Tak3n Movie Review

I Will start to do more reviews, and do the reviews from 2015 films I have seen from the start, here is the first one I saw. Tak3n.

Tak3n is, hopefully, the final instalment in the 'masterful' Taken trilogy. Now I enjoyed the first Taken, it was a great action movie with Liam Neeson kicking a lot of butts. Taken 2, directed by Olivier Megaton was an awful action movie and one of the definitions of cash grab, Tak3n is also directed by Olivier Megaton. But is this finale to the trilogy a satisfying conclusion or is it a cash grab that is not even worth being called a film? Let's find out.

So the story is someone from Bryan Mills family is gone, then he gets the blame for it and now he has to prove his innocence and find out who did this tragedy. Wait what's that movie called the came out in 1993 with the same story and was a billion times better? Oh yeah, The Fugitive, I would recommend The Fugitive instead of this abomination.

This film got a 9% on rotten tomatoes and honestly it deserved a lower grade and here is why:

First of all the only positive I can give to this movie is Liam Neeson, because he is Liam Neeson, just a really likeable guy and I would hang out with him. But that is nothing to do with this film, it's like if I reviewed Age Of Extinction, a awful messy slop, and mentioned Stanley Tucci was to look up to, but is not because of his character or performance, but because Stanley Tucci seems like a really likeable guy, just like Liam Neeson, so really, it's not a positive

Where do I begin with this dreadful movie.
Let's talk about the little details like humour, suspense and thrills. The humour fell really flat, like the jokes were generic as generic could get and just did not have an impact, the suspense is gone,just scrunched up like a piece of paper and whoosh thrown out the window as there is none, and I focused mainly and not to vomit (I will get to that later) and the thrill is not there as everything is so predictable to an extent of how predictable can get. I won't spoil anything but during the first 15 minutes I pieced everything out and it turned out to be correct, so it lost the thrill and this could be a bit of a mystery, so a predictable mystery is not that fun or entertaining to watch, at least we had the action scenes (cries of sadness, will get to that later). The drama is just not there either, it's just more flat than a flat sea, which made the movie so boring to watch.The drama between Kim and Bryan is so forced, if you check out Chris Stuckmann review, he will point out to a scene of which the drama is supposed to be there, but it is one of the most stupidest action ever. This is light spoiler, but it does not spoil that much, but just a bit. I will put it in bold so you can and the rest of the review in normal.
Liam Neeson says his 1st priority is to protect his daughter, but he crashes the plane she is in. That just makes no sense.

There is much more to talk in this horrible mess of the film.
Lets talk about the script. Its terrible as I said many times before makes no sense, the acting is not terrible but what makes it seem like it is the writing of this movie. It's very corny and just feels like a cartoon. That scene in the market where Kim gets a drink that says Drink Me from her father was just unbelievably cheesy. Also this is not a Mad Max movie, so why does almost everyone act like a maniac, no wait not the good ones from Mad Max, but stupid ones,I was so confused, did it try to be humourers or dramatic or just intense. Well whatever it tried to be it ultimately failed. All of this leads into the direction of this movie, mainly all of the flaws of this movie goes into the generic direction that Olivier Megaton decided to take. All of the mistakes, the fatal mistakes all entwine with each other.

But this is marketed as an action movie, so how is the action?
These has to be one of the worst action scenes my eyes has encountered. The experience with the action of this film is literally very high motion sickness. The action scene is edited shot changes between shots in less than a second and changes angles in also less than second, it is very distracting and I can't see what is happening. When people mentioned they had no idea what happened in the climax of Age Of Extinction, that is very clear when compared to this film. For example there is a scene where Liam Neeson is climbing over a fence and it took 7 shots, or a one on one battle and the camera was consistently changing angles and skying the camera all round the place. This use of technique of shaking the camera is just not good, there are a few movie who have done it right like Deathly Hallows Part 1. But this movie just shakes it so much its nauseating. So the action is horrific. I noticed that Liam Neeson is also a superhero in this movie because he survives events that would kill you more than the home alone traps all together, for example, there is this scene where he is in a car trapped down the elevator, inside the car and the building explodes, next shot he is speaking through the phone. It made no sense, or Liam Neeson is secretly Superman.

There is no redeeming quality to this movie, it came out in January, not the best time of movies, but this is a horrible movie and one of the worst action movies my eyes has encountered.
The action is God awful, the writing is terrible and it's boring and so many more, mentioned in this review, there is no redeeming quality to this movie, Tak3n gets as ultimate


What did you think of Tak3n and what is the worst action film you have ever seen, mine is Speed 2, omg so so petrifying.
See you next time as we still are on the January reviews, wish me luck, thank you.


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