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1 Madden NFL 12

Most balanced, fluid gameplay of all the Maddens. Has immense replayability

100% the best hands down. An all-time video game classic.

The worst of the Madden Curse

Played this one every year until Madden 17 cape out.

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2 Madden NFL 2005

Madden 19 sucks

Best madden ever.

The pinnacle of EA Sports, especially Madden. NFL license monopoly can lick deez...

The radio show was the best feature! All the other maddens missed this.

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3 Madden NFL 07

Superstar mode was great around this time, it was nearing its peak hear, including franchise mode AND create-a-team was still a thing!

Fast pase and fun! What more do you want!?

Nice graphics, real 7th gen gem game.

Shaun Alexander was a beast

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4 Madden NFL 08

Madden 08 is quite possibly the greatest video game of all time.

Madden 08 is my favorite Madden 08.

Madden 08 transcends time and genres as the best video game ever forged by mankind, hell, maybe the greatest achievement to grace this universe as we know it. 8/10

This was the game that truly redefined the entire Madden 08 genre.

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5 Madden NFL 10

I like this game because the Steelers are the best and they will be always be the best

Actual great graphics for its time, soundtrack is straight fire, truly reflective of how amazing the NFL was

Spent so many hours on this game, played Franchise Mode for 27 seasons and didn't buy another Madden until Madden 13.

I think that madden 10 and 11 have better graphics than madden nfl 13 and 25

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6 Madden NFL 2004

Playmaker controls were a great addition. Plus owner mode was loads of fun

I love mick vick because he's the fastes guy on the field

7 Madden NFL 2003

I love how easy the menus allow you to control Teams, Coaches, and Players.

8 Madden NFL 25

Twenty five?

This Madden just feels faster to me. Faster players, faster gameplay, faster games in general. It didn't have those weird arrow things and Connected Franchise is extremely fun. You can control up to 32 players, and retire at the right time instead of staying in the game forever. Say your old player retires and you make a new one. You don't start from the beginning, you start from where your previous player ended! I got all the way to 2029! (In very very late 2017.) I played Madden 12 and it is no where NEAR as good as this one. This should be number 1 and Madden 18 number 2.

The last Madden in which you could draft players from NCAA Football 2014!

More realistic and it's cool

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9 Madden NFL 15


With Better Graphics. Better Gameplay. And Better Updates.
This Game is One Thing Better.

New defense features and mechanics allow fans to confront their rivals with an arsenal of new pass rush moves, new open-field tackling mechanics, two new defensive cameras and more. For the first time, you can determine exactly when the ball-carrier is in your tackling range, and choose either a conservative tackle or try for a high-risk, high-reward aggressive take-down. Further, new mechanics to jump the snap, cajole blockers off-balance and disrupt the backfield make it more interesting to play as a defensive lineman or blitzing linebacker. What's more, enhanced defensive AI means that your teammates will better know their assignments and be in position to make a play, allowing players to be more aggressive, with the knowledge that their teammates have their back. This Sure Will Be The Greatest Madden Yet Besides It’s Madden season once again, and there is now a reason to celebrate.

Deepest franchise mode of the current generation

It's more realistic than all the other maddens. The referee's make better call's. The graphics are better too my favorite game ever.

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10 Madden NFL 11

Best soundtrack. It be fun

Drew Brees is on the cover.

I think Madden 10 was amazing. 11 pretty much took that, and made it even better. Perfect Soundtrack as well

Using players like randy moss desean Jackson and t.o is the best

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11 Madden NFL 09

Holy $#! + There's a Madden 09?!

Madden 09 is the best

Creativity and gameplay was awesome. Hit stick! If you played franchise mode long enough, teams would go bankrupt and were relocated or replaced with new ones.

I think this year has the best graphics and the realest to football than any other year.

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12 Madden NFL 16

I Love this game it was the last game I ever played before 19 came out and I love madden 19 as well

Best madden

This Madden has exciting players, draft champion, and other unique stuff in the game. One of the best Madden games of all time.

This game is just awesome I just got it and philedelphiea is great

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13 Madden NFL 06

Def should be #1


Superstar mode... mic drop


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14 John Madden Football
15 Madden NFL 98
16 Madden NFL 18

Huge graphics improvement. I feel like madden would really benefit from a story mode like the one in 2k.

Good one. Longshot is fun.

It the bomb

This is the best one yet because of longshot

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17 Madden NFL 17

Simply the most balanced gameplay. Ultimate team at it's best as well.

Only one I have

I think ea finally figured it out after 5 years of bad games. First good madden since 12


18 John Madden Football '93
19 Madden NFL 13

This was my starting Madden game so I really do like it

I actually love this game, it dealt real

I played this game, and immediately wanted to get rid of it. Played Madden 06 later that year and I loved it, but the game broke right after my first game.

The only good thing about the new Madden NFL 16 is that it brought back the good soundtrack that Madden NFL 13 took away.

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20 Madden NFL 19

One of the worst all time, period!

My favorite game - xXkillermachineXx

Best Madden I've ever played

Best graphics of all time and amazing ratings for players

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21 Madden NFL 2000
22 Madden NFL '94

Best time ever playing it with my dad! He’d run up and down the field with Barry Sanders and destroy my cowboys, he’d let me punch him, I was so mad but now it’s funny, fond memories and creepy madden teeth!

23 Madden NFL 09 All Play

Bedt MADDEN ever in my opinion. 5 on 5 was great, and my favorite player was on the cover. Love this one the most and probably always will!

24 Dick Vitale's "Awesome, Baby!" College Hoops

? why is this higher than some real maddens? this isn't even a madden - xXkillermachineXx

best game

It's Awesome, Baby!

Scott the Woz was here

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25 Madden NFL 2001
26 Madden Football 64

Not even a thing - xXkillermachineXx

Nvm I thought it meant 1964 - xXkillermachineXx

i think - xXkillermachineXx

27 Madden NFL 2006

Best game especially on PC great franchise mode except for the non inflating salary cap.

28 Madden NFL 95

Great game

29 Madden NFL Football 3DS

Who doesn't love a good 3DS game?

30 Madden NFL 19

Awful game

Amazing game took a lot of risks and it worked great game. My faults on it: No practice mode MUT,training points to stingy,more player upgrades,to many big hits overcompensating

31 Madden NFL 2002

best game

32 John Madden Football '92
33 Madden NFL 09

Best video game of all time. Superstar mode was amazing. Nothing tops this game.

34 Madden NFL 99
35 Madden NFL 96
36 John Madden Football II
37 Madden NFL 97


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