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1 Landyachtz Switchblade

This board is sick and epic its great for slides, flat land tricks and downhill. Check out some videos then buy the board

Really good for sliding and cruising. Also adequate for downhill.

I own it I mostly ride down hill I've hit around 50mph and very stable

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2 Earthwing Supermodel V 1 Comment
3 Landyachtz 9 Two 5

Who doesent like Giraffes.. Seriously.. Been riding this board for about 4-5 months and have loved every single day of riding this bad boy. The gas pedals keep you locked in tight and the w is so nice. Also pushing on this beast is easy as pie as I use it for freeride and cruising.. Definitely recommend.. This or switchblade..

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4 Landyachtz Evo
5 Landyachtz Drop Carve

This board is awesome

6 Bustin Boombox
7 Landyachtz Drop Speed

This board is cool and its for experts

8 Nelson Stingray
9 Landyachtz Wolf Shark
10 Original

Original is the best I don't know what you are going on about.

The arbiter 36 kt is the best of the best. good for freeride,good for downhill and light freestyle and park

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11 Loaded Tan Tien

Really cool board to dance around the beach

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12 Rayne Rival
13 Earthwing Hoopty
14 Sector 9 Paradiso

Best board I've ever ridden. It carves like a beast and slides amazingly your feet lock into place. There are little drops where you put your feet (sorta its really cool look up images)

15 Atom Drop
16 Alto Atlas
17 Omen Carbon Matrix
18 Landyachtz Peacemaker
19 Omen Sugar

Awesome and cool very good for sliding.

20 Sector 9 Shoots

Its very awesome check some pics

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