Top 10 Best The Walking Dead (Video Game) Characters

My favorite characters in the video game, The Walking Dead.
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1 Lee Everett Lee Everett is the main character of the first season of The Walking Dead video game. Lee is the player character in the first season of the game, appearing in five episodes.

Lee Everett is central to TellTale's Walking Dead Season 1. The story starts off with Lee murdering someone who slept with his wife. Now you're on your way to prison, but luckily for you, life gives you a second chance with a walker apocalypse. Lee gets thrown into a new world with wonderful characters such as Clem, Kenny, Lilly, and others who join you for the ride.

Lee started this journey and he gets his fair share of respect moments all throughout! Make your Lee the best, most loving, loyal, and honest Lee there is! Lee Everett definitely atones for his murder by rescuing and preserving the life of one of the most badass female characters in Walking Dead history!

Lee is honestly one of the best characters to ever exist in video game history. He's kind and generous, but it's his undying loyalty that stands out the most. His father-daughter relationship is the sweetest thing ever in video game history. It was hard for the entire Walking Dead community to see him go. Many were not interested in Season 2, due to Lee's absence.

Lee may not get along with all the characters and he may be a murderer, but that doesn't make him a horrible person. The great thing about Lee is that he doesn't lie. He is an honest person. And I think we can all agree that Lee's ex-wife is a complete idiot.

Lee has moved all the players in The Walking Dead community. He knew what the right thing to do was in quick situations, and he would do anything for Clementine. Lee always looked out for the kids and put everyone before himself. He never gave up, even when he got bitten. But most of all, Lee was a kind-hearted person and truly deserved a better ending. R.I.P. Lee, rest in peace, you kind-hearted soul.

2 Clementine

Clem was, to me, the best character. I understand the people who argue for Lee, but to be honest, without Clem, Lee would definitely not be as good. Clem is caring and kind and has gone through a lot. She's a true survivor.

I almost had Lee here, yet we all saw Clem grow up and how she handled many difficult situations. She did everything she could to protect others and to raise AJ. She saw people for who they were, and not based on some of the actions they made. By the end of the story, she became OUR Clementine, which is why she is the #1 best character in the game.

Clementine is amazing and has lived the longest so far in her previous teams. She is extremely hardcore and, sorry Kenny fans, but she's way more compassionate and doesn't get herself all drunk. She's also very mature for her age and I can actually relate to her more than any other character, surprisingly. Also, Kenny fans, please no hate, as this is merely my opinion and I respect yours as well and see your reasons.

3 Kenny

Up until the last episode of Season 1, I couldn't stand Kenny. I thought he was selfish and overall rude. Boy, did he redeem himself in the last episode and throughout Season 2! Now, he is my favorite character. He isn't perfect, which I love.

I love Lee, but he had no flaws, so I never saw him as realistic enough to have a deeper connection with. Kenny does anything for the people he cares deeply about. He got shot for Duck, had his eye pretty much beaten out for Clementine, and it was obvious that he was willing to die at any moment for AJ. Even when he didn't have a deep connection with Ben or Christa (heck, he practically hated Ben), he still sacrificed himself for them. And he's good when it comes to thinking of a plan.

In the first episode, when walkers were breaking into the drugstore, he easily led a group of strangers to safety. While becoming heavily emotionally unstable, he never gives up. He's exactly what represents a strong person. Not just in the apocalypse, but in any kind of society. It's not about physical strength or smarts. It's about still kicking when you feel you're at your worst.

4 Carley

Carley is a person with very good morals. She is always helping people instead of letting them die and becomes Lee's love interest. If there was one character who I would have wanted to know Lee's past, it would be her. I disliked the way they killed her, though. I give Telltale props for shock value, but I think they should have kept her around longer to build more of a relationship with Lee before killing her off or making her whereabouts unknown.

Plus, even though I was shocked by Carley's death, I think I would have been more surprised to see Lilly shoot herself instead. I also hate the fact that all Lee would've needed to say to keep her from getting killed was that she was the one who sent him in to check on the stolen supplies in the first place. She literally says, "It's probably worth following up with Lilly about the stolen supplies," and it didn't even give you the option to say that.

