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21 Number One Spot

Dis should be one the number 1 spot laugh out loud

22 Tonight (I'm Lovin' You)

Greatest song of all time. I mean how could this song could be at No.28? The only reason is you guys don't know what is good and what is bad... Perfect music with Ludacris is featuring & Enrique... Awesome song... A so much amazing that you can't stop playing this in your mp3 player.28=incorrect1=correct

Swear to god this is the best song of all time..
Enrique is the best

Awesome song, perfect music with featuring Enrique n Ludacris.
This song should be ranked higher...

It should ranked higher

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23 Rest of My Life

How is it down here it got to 29 in New Zealand rest of my life has usher man it should go to #1 come on people vote or if not like vote yeah! Or burn cause with usher these songs make ludicrous more famouser yeah! Got to number 2 in the overalls in 2004 in New Zealand

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24 Break Your Heart

Ye is the best

Ludarcris raps a-mazing in this one, guys!

25 Growing Pains

Best lyrical song

Should be #1.


26 Blueberry Yum Yum

Great rap beat With Great lyrics

27 Shera Di Khom

Awesome &long, feel energetic after listening this song..

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28 In Da Club
29 Undisputed
30 Creepin' (Solo)

Luda killed this song.
One of his better raps I have ever heard. He rules the game..

31 Lovers & Friends

A classic. I still bump this. And I swear I'm usher singing along lol

32 What Them Girls Like


33 She Geeked (Remix)
34 Everybody Drunk
35 Bada Boom
36 On Top of the World
37 P**** Poppin
38 The Potion
39 Ho

Ho is one of Ludacris best songs, the hook is great and the lyrics are very clever and true.

Ho is a very funny song and its very offensive in a very funny way.

great song

40 Diamond in the Back
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