Best Madonna Songs From the '90s


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1 You'll See

Best Madonna's voice has ever been. Should do an entire album with David Foster he truly controlled how good her voice truly can be with the right song and the right arrangement.

One of the most powerful Madonna's songs - Irina2932

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2 Frozen

Who doesn't like this brilliant song? - Irina2932

It's the best and it reminds me of madonna.

It is grate, amazing. The best ever.

This song likes my soul it's always my favorite which makes me remember Madona

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3 The Power of Good-Bye

My personal favorite song from her "Ray of Light" album - Irina2932

Come on peoples this song is 100 out of 100 stars for being a wonderful ballad that is so beautiful and emotional which makes it Madonnas most heart felt song ever so beutiful

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4 Ray of Light

Ray of light will be her greates hit forever so why is it so hard to keep this song in the top ten of Madonna greatest time of songs and dance

Why is this totally birth of pop song not in the top ten
Come on people vote now here

Paul Saint Seabastin Flint Zara Momoh.

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5 Vogue

It's difficult to mke a choice, this area contains a lot of beautiful songs (Human Nature, Deeper and Deeper, Secret, Rain... ), but Vogue really represents the peak of her carrier.

It defined pop music at it's time.

Not just the 90's but one of her all time best!

Should be no1

The greatest 90's song

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6 Take a Bow

Original lyrics, beat, sound, everything - Irina2932

The song is just pure slayage simply amazing a masterpiece and a great representation of the 90s and Madonna herself

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7 Bad Girl

Why does this song and video so often get overlooked? One of my favorites for sure.

Probably the most underrated and overlooked Madonna song - Irina2932

Yes definitely in the top 5 of her best songs OVER ALL!

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8 Secret

Cool personified

It is grate. Amazing.

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9 Deeper and Deeper

My fvourite from the 90's

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10 Nothing Really Matters

Another superhit from Ray of Light - Irina2932

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11 Justify My Love UListen to Sample
12 Rain UListen to Sample
13 Human Nature

Just a hot video!

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14 Erotica

Saucy lyrics and sensual beat. What else would you want from a song?

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15 Drowned World/Substitute for Love UListen to Sample
16 Beautiful Stranger UListen to Sample
17 This Used to Be My Playground

This masterpiece should've won the Oscar as the Best Soundtrack Song in 1992 - Irina2932

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18 You Must Love Me UListen to Sample
19 Bedtime Story UListen to Sample
20 Love Tried to