5 Luke

Luke is a very caring character whom Clem could always rely on and trust. He was someone you could believe in to "save the day" if things went south. He only receives hate from the beginning, where he is worried about the bite on Clem. However, he put his group first and wanted to protect them, so it is kind of understandable.

I was very happy when Luke was killed off. It was the happiest scene in the whole series. It just pissed me off that I had to wait 5 episodes for it. He should have been killed instead of Pete. He should have fallen off the bridge, Nick should have shot him accidentally, he should have been killed by Carver, died off camera, died in the trailer, been killed by the Russians... but no, 5 long episodes with that prick, who got killed off because people made him into a pedophile.

Dang, there are a lot of hate comments about Luke, even though it's just their opinion. Luke is actually like a big brother type of guy. Like the cabin group says, "Luke will be there, he won't leave us behind," and guess what, he came back! Even though I was mad at him because he didn't guard the walkers, instead, he had to do it with Jane because he needed it. To make it short, he's a great guy.

6 Omid

His interactions, depending on what you choose, are funny with Lee and some other characters. He was like the comic relief in a chaotic world. Had he lived longer, he would have made a perfect father figure to Clementine.

Omid is not a bad guy. He's always thinking positively and caring about others. Even in bad situations, he can stay positive or ironic, and that's why I like him. He reminds me of myself or how I would like to be, and I really would like to know him in real life.

I think he was amazing, and I cried when he died during Christa's pregnancy, and he was going to have a baby. He was amazing! Long live Omid. He was in the first season and lived, but in season two, he gets shot by Michelle and falls. Tears.

7 Ben

I honestly see myself in Ben, making him my favorite character in the game. He never wanted to hurt anybody, and I think he actually saved a lot of lives with his actions. Just think for a moment: If the bandits didn't get medicine from Ben, how else would they get it? By waiting for Lee and Kenny to go out looking for supplies, then killing everyone, and ambushing Lee and Kenny when they got back. Then they would loot the camp. Sure, Carley/Doug, Katjaa, and Duck die, but that is better than everyone being dead.

Ben always got everyone's bull, and was hated by most of the survivors. Kenny was always pushing him around, telling him he should be dead. Even though he always had pure intentions, he was still hated by most. He was just a kid. He didn't deserve what he got in the end.

I hated Ben when he first appeared on my computer screen. As the third episode went on, I had my suspicions about him for taking supplies along with Lilly. Then we learn he was the one stealing supplies from the motel and giving them to the bandits. That got Carley, Duck, and Katjaa killed. I dropped him from the bell tower at Crawford for the first part of my quest to avenge Carley, Duck, and Katjaa. I'm so glad he's gone, alongside Larry.

8 Javier Garcia

Javier always tried to do right by his family, even with the many issues it had. He also tried to do his best to protect everybody.

He always tries to do the right thing, and even though he's no Lee for Clementine, he's a good friend that will always have her back. He has good intentions.

He is cool, but no one likes him because they can't put aside their hate for his nephew, Gabe, and their hate for 'A New Frontier' as a whole. Javi is a great addition to the series.

9 Chuck

Chuck is the reason Clementine is alive after Ben ran away, but I still think Chuck should have lived and killed the kidnapper.

Reason why Clementine is alive (in a lot of ways). He was a great man. So sad they killed him off. If only you had a choice to save him.

Laugh out loud, Chuck. He seems alright, but there wasn't much character development with him. He helped push the truck though, or something, that's good.

10 Christa

I like Christa because she took care of Clementine all by herself for 16 months, longer than Lee. I think it's possible for her appearance in Season 3.

Christa is single-handedly one of the best survivors in the game. She managed to survive with Clem for 16 months alone, and that isn't by any means a small feat.

She is so smart and sexy at the same time.

