an artist and a person, because the lyrics are pure and beautiful (except for the brief profanity). The song is an anthem to those struggling with their inner darkness, and it really shows the colors of the artist. A masterpiece.

What a beautiful song, should be top 10.

This is absolutely one of her top 10

19 Hunt You Down
20 Get In Line

Can't believe this wasn't on the list, let alone in the top10!

I think it should be in top 10 it is a solid song

This is probably one of her best unreleased, along with Booty Call!

I think that it is one of the best songs she made, along with Tik Tok and Blow!, ! It's so catchy!
Ke$ha is the best.

21 Butterscotch

It's a cute kinda song kesha rocks

22 Dinosaur

Listened to it because I love Ke$ha and I never heard it before so I started listening to it like 4 weeks ago and its STILL stuck in my head and usually songs aren't stuck in my head after 2 weeks. LOVE THIS SONG

Best song ever! When I'm bored I can just play this and start dancing randomly and then go to my dance team and show them the moves. We're still working on it! It will work out! I know it!

AMAZING! Just listened to it once and it has been stuck in my head this whole time! D-I N-O S-A U-R a Dinosaur! So clever

I laugh at this but in a good way. It's one of my favorites.

23 Gold Trans Am

This song is just awesome... Reminded me of the 80s music, I even m a guy, but I love this song no matter what! I request everyone to listen this song, and vote it, it's rock music is awesome n it must b on at least number 3 or 4, not the lyrics but everything else about this song is awesome

Great song... Love its music, beats and everything!

This song deserves to be one of kesha's best! The puns are awesome and the rhythm is incomparable. Love every word in it.

It should have been in top 20 in my opinion! It's music after the second para is just awesome, and it, s rhythm too is wonderful! It indeed is a very catchy song! Get inside my *****ing gold trans-am!

24 Let 'Em Talk

I love this one

25 True Colors

This easily tops all of her auto-tuned commercial crap

I love this song. This is the real Kesha keep this up

All of her other songs are guilty pleasure. This one is just pleasure.

26 Blind

I think everyone can relate to this song- that feeling just after a breakup

its just a awesome song must listen to it!

This song is different it's kinda serious.

I love this song it's underrated I think this is my favorite kesha song I could listen to the song 24/7 until I died

27 Boy Like You

I don't get why this song is rated so low! It's one of her best songs, and it's not all sleazy-sounding like most of her other songs. Plus, it's featuring Ashley Tisdale! You can't get better than that.

"I'm gonna win,
Boy, your game is over,
Try to play,
But your odds are 10-1.
Keep the change,
After I'm done witcha,
You won't know what hitcha,
You're not fooling anyone. "

28 Let Me Go

Love this song. So catchy ♥

I am an animal and let me gi si my favorite song ever!

29 Heart Fall Out
30 Woman

Why is this at #30? This song is so cool and has a great message.

31 Thinking Of You

Also off her warrior album, this is a revenge song that everyone can relate to... Enough said

Because the best revenge is being successful

32 This is Me
33 Backstabber

I feel the same. My ex best friend is a backstabber

This song is like the best! People should of kept this number 1! Love it! Never heard a song as fantastic as this me and my friends listen it like all the time

God, Kesha's unpopular songs are so much better! I honestly don't like most of her songs, this one's the exception.

This is the best song from when your boyfriend says he loves another girl and not telling you and you find out from his friends and then you tell him what you have heard

34 Only Wanna Dance with You
35 Warrior

It's fun and exciting it expresses her love for her animals and fans and plus it has a lot of DIFFRENT sounds that kesha has never went far enough to reach she really showed her expression for her animals that's why I love her and this song.

This song at first doesn't seem that good, but after listening to it two times you will fall in love with the song

Awesome song... Must listen

Best song shows her love for all of her fans I'm surprised it's not higher on the list

36 Run Devil Run

Too bad this song was sold to SNSD. This song would be a hit on charts

You can't beat the original (Sarcasm) :b

Best Kesha Song Should be at least in the top ten! 😟

37 True Love

! I can't believe Kesha can produce this kind of song. It's so different from her other songs and plus it is the music to my ears!

This song can show us the another part of kesha

Seriously this song is damn good

38 Cunx Tuesday
39 Boom Boom Bang


very funky song... makes me sing along... :p... and ke$ha has got a stylish voice... keep up the good work ke$ha... you always rock and will keep on rocking...

BEST SONG OF HERS DEFFF! This is going to blowwww up

I love this song I think many people love it but Ke$ha I'm your biggest fan you rock Kesha your a awesome singer and is my favorite singer ever your awesome!
Best song in the album its gonna get more hits then Tik-Tok

40 Red Lipstick

Super, catchy and just awesome, this wasn't even in the list, which really gave me cancer

41 Sleazy

This song is amazing! You have to be crazy not to like it. It should be way higher up on the list! The lyrics are clever, fun and witty and the beat is ADDICTIVE.

If you like Kesha, you have to listen to this song.

YESS This song is awesome
This is the song to listen to like all the time I dad for like a month strait!
Get this song ASAP ahh

42 Crazy Beautiful Life

This must be one of her best songs.. Please guys vote for this awesome song!

Off her Animal album, Ke$ha provides a fun and quirky song which has lyrics that will stick with you

I love this song so much I'll hear it 100 times and not get tierd of it. You peps gotta hear it and VOTE.

This song is so amazing... When I heard this song first I feel very crazy in my own... Kesha you so amazing... I think kesha is popstar

43 Feels Like Rain

It shoul at least be in the top 20... Obviously the other songs are better but this shouldn't be down here 20th or 19th position could also have done

Beautiful song it should be number 1! 3 I would have never guessed it was ke$ha but it's her and it's before she was SUPER famous Listen to it on YouTube NOW! ;]

Look, this one is obviously the best. Who the hell voted Tik Tok as number one?! EVERYONE knows Tik Tok. Plus, it is FAR from her best, move this one up to number one -. -

44 Kiss 'N' Tell

I love this song she's amazing at this song... GO KE$HA! But I love every Ke$ha song like Backstabber, Kiss'N' Tell. They all good songs! I am a number 1 Ke$ha fan

I love this song so much, it is amazing. Her voice really shows
Off in this song. I'm definitely my Fave Kesha song!

Honestly her best song ever!

Best Kesha song, you have to listen if you haven't!

45 Grow a Pear

I love how she wont talk to him with out him growing a peinis ha it makes me laugh

This is such a good song! It's really catchy and almost impossible not to sing along. :) Pleease go listen to this song you definitely won't regret it

46 Dancing with Tears in My Eyes

MY FAVOURITE SONG EVER! I ABS LOVE IT! Definitely should be number one in my opinion!
100000000000000000 stars! :D better than some of her other songs and tells all the haters out there that shes not just a 'drunk whore' xo

AMAZING! This song shows that she is not just about partying, but that she is a real person and makes mistakes just like everyone else.

I love this song so much... It proves that not all her songs are about drugs alcohol or sex and she can sing a song with deep meaning

I like it because she shows a weak and vulnerable side we don't normally see from her

47 Dirty Love

I honestly do think "Dirty Love" should have been a single instead of "Crazy Kids." Because, let's be honest, Iggy Pop's verse was far more superior to Will-I-Am's. Also the beat and Kesha's vocals where much better too.

This should be top 10 its really great

I love the style of this song. So cool!

48 Chain Reaction

WHoa! surprised this song isn't in the album

49 Invisible
50 Rich, White, Straight Men
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