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61 Est 4 Life V 1 Comment
62 Register

This is one of my favorite songs ever! Amazing

63 Midwest Side
64 Alice in Wonderland

Definitely his best song should be number 1 this is back when he sounded a bit more unique and wasnt so mainstream. I've heard people criticise this song as childish but they obviously don't know that the alice he refers to is LSD

65 Letter to My Fan

This should be top ten

66 Baddest
67 Against the World

This should be way up there. It's too ' deep..

Why is this song only 61? I think that this is his best song so far

68 I Know
69 State Of Mind
70 What It Seems

I 1st heard this song in my buddies car and ended up downloading all his songs after. 1st mgk song I heard and still one of my favorites!

71 Till I Die Part II

How is this 76! This is one of his best

72 Dopeman

This was the first song I heard by MGK, and I fell in love instantly. Not only is the bass on that song amazing, but each line is incredible. He is immensely talented. This song is just great from the beginning to the end. - maarilynmaanson

73 Ocho Cinco
74 Blaze Up
75 Duffle Bag Boy
76 D&G

This should be up there on the list man! It's sick!

V 1 Comment
77 Good Time
78 Skate Cans
79 Weak Stomach
80 No Miracles
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