Best Madonna Albums

The Top Ten Best Madonna Albums

1 Ray of Light

Way more difficult to put in order than I thought! Ray of Light definitely was of the moment. Trippy, very 1998!

Best album of all time

90s Madonna have pop music revolutionary moments with the release of Erotica, Bedtime Stories and Ray of Light

Ray of light, confessions on a dance floor and bedtime stories albums are my favorites

2 Like a Prayer

nice album for me , I only like cherish and like a prayer though.

This is her 2nd best album, Ray of light being 1st.

This album was the best album of the 80's for me. Yes other huge albums came from that era but this was no1

Reasons for this:

Packed with hits
Songs that were not released were still amazing
Its personal
Its emotional
So many different feelings
Many ways to interpret and its serious

Love this album and I love madonna.

I think it was underrated! The controversy from videos helped singles but I don't feel she needed the controversy. This could have been her best seller

Over 15 million copies sold worldwide, full of hits and some of the greatest masterpieces of pop music including Like A Prayer, Express Yourself, Cherish, Oh Father, Keep It Together and Promise To Try... An Absolute Madonna.

Like a prayer no2 is not exaggerated. This album couldn't be moe perfect and I really appreciate the fact that Madonna took over control her music, because she knew what she wanted at that time and this is what make her what she is today. Till death do us part is definitely one of my favourite tracks on the album. I listen to it everyday.

3 Madonna

This album is a dance masterpiece, the story, the songs, the beats, her unique voice and the unreleased singles are amazing. Eight songs that I will never forget. I love all twelve of her albums but this will always be my favorite Madonna album and favorite album of all time. I can listen to this album every day

Awesome album from the 1980s. It may not be Madonna's best but I'm voting for it because it at least deserves to be in the top 10. Lucky Star, Borderline, Holiday, Burning Up - such wonderful classics.

The Queen Of Pop's first album... It's one of my favorite albums ever. Holiday, Lucky Star, Borderline, Everybody, Burning Up... I love all those songs! Should be in the Top 10.

Everyone a hit!

4 Confessions on a Dance Floor

Second best album of all time after ray of light lol

This was the album that made me fall in love with Madonna. Before this there were tracks she had prior that I loved but never was curious enough to purchase an album.
Now I have started my Madonna collection and consider myself a fan.

So much nostalgia in this album that you literally BEG to go back to that time. But what remains is the spirit of this album. One of the best albums ever made!

Hung up is one of her best songs
Confessions on a dance floor is way better than American life - Yusuf_1989

5 True Blue

It was the first Madonna album I bought and I fell in love with her as soon as possible. I love the whole track list. 'La Isla Bonita' and 'Papa Don't Preach' are my 2 all-time favorite songs by Madge - Irina2932

With global sales of over 30 million this is one of the best selling albums of all time, and probably the Queen's best. It's my favorite album too. I LOVE IT!

This Album makes me a Madonna Fan. I just searched "Papa don't Preach" on Itunes and after that I recognize there are many Songs that I knew like "La Isla Bonita" or "Open Your Heart".My favourite Song is "White Heat" I don't why many people did not like it

I'm an early 2000s baby and it's the FIRST LP I ever bought. PERFECTION.

6 Erotica

This is my favorite along with ray of light, confessions on the dance floor, music, hard candy, mdna, rebel heart, madame x and bedtime stories

This is her only true concept album. I don't think there's been any other time in her career where her objective has been achieved so fully. Her book, her image, her style, and the music all came together seamlessly. I wish mainstream pop music was still encompassing this quality.

In my opinion, this is Madonna's best album because (1) she didn't use so much voice effects as she did in other of her works (e.g., Music, Ray of Light, MDNA...), (2) her voice was very clear and (3) the message of the album was very important at the moment it was released.

Are you all insane?! EROTICA is sublime! The Perfect Madonna Album.

7 Music

Music is a bop - Yusuf_1989

Impressive instant is a bop - Yusuf_1989

Madonna in country mode, what’s not to like?

not only my favorite madonna album, but my favorite album of all time! My fav tracks:Music.. Amazing.. Nobody's Perfect.. Paradise (Not For Me) and Don't Tell me

8 Bedtime Stories

Bjork wrote the title track.

Bedtime stories is underrated
Secret and human nature are good songs
Bedtime stories deserves better
Secret and human nature are one of my favourite Madonna songs - Yusuf_1989

Bedtime stories is one of her most underrated albums - Yusuf_1989

The album cover looks nice - Yusuf_1989

9 American Life

An underrated masterpiece whose statement of intent is only more relevant in today's America.