The Contenders
11 Mark

He was a great guy who should have lasted all season and beyond. He was great at garnering sympathy and was as great as Kenny, just poorly written. Still, he was the most popular character of Episode 2 and had a great death scene. More than half of the people helped him and gave him food in Episode 2, which just shows how much he could do with so little.

A great guy, too bad he's dead. Those St. Johns killed him and cut his legs off. Damn, he was so good. He was like my favorite character.

Honest, good, forgiving guy with a great and useful skill set. Would've liked to see more of him.

12 Lilly

Lilly is a really great character with a lot of potential. She is misunderstood and actually has some good points. I believe if she had lived as long as Kenny, then more people would have sided with her. I believe she is still alive and will be in Season Two. She made one mistake, killing Carley/Doug, but if she explains and apologizes, I can forgive her one mistake.

She is everything I would expect of anyone in a zombie apocalypse: she speaks her mind, she's protective, she handles herself well, need I say more? And her tendency to become aggravated makes me love her more! I so wish she didn't die.

I think, out of Kenny and her, she's the most rational leader of the group. And she isn't that bad as a character. You can even see her soft, sympathetic side if you side with her. Overall, she's a pretty decent character, unlike Kenny.

13 Louis

This guy should be way higher on the list. He is so nice and charming. When I first saw him, I was like wow, and he's so nice to AJ as well. Even when Clementine saved Violet instead, he doesn't get mad at her, even though they cut out his tongue. Louis is just such an amazing and funny person, and he doesn't take everything so seriously. Honestly, there's so much more to him than what people give him credit for. He's so cute with Clem too. I love them both.

Like Omid, he focused on the bright side in life and made jokes even when death was imminent. He was very reliable and helped lighten the mood for all the characters.

He's a good soul and has a lot of character depth. Carefree idiot? On the surface, maybe. But just watch episode 2, and you'll see there's a lot more to him than meets the eye. He's one of my favourite characters.

14 Doug

A. He's super cute and adorable.
B. He's handy with mechanical things and can repair anything that Lee needs to be repaired.
C. He's kind-hearted. He died protecting Ben from getting shot by Lilly.
D. He took care of Clementine. He gives her batteries and stuff.
E. He's the best comic relief character of the game. At one point, he ate the bread that Brenda St. John gave Lee's group the moment she gave it, and he pointed a laser pointer at Andy when he tried to kill Lee.
F. He's a nerd. Where else can you see a nerd as awesome as Doug?

He's one of the best characters of the game for me and shouldn't have died in Episode 3. I wish he would have made it to Season 2.

Doug was a very underestimated character. While I attribute most of that to the fact that you get more of Carley in Episode 1 (she saves you, goes to the motor inn with you, gets the radio development), people also considered him useless, which was wrong. He is very much like Eugene from the comics. Robert Kirkman even said Eugene is the most important character in rebuilding society. Doug builds the tripwire and saves Ben at the cost of his own life. I really wish I could see more of him.

15 Carlos

He was so cool. I wish he was still around. He ended up becoming a plot device to further the development of an annoying and ultimately doomed character (Sarah).

I actually used to like him at first, but after the second episode, he was trash. It's his fault Sarah became such a dumb coward.

He was the worst doctor. He was overly protective of Sarah and couldn't help Kenny's eye. Why the hell would he pull Sarita away?

16 Paul "Jesus" Monroe

First off, his name is Jesus. He is a karate fighter who can later be seen wearing armor, riding a horse, and wielding Excalibur or another giant sword to kill walkers. On a character level, he cares about others and is merciful. What else is there not to like?

He's pretty badass. Also, he flirts with Javi at one point, which, in my opinion, makes a much better ship than Kate and Javi. Love the guy, honestly.

Man rocks a man bun.

17 Molly

Molly is such a cool and unique character. Her entry and exit were both solid, and I like how her fate remains unknown to this day. Initially, she might seem like a selfish character, but eventually, you'll get to know her kind, caring, and helpful nature. Her background story justifies her initially cold nature completely.

Molly is a badass character, and she has a good sense of humor, which made her character 10 times better. I was saddened she left so early. It was stupid of Telltale to scrap a character so quickly. I hope she returns in season 3.

