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21 When It Rains
22 First Kiss

Still too new to have the credit it deserves.

Music don't get much better than this!

I do not like this song that much.

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23 Half Your Age
24 Care

Best new song around.. With TI on it damn I want to get the whole thing tattooed on my back

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25 Rock N' Roll Jesus
26 Lowlife

Seems like everyone who grew up in the eighties new someone like this song. Love it although it is not fair to ask for the best song from Kid. Kid Rock rocks and they are pretty much all my favorites!

27 Wasting Time

The lyrics in this song are as real as you can get. This song is to awesome to be played on the radio - Sabbath

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28 Blue Jeans and a Rosary Blue Jeans and a Rosary
29 Devil Without a Cause Devil Without a Cause
30 Early Mornin' Stoned Pimp V 1 Comment
31 Sweet Home Alabama
32 Sugar
33 I'm Wrong But You Ain't Right

Don't know the song BUT. The title is awesome...

34 U Don't Know Me

Commonly Overlooked This Song Is the original Kidd Rock. This song is a great example of what Kidd Rock means, what he stands for. Kidd Rock was a bad ass long before everyone listened to him. By far one of his all time best

35 Celebrate Celebrate

WWE Wrestlemania Theme song! Very Cool!

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36 Cucci Galore Cucci Galore V 1 Comment
37 Happy New Year Happy New Year V 1 Comment

Great Song Brother Man! But all your song are great! Thanks Dor Sharing with us your great talent! Love You Brother Man!

That one is the best of the best...yeah kid rock!

39 Cold and Empty Cold and Empty V 1 Comment
40 I Hold On I Hold On

This song is fantastic. I refuse to let this song stay out of the top 25.

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