Nobody knows me deserved a music video - Yusuf_1989

American life is better than hard candy

American life is sooo underrated
American life deserves better - Yusuf_1989


Weak come back single and single releases. No stand out tracks

Mdna is better than hard candy - Yusuf_1989

I have never been disappointed with a Madonna album, but this one might just take the crown. It was brilliant as a "break-up" album, as it covers all the different stages of a break-up: anger, sadness, revenge, new-found freedom, regret, reflection, the new loves/crushes, independence, etc. Brilliant in the way she was able to do that.

Madonnas comeback in music! The best album since "Ray of Light" was released in 1998. Gang Bang is just sheer brilliant!

The Contenders

11 Like a Virgin

Every song has an innocent naughtiness behind it. LOVE this album. Like A Virgin, Material Girl, Into The Groove - these songs are LEGENDARY! Love You, Madonna!

An avalache of career defining hits plus some great production from Nile Rodgers.

This is the most successful and best album of all her albums. I also love the first album as well. This is also when she looked beautiful, the best in her life I think.

I certainly think this is by far her best and most sexy album( but could that be because I was a teenage lad when it was released? ) still love Madonna now, and lady gaga will agree madge set the trend for her success.

12 Hard Candy

Her weakest album in my opinion - Yusuf_1989

This is madonnas worst album

Her worst album period

This is her 2nd should be rated higher

13 Rebel Heart

Rebel heart is so underrated - Yusuf_1989

Highly addictive!

Why not?

The whole message in this album helped me. It's a beautiful allbum.

14 I'm Breathless

Vogue is one of her best songs - Yusuf_1989

Madonna fans underrate this beautiful and creative album. Not every pop artist would be as great as Madge on Jazz territory. It was new Madonna with fresh & unique sound. "I'm Breathless" includes many awesome tracks - "Hanky Panky", "Sooner or Later", "I'm Going Bananas", "Cry Baby", "Back In Business", pop superhit "Vogue" etc - Irina2932

This album is underrated, this album proves that Madonna is a vers singer. I love the concept and character of "Madonna showgirl personality with broadway vocal"

15 Something to Remember


I'm a bit mad she didn't include Bad Girl and The Look of Love to this romantic compilation but yes, it was a great album

The best compilation album of all time. Such beautiful and meaningful ballads... There's no other artist in music like Madonna.

One of the best Madonna albums of the 90's. Nice collection of her powerful ballads plus only here you can find such tracks like "You'll See", "This Used To Be My Playground", "I Want You" and "I'll Remember". Even the album cover is so great
A Must Have Album! - Irina2932

16 Madame X

Are you serious? Madame X is easily one of her greatest works. The way she mixes different genres and beats is so exciting. Its concept is great. Yes, modern-day people hate listening to the TRUTH. They prefer brainless music from puppets like Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Rihanna, Britney, Beyonce, Katy, Minaj...
Madonna made REAL music with this album. BRAVO!

Madame X should definitely be in the top half (top 7)

Madame X is an under-rated bop.

It's her best album since Confessions we have to be honest.

17 You Can Dance

if I play this , my whole family will be on their feet and groovin'!

Love the uptempo songs with distinct melodies. Danceable.

Hi Madonna my name is scotty masters I love songs of you can dance on radio stations
I hope Madonna playing it for me allways love you

18 The Immaculate Collection

The best ever by Madonna, ever.

I love the songs on here!

19 Evita
20 Celebration

my birthday is a celebration for me , I'm playing this on my day!

21 Miles Away

I like the passports.

22 Who's That Girl

her spanish is cute <3

23 I'm Going To Tell You a Secret
24 Maximum Madonna
25 The Confessions Tour

WHY IS THIS SO LOW! This should be HIGHER! In the Top at least.

26 Remixed & Revisited

This is a good album actually. American life is remixed for the drowned world tour which is one of her best live performances. Her remix of Hollywood lead to the fantastically infamous vma performance. I also like the feel of love profusion. Also the remix of into the Hollywood groove works as a really cool mashup in the gap advert!

27 GHV2

Greatest Hits, Volume 2

28 Sticky & Sweet Tour

Pretty good and sweet like she says.

29 Pre Madonna

Simply the best!

30 MDNA World Tour
31 Rebel Heart Tour
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