If you have to save her and you miss the shot, she will escape. But when you kill the zombie, she will later apologize for not mounting a boat. I think that is very disappointing because this apology is clearly for not crossroading a story.

18 Pete Randall

Great guy, with lots of good traits for a survivor. His death was bull. Alvin and Rebecca were only good for the sentiment of "but they're going to have a baby!", but Pete was much more interesting than both of them combined. He probably would've led you through a more interesting story than the rest of the group did. I wish Season 2's group had been Clementine, Pete, Luke, Nick, and maybe Jane. I would add Mike and Bonnie, but their sendoff made me feel a mix between hate for their characters but also doubt of my own hate, and a sense that Telltale Games just doesn't know how to write those characters, or female characters really... they're either dead, or a stereotype. Thanks, TTG.

Pete could've been the new Lee! He was my favorite cabin survivor and was the nicest to Clementine. In the end, he was killed off too early for character development for Nick (which Nick never even got!). Nick should've died instead of Pete.

19 Alvin

I can't believe he's 15, but Alvin is a kind, loving father. He even helped Clementine with her bite (determinant) and gave her a juice box. He's such a generous man. Too bad Carver beat him up and he got killed. Either way, he's a kind father, and now he's with Rebecca.

What I liked most about him was that he died as a hero, sacrificing his life, and that was something completely unexpected. Usually, when you see him, you don't expect a hero. But that scene proved how much of a badass he really is.

20 Walter

I felt so bad for Walter, especially the way he saved Nick. You could tell he was still grieved when he shot the walker, but he knew Nick was a good guy based on what Clementine told him. (Unless you choose to tell Walter that Nick is just like all the others)

He's such a nice guy. I can't believe he wasn't even on the list!

I feel bad for him and Matthew...

21 William "Bill" Carver

An excellent villain, The Walking Dead game is certainly not short of characters with an "ends justify the means" approach to the apocalypse. But Carver is one of the best examples. Carver possesses an almost eerie charisma. He is an obvious copy of the Governor in the TV series. However, the Governor is an insane and maniacal character, very detached from humanity. Carver, however, is the kind of villain who isn't very far from a lot of normal people. Your friend, your family, or even YOU could end up just like Carver, and that is why he should be higher on this list.

They did a great job giving us a villain we could all hate. Up until Carver comes into Season 2, you could see both sides to wanting to side with certain characters or not. Not with this guy. His story was done very well. It doesn't drag on and his death is satisfying and certainly helps move the rest of Season 2 in the tone Telltale was trying to set. Excellent villain!

22 Rebecca

At first, I hated Rebecca. But after a while, when Carver came and returned everyone back, she started to grow on me.

23 Violet

At first, Violet seems like just another Molly/Jane type character, but then you realize what a beautifully written character she is. Her emotional backstory, her cold and sarcastic nature, and most importantly, her caring nature for those she loves, make Vi everything. I just loved her character.

Come on, give some love to Violet!

She and Clem are so cute.

24 Nick

At first glance, he may appear to be a jerk, but he is pretty sympathetic once you get to know him later. He's been through a lot, being forced to kill his mother and losing Pete. If you were in his shoes during the Zombie Apocalypse, you would feel the same way as him. And he actually acts nice towards Clem and isn't as big a jerk as Rebecca.

Overall, a pretty cool character with a pretty sad backstory. Too bad he is considered underrated/irrelevant by most people.


His death as a zombie was both brutal and heartbreaking. But at the same time, I hate Telltale for making his death a bit contrived and convenient. Same for Luke!

He's a troubled kid trying to survive an apocalypse without his loved ones. He's been through a lot because he lost the ones he loved. He would do anything to protect his friends. He's a good guy.

25 Alvin Jr.

Alvin Jr.'s character is so good because it's so unpredictable. We see him born into a crazy world where survival is key, while everybody else remembers the old world. He is conflicted between surviving and living with others, which makes his character really cool.

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