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Pursuit of Happiness

Pursuit of happiness just makes me want to go out there and live life. The raw emotion cudi puts in is extraordinary. Truly makes me happy to listen to this song. Brings back so many memories.

No matter what mood I'm in, it always puts a smile on my face. This is the only song I can listen over and over and over again

An absolute classic, will always make me happy and bring back more memories than any other song. Deserves the number one spot

Love this song. Absolute best, cudi is always spitting straight fire his songs always get me thinking.

Soundtrack 2 My Life Soundtrack 2 My Life Cover Art

He is the most real rapper in the game today! Every time Cudi raps he pours his soul into every line. He is someone that a listener can cling on to. I am a fan of every Cudi song ever and I hope his Grammy is on the way!

This Song has had me hooked since I first heard it years ago. The raw emotion that you feel in his voice is almost superhuman as if it really from the moon. No song will ever touch me so emotionally and purely. Perfection.

Depressing, yet upbeat all at the same time!
I love how he is a rapper that is not afraid to express real, raw feelings within one of his songs.
Life sucks, and he lets his fans know he is no exception to this.

This Song is so freaking amazing! Kid Cudi Is the BEST! I listen to this song almost every day it is amazing! you need to get this song! Holy Crap Kid Cudi Is Awesome!

The Prayer

I love this song. It's so signature of his style with so much meaning and I love how he talks about wanting to leave behind something more than talking about apple bottom jeans and boots with the fur, and then has the day n nite beat play hauntingly in the background at the end. Almost like he hopes people remember him for more than that song

We played this at my 15 year old sons funeral. When we were looking for songs to play at his funeral, my daughter played this for me and even though we were in the middle of a store, I could not stop crying. We played it during his slide show and it just had so much meaning.

I like a lot of Kid Cudi songs but this song is my favorite. While listening to this song you ill feel as though you are riding on a cloud. This song is noy just my favorite Cudi song but one of my favourite songs all around. The Prayer is very catchy with a nice beat, and great meaning.

This is the universe wrapped up into one amazing song. He understands more than our minds can handle so he hand feeds us little pieces at a time. Close your eyes and open your mind, then you'll see.

Day 'N' Nite Day 'N' Nite Cover Art

"Day n night, the lonely stoner seeks to free his mind at night." It's the only good Rap/hip hop song that's about a loner personality (except a few Eminem songs) it's a song I personally relate to more then anyother rap hip hop styled song. (Not that I'm saying it's the best rap song of all time, its just one of my favorites)

WOW... I Think this song must be N.1. It's 20 times better than THE PRAYER, SOUNDTRACK 2 MY LIFE, CUDI ZONE, AND PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. I Mean the Crookers Remix of this song, which has got more success than the original version. Why? Because has got A better beat, more electro house elements and it makes you wanna dance. Vote this, No No, for the 1st thing, watch the songs which are N1, N2, N3 AND N4 of this list, and after you will be know which song is the NUMBER ONE.

This song is way better than all the others. It deserves to be up at the top. It's got a really good beat. Did you know that the Crookers Remix of this song got so many more hits then the original?

This one of my favorite songs from any artist ever. Definitely needs to be higher on this list.

Mr. Rager Mr. Rager Cover Art

One of the first Cudi songs that I listened to. Now I listen to a lot of his songs and this is still my favorite song by him. Marijuana, Scott Mescudi vs. The World, Marijuana, Soundtrack To My Life, and Solo Dolo were pretty close though.

This is an epic song, and Kid Cudi did a really good job writing it. Way to go!

There wasn't a single song of this calibre on indicud. Cudi is one of the most relatable artists in the music industry. This song cements his place in my mind as one of the most versatile and talented musicians in hip-hop.

This is the first song I heard from him and I have loved him ever since. I love all of his songs and its hard to pick my favorite one. But I think its safe to say that this song will remain at the top.

Mr. Rager is one of Cudder's more meaningful songs. If you truly think of the story behind the music video and lyrics, you'll see that its about his struggle with drugs and such, he refers his cocaine-self as Mr. Rager.

Up, Up and Away Up, Up and Away Cover Art

This is the kind of music you can listen to and it makes you happy, he's a amazing rapper/singer/songwriter and the lyrics relate to life.

This is the kind of music you can listen to and it makes you happy, he's a amzing rapper/singer/songwriter and the lyrics relate to life.

It always cheers me up, when I come home from school, It just makes me happy, no matter what, Its like there's some sort of magic in the song, but anyways, I think this should be the best. :D

Such a positive and upbeat song, perfect closer to a perfect album

Just What I Am

"Ain't no such thing as satan, evil is what you make it"
This song is definitely one of my favorites of Kid Cudi! It just has a sort of aroma that just makes anyone and everyone feel good. And for those who are asking if he quit smokin, I heard that this song isn't really about him GETTING high but about him WANTING to get high but expresses how he can't due to wanting custody over his child he has to take drug tests meaning he has to be "clean". Anyways I love this song an it has a lot of good meaning to it: just like all of his music

Chip the Ripper and Kid Cudi always sound great together and this is no exception. Both of them killed it and no matter what mood you're in you can always jam to this one.

