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1 Ray of Light Ray of Light

Frozen alone could make "Ray of Light" stand out as her very best, fusing classical music, with world music drums and strings, and low key ambient electronic beats. In this project, she channeled everything from her life in the past few years, her spiritual journey, her Asian studies, and on top giving birth to her daughter, and incorporated all of these experiences into a gorgeous album. Not only was it her biggest departure from her norm, but is also credited with bringing electronic music into the mainstream. It brilliantly combines her pop and dance music past with new age electronic and computer-generated samples, in the absence of any live bands for the albums recording sessions, which actually produced an album wise beyond its years. Well done, Madonna.

This album is just so perfect, all the songs on it are just so calm, her and William orbit are an awesome collaboration. Not one song is boring, and it holds my attention all the way through. Madonna was in a period of introspection when working on this album, from the birth of her first child, vocal lessons from evita, her conversion to Kabbala, and her study of Hinduism and Buddhism. She has never really created a masterpiece like this since. Her and orbit really put a lot of effort into it and it shows.

I was only 10 when she released this album, but I can remember it... One of my first music experience, I mean, real music experience... I will never forget what I felt when I saw the video clip of Frozen. And then, I forgot it, like every child, I guess... And I discovered this album some years later: I've never stopped loving it since then. Every song is a great musical moment.
For me, it's the most powerful, brilliant album of all time (and I'm not talking about Madonna's albums only)... A real masterpiece. It makes me fly, brings back so many memories...

Das is gut

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2 Like a Prayer Like a Prayer

This is her 2nd best album, Ray of light being 1st.

This album was the best album of the 80's for me. Yes other huge albums came from that era but this was no1

Reasons for this:

Packed with hits
Songs that were not released were still amazing
Its personal
Its emotional
So many different feelings
Many ways to interpret and its serious

Love this album and I love madonna.

I think it was underrated! The controversy from videos helped singles but I don't feel she needed the controversy. This could have been her best seller

Over 15 million copies sold worldwide, full of hits and some of the greatest masterpieces of pop music including Like A Prayer, Express Yourself, Cherish, Oh Father, Keep It Together and Promise To Try... An Absolute Madonna.

Like a prayer no2 is not exaggerated. This album couldn't be moe perfect and I really appreciate the fact that Madonna took over control her music, because she knew what she wanted at that time and this is what make her what she is today. Till death do us part is definitely one of my favourite tracks on the album. I listen to it everyday.

Nearly perfect album. The only song I don't care for is "Love Song." This was the game changer for Madonna, when she started telling us her story as well as making us rejoice in the music. Very confessional and very well executed both musically and lyrically. - theOpinionatedOne

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3 Confessions on a Dance Floor Confessions on a Dance Floor

This was the album that made me fall in love with Madonna. Before this there were tracks she had prior that I loved but never was curious enough to purchase an album.
Now I have started my Madonna collection and consider myself a fan.

Jump, I Love New York, Sorry, Let It Will Be... All of these tracks are solid and beautiful. Full of rich dance tracks. This is my favorite dance album and of course Madonna album. While I do believe Ray of Light is brilliant this is just utterly amazing.

BEST Madonna ALUM EVER! Hung up is catchy (even though she coped abba! ) Sorry is nice, lets get together and love this song and Confessions on the bdance is a alum to buy!

Every day I'll continue voting for this until it gets number 1 ( or just number 2 )

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4 True Blue True Blue

With global sales of over 30 million this is one of the best selling albums of all time, and probably the Queen's best. It's my favorite album too. I LOVE IT!

It was the first Madonna album I bought and I fell in love with her as soon as possible. I love the whole track list. 'La Isla Bonita' and 'Papa Don't Preach' are my 2 all-time favorite songs by Madge - Irina2932

Dear god I heartly praise that you created Madonna, the best album ever, I think this was the revelation for Madonna and also the album which makes other male and female artists fear this diva. They new this lady was fierce, I do think Michael Jackson regret the fact that he rejected Isla Bonita, because this is considered as one of Madonna signature songs.

