Top Ten Best Limp Bizkit Songs

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41 Trust?

I think that this song should be higher on this list because its really catchy awesome lyrics and described how there are people you can't trust

42 Just Drop Dead

I like this because it's about Brittney being crap - MusicMovieMinecraftMe

43 Why Try

I think the best lb song

44 Rollin' (Urban Assault Vehicle)
45 Lightz
46 The Channel
47 Ready to Go

I love this song so much it's the first limp bizkit song I ever heard and its awesome - LegitGames12

I hate Lil Wayne, but this song is really awesome.

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48 Shut the **** Up
49 It'll Be Ok

Damn! Are you people crazy? 44? 44? REALLY?
This is a great song. It makes you dream awake
Let's put it in the top 10

#45 is unbelievable this is an amazing song, there aren't any other songs like this!

This is one of the best songs I've ever heard in my life! It is just wonderful.

Great song

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50 I'm Broke

Lendin out my money now I'm broke. Somebody's gettin choked!
Love it

51 The Propaganda
52 Creamer (Radio Is Dead)

This is the best. I love this song to death the rap is amazing and the chorus is amazing. And I love the halitosis of the breath line

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53 Nobody Loves Me

I love Fred scream on this

54 N 2 Gether Now

This song is so slept on - Mcgillacuddy

How is N 2 Gether Now not in the top 10?! This is a classic off their second album. Produced by 'DJ Premier'* (2nd best Hip Hop Producer after Dr. Dre)* and featuring Method Man for 'Wu-Tang Clan'** (Best Hip Hop Group ever)**. Vote this up guys!

55 A Lesson Learned
56 Get a Life

I love this one, my second favorite song out of all of them

The best song at least from the cold cobra album ' if you don't like it you... ' listen and you'll find out. come on everybody vote on this fat track!

Just a great song for trainig. It deserves for top 10!

57 Home Sweet Home

I think that it is one of the best song of limp bizkit. At least it should be in top 15.

58 Re-Entry
59 Autotunage

I am shocked this song isn't in top ten list... 52 place? It deserves more than this! That song is one of my favourites, it makes me feel alive...

60 Press Your Luck

This is a song most people have never even heard because it was on Smelly Beaver, listen to it and come back here and vote!

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