I hear that Kid Cudi quit smoking weed and then I hear this song come out of no where. WOW! Great song

This song heals my soul and makes me feel like myself! Love you cudi! Can't wait to see you in concert!

Man on the Moon Man on the Moon Cover Art

Greatest song. Just be different like CuDi and look what can happen. He overcomes adversity and shoes that you can do any thing you want no matter what Haters say.

Probably the most insightful and dream-inspiring song written in the modern era by any hip-hop artist. Awesome.

Perhaps the best song made by a new school rapper.

Absolute great heartfelt lyrics.

Great song.

Best song out there

Cudi Zone Cudi Zone Cover Art

This was the first song that gave meaning to all the thought in my mind, it made me see a pattern and understand myself better. Thanks for inspiring me to be a writer!

Amazing song, this was a kids favorite song at my school before he was killed in a car crash. That just gives it so much more meaning.

Cudi Zone is exactly what Mr. Could is all about. He used to always be zoning and soaring and he portrayed it through this song.

This is an amazing song! The mix of instruments is enchanting. And if you're feelin down, this song literally gets you up.

Erase Me Erase Me Cover Art

I could listen to this song over and over again, and not get tired of it. This is the only song that I can do that too, showing the great of kid cudi! (: you have kanye west and kid cudi together, there is nothing like this song.

Definitely one of my favorite songs of all time! This is the type of song you can listen to over and over again and never get tired of. Belongs at the top of the list along side "day n night" and "pursuit of happiness"

Love how lighthearted this song is compared too a lot of Cudi's others. He's almost having fun singing this, it seems like.

I keep on running keep on running and nothing helps.. I can't get away from you

Love this song it is awesome!

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Marijuana Marijuana Cover Art

Should definitely be in top 10, really shows cudi's passion of marijuana, heck he has angels in the background of the song. Very catchy, memorable, definitely top ten material

Very wise and good song, love everything about this song. beautiful

Awesome music... I'm in love with this song...

I don't smoke much but I love this song!

50 Ways to Make a Record

One of cudis deepest songs, puts you in a deep chilled mood when you're baked too

So good it's crazy

Heart of a Lion Heart of a Lion Cover Art

Amazing song, great beat and good lyrics. A Cudi track to pick you up when you're feeling down. Definitely one of his best

This so song is so under rated it's so good really should listen to it. I'm listening to it right now.

He's saying how strong he is and what he can take on and go through. One of my favorites!

don't miss out on this one.


This may be David Guetta's song. But who is the man with the cool voice. Totally shocked by the absence of this song!

Just Good Sound By David Guetta. Wow Amazing Song

Embrace the Martian Embrace the Martian Cover Art

One of my favorite Kid Cudi songs! The way song makes me feel good, especially when I'm a little buzzed

This is too low on the list

Shoullb be higher on this list. definitely a top ten song and a song that defines his style. Unique, catchy, deep, great flow.

Heaven at Night

One of my favorite songs of all time, listen to it every time I need to relax with some friends. It always sets the mood

WOW! This is 67th?! Should he at least top 20

Already Home
Down & Out

Incredible intro and continuous beat-- a different tempo than most of his songs in the sense that Cudi is more aggressive in his tone of voice and the pace has edge to it. Love it

Crazy beat. Lyrically relatable to anyone. One of the lesser known songs if it is not higher up on this list.

Awesome song! Should be way higher.

That New New

I love this song. It never gets old.
It doesn't quite have a meaning but it's a good song to listen to to get you pumped for the day ahead

I love this song! It's so original, my favorite Cudi sound. You rarely hear something this quirky.

This is one of my fave songs ever and definitely my fave cudi should be at least top three.

Should be higher though

King Wizard King Wizard Cover Art

How is this not higher? Probably one of the best on his new album!

How is this song not give though! Should be top 10

Why this song is not in top 5? It's his best

Some of his best fast tempo rapping

Ghost Ghost Cover Art

This should be in the top ten. One of my favourite songs and I'm one of the biggest cudi fans!

Arguably his best song, don't understand how this song isn't in the top five

This song should be top ten ten, your all sleeping on a masterpiece

I don't get why this song isn't top 10 it's pure perfection

Trapped in My Mind Trapped in My Mind Cover Art

Cudi's song of acceptance- the two albums (Man On The Moon, Man On The Moon II) were both about fighting and the struggles Kid Cudi had to deal with everyday. The closing song of the second album, the finale, explains how "it's not that bad at all".

This is an awesome and has a really dreamy beat makes you think especially if you're kind of an introvert this song can really get to you.

Mojo So Dope Mojo So Dope Cover Art

After not listening to Cudi for years this song popped in my head one day, that's how dope it is.

An unexplainably perfect song. Incredibly catchy, unique, and the lyrics have such a positive vibe.

How is this not in the top 10? If you don't vibe to this somethings wrong with you.

Really is his deepest song

T.G.I.F. T.G.I.F. Cover Art
Cudi Montage Cudi Montage Cover Art
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