Madonna at the beginning of her peak! That's when it all started! - Minty

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5 Erotica Erotica

This is her only true concept album. I don't think there's been any other time in her career where her objective has been achieved so fully. Her book, her image, her style, and the music all came together seamlessly. I wish mainstream pop music was still encompassing this quality.

Are you all insane?! EROTICA is sublime! The Perfect Madonna Album.

Erotica is definitely my favourite Madonna album and it's one of favourite albums of all time. For the 1st time, in my opinion, a Madonna album feels like a cohesive all. Moreover, it's so daring from a lyrical and musical point of view. I particularly like songs like "Where life begins" and "Waiting". I just love this album ;-)

It's fine at number 5. It deserves it all. Just Music should be number 4. The top 3 is fine - MisterX

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6 Music Music

not only my favorite madonna album, but my favorite album of all time! My fav tracks:Music.. Amazing.. Nobody's Perfect.. Paradise (Not For Me) and Don't Tell me

This has to be her best. I like all her albums but this one just Stands out so much. It's a more mature version of ray of light, and it's just incredible. She fuses three genres together (dance, electronic, and acoustic) to make the best album of her career. Every song is awesome but I'd have to say impressive instant, I deserve it, nobody's perfect, don't tell me, paradise, and gone are the best on this album

This album includes the massive dance/club track Music, and some other songs include interesting electronic beats mixed in with some acoustics. My personal favorites are I Deserve It, Amazing, and Gone. Paradise Not For Me & Nobody's Perfect are also very cool.

This album showes that Madonna could give you all types of music in one cd. I just can't understand why what it feels like for a girl wasnt shot as the original album version video. That song was probly her most poetic ever.

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7 Bedtime Stories Bedtime Stories

The lyrics and beats are incredible! Classic mid 90's rnb! Madonna's 90's music is when she was at her best, all 3 albums from this decade are excellent!

This is CLEARLY Madonna's best album. Just listen to those sexy beats, those emotive cooings, and dark reflections on live. On Bedtime Stories, Madonna challenges herself as an artist to create a brooding masterpiece.

Madonna had flirted with R&B before on Like a Prayer and Erotica but decided to go head on here and make an album with a softer sound based around the genre in effort to soften her image. It worked! Standout songs are all 4 singles plus "Love Tried to Welcome Me." - theOpinionatedOne

I love to sit with a cigarette, a good book or Wattpad story on my balcony and just listen to the charming songs of this album. One of my personal favourites, along masterpieces such as Kylie's Impossible Princess, Cher's Living Proof and Lana's Paradise.

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8 American Life American Life

A massively underrated album by Madonna, although there are one or two lesser tracks, the rest of the album is amazing. It takes a little while to get used to and then WOW!

"American Life" takes risks and surprisingly, works better than her general Pop/Dance Style. Actually, Madonna's best work is out of the dance genre with "Ray Of Light", "Bedtime Stories and "American Life" being my favourite of all her albums - or the only ones I'd buy.

I wasn't a Madonna fan but decided to preview her songs on I-tunes. THIS LITTLE GEM SHONE THROUGH! And now I have a new respect for her.

Madonna's American Life was a genuinely heartfelt album. Most reviewers commented that the lyrics were to simple and was not the best. Every single song on this album has a personal meaning to not only her but me as well. The best songs are X-Static Process, Intervention, Nothing Fails and Nobody Knows Me. I feel this album wasn't given the chance it deserved.

This album will go down in history as one of the most overlooked albums of all time. It's Madonna's truest work, besides Ray of Light. Beautifully written songs, amazing electronic beats, and hard to forget guitar rifts.

This es the second best disc from Madonna. Some songs can make you dream, literally, two examples could be "intervention" and "nothing fails". The problem with the album could be that the best songs were not suitable for discos.

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I have never been disappointed with a Madonna album, but this one might just take the crown. It was brilliant as a "break-up" album, as it covers all the different stages of a break-up: anger, sadness, revenge, new-found freedom, regret, reflection, the new loves/crushes, independence, etc. Brilliant in the way she was able to do that.

Madonnas comeback in music! The best album since "Ray of Light" was released in 1998. Gang Bang is just sheer brilliant!

