Top Ten Mario Kart 64 Courses

The Top Ten
1 Yoshi Valley

Yoshi Valley gets a 20/10 score.

Royal Raceway gets a 19/10 score.

Rainbow Road (Mario Kart 64) gets a 30/10 score.

Kalimari Desert gets a 32/10 score.

Wario Stadium (Mario Kart 64) gets a 20/10 score.

Toad's Turnpike gets a 18/10 score.

Bowser's Castle (Mario Kart 64) gets a 19/10 score.

DK's Jungle Parkway gets a 24/10 score.

Koopa Troopa Beach gets a 26/10 score.

Choco Mountain gets a 20/10 score.

Mario Raceway gets a 29/10 score.

Luigi Raceway gets a 20/10 score.

Moo Moo Farm gets a 28/10 score.

Please give me (at least) 100 thumbs up and do not argue. This is the true best Mario Kart game of all time. Why? The nostalgic graphics, no flaw, very good voice acting, best tracks, WHY DO YOU PREFER LATER Mario KART GAMES THAN Mario KART: SUPER CIRCUIT?! This game is one of my favorite video games of all time and I would give it over 5/2 stars.

2 Rainbow Road

This course is way better than the GCN version.

Here's my list of Rainbow Roads.

1st place goes to the Mario Kart 64 version.

2nd place goes to the original Super Mario Kart version.

3rd place goes to the Mario Kart Arcade GP version.

4th place goes to the Mario Kart Arcade GP version.

5rd place goes to the SNES version in Mario Kart: Super Circuit.

6th place goes to the Mario Kart: Super Circuit version.

7th place goes to the Mario Kart Arcade GP 2 version.

8th place goes to the N64 version of Rainbow Road in Mario Kart 8.

9th place goes to the Mario Kart 8 version.

10th place goes to the 3DS version.

3 Bowser's Castle

What keeps me going back to Mario Kart 64, Bowser's Castle of course! It's got something that got me interested. Maybe it's the red carpet or maybe the Thwomp placings or the portrait of Bowser or outside the castle there are bushes. Love this track and it remained great fun for Mario Kart Wii.

My favorite Bowser course of all time!

Just good for me because it's difficult.

4 Kalimari Desert

Just wow. This track's design and music is just so cool and it really improved in MK7. I love how close the train is at points and the mystery of the dark tunnels..

Spoiler they kill you if you enter

Kalimari Desert in Mario Kart 64 gets 100+/100 stars.

Kalimari Desert in Mario Kart 7 gets 40/100 stars.

This should come in top 1! This track is much better in Mario Kart 64 than Mario Kart 7!

5 Wario Stadium

My 2nd favourite track in this game. I really love all the jumps and bumps. I especially love that gap at the end. Hope to see this course make a return as a retro track for Mario Kart 9.

Hands down the best stage in the game. Rainbow road, royal raceway and yoshi valley are overrated. This stage absolutely neds to come back in Mariokart 9

Best lap skipping glitch ever.

6 Royal Raceway

It has the best mix of turns and straights, it has probably the best jump in the game, and has the perfect course length. Star Cup is also the best cup. Moreover, I'm glad the rest of Top Tens voters realize how Moo-Moo Farm is easily the worst track in the game.

It where Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Wario, Waluigi, Rosalina, toads, and toadette lives.

Giant launching ramp? So awesome

7 Koopa Troopa Beach

This is my 3rd favourite track in this game. I really love the shortcuts, especially the challenge tunnel shortcut. And the music is pretty good as well.

Anything that has to do with Koopa Troopa is awesome... Plus it's just way too fun.

Love the music. Definitely deserves top ten!

8 DK's Jungle Parkway

I love it! Just perfect, perfect music, perfect ambience, and it's the home of my favourite Mario Kart 64 character, Donkey Kong

Best one ever! Donkey Kong have really great course!

Third favourite to be honest. The jungle enviroment is awesome!

9 Toad's Turnpike

So hard on mirror mode. Loads of fun to play. Best music ever!?

10 Choco Mountain

Mario Kart 64 is always underrated... This should be at least top 5.

Love the music! This is my 2nd favorite course of all time!

The falling rocks make it funner!

The Contenders
11 Banshee Boardwalk

I've never played mk64 but I've played Mario kart ds with that being a retro track and boy it was a challenge and spooky! There's bats going against you and it's probably dark enough and the big bass it just another amazing touch! It's like a sequel to ghost valley. However, unlike most ghost valley circuits, it's longer and it takes about 2 a And a half minutes to complete the course. This would probably be the best n64 retro track on the ds.

The concept of the track is quite good. While I did hate it back on N64, I still love it on the DS version. I guess you could say it's one of my favourites.

12 Sherbet Land

This track is great & should at least be top 2.

13 Mario Raceway
14 Luigi's Raceway
15 Frappe Snowland

This track is so awesome, especially the original Mario Kart 64 version!

Ah, the music! Seriously, Mario Kart 64 is one of the 5 best Mario games worldwide!

I've always loved this course since a got mario kart 64, and the remake in mario kart ds is even better, I promise, this snowy course is so good!

This track is underrated. The music is awesome and the overall track is so calm and nice, I love it

16 Moo Moo Farm

This track was very unique in the n64 version. It was brought back in the ds version, I don't like the fact in the ds version because nothing changed. It felt so bland.

I love Mario Kart 64 itself. Ah yeah, the good old days...

17 Big Donut
18 Block Fort
19 Skyscraper
20 Double Deck
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