I hope people start realizing the brilliance of this album soon. It seems like with most of her albums, they get overlooked at first and it isn't until years later that people start to realize the impact of them (that has happened with many Madonna albums, including Erotica and American Life). Love this album.

Her best by far, Every song is awesome especially gang bang

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10 Like a Virgin Like a Virgin

Every song has an innocent naughtiness behind it. LOVE this album. Like A Virgin, Material Girl, Into The Groove - these songs are LEGENDARY! Love You, Madonna!

This is the most successful and best album of all her albums. I also love the first album as well. This is also when she looked beautiful, the best in her life I think.

I certainly think this is by far her best and most sexy album( but could that be because I was a teenage lad when it was released? ) still love Madonna now, and lady gaga will agree madge set the trend for her success.

Why the heck is this album at #13?!?! This album cemented Madonna at pop music and made her an international mega star. Thus all the songs of this album are good!

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11 Madonna Madonna

This album is a dance masterpiece, the story, the songs, the beats, her unique voice and the unreleased singles are amazing. Eight songs that I will never forget. I love all twelve of her albums but this will always be my favorite Madonna album and favorite album of all time. I can listen to this album every day

Awesome album from the 1980s. It may not be Madonna's best but I'm voting for it because it at least deserves to be in the top 10. Lucky Star, Borderline, Holiday, Burning Up - such wonderful classics.

The Queen Of Pop's first album... It's one of my favorite albums ever. Holiday, Lucky Star, Borderline, Everybody, Burning Up... I love all those songs! Should be in the Top 10.

12 Rebel Heart Rebel Heart

Rebel Heart is Madonna being Madonna. She wasn't caring about sales or reaching out to younger audiences. As a result, she wrote her best album since Confessions on a Dance Floor.

This album is probably the biggest underrated Madonna album, it was more underrated than American Life, this is because of ageism in our society and the prejudice of radio companies worldwide. Singles like Ghosttown and Living for Love are better than most of the #1 hits last 2015.

Rebel Heart has so many amazing songs, Ghosttown, Joan Of Arc, Living For Love, Inside Out, Wash All Over Me, the title track, Messiah, Hold Tight, even with the demos such as Queen, Freedom, Tragic Girl and Alone With You. This is Madonna's best album since Confessions.

The latest and one of my favourites! I love the songs so much. Best songs are probably Ghosttown, Devil pray & Unapologetic B**c h. - Brxtney

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13 Hard Candy Hard Candy

Her latest, and her best!
I do not have any of Madonna's albums, (bar celebration)
But heard songs from this album and I quite liked the songs,
I love 4 minutes because it's featuring justin timberlake
Its a good album!

Hard candy is a great album, its one of my favourite album, the problem why people dislike this album is because of the producers, but for me it is a great move, because Madonna has always revolution her music and this was a great masterpiece.

This album is good she's just trying to have fun and she had a big hit

Glad to see that out of her 13 it's her worst - MisterX

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14 The Immaculate Collection The Immaculate Collection V 1 Comment
15 I'm Breathless I'm Breathless

Madonna fans underrate this beautiful and creative album. Not every pop artist would be as great as Madge on Jazz territory. It was new Madonna with fresh & unique sound. "I'm Breathless" includes many awesome tracks - "Hanky Panky", "Sooner or Later", "I'm Going Bananas", "Cry Baby", "Back In Business", pop superhit "Vogue" etc - Irina2932

16 Something to Remember Something to Remember

The best compilation album of all time. Such beautiful and meaningful ballads... There's no other artist in music like Madonna.

One of the best Madonna albums of the 90's. Nice collection of her powerful ballads plus only here you can find such tracks like "You'll See", "This Used To Be My Playground", "I Want You" and "I'll Remember". Even the album cover is so great
A Must Have Album! - Irina2932

What's there to say? A meaningful record, made of ballads from her previous albums (although she's also recorded some new ones for this occasion). A true virtue.

The best compilation ever! I love every song on this album!

17 You Can Dance You Can Dance

Hi Madonna my name is scotty masters I love songs of you can dance on radio stations
I hope Madonna playing it for me allways love you

18 Evita Evita
19 Celebration Celebration
20 Miles Away Miles Away

I like the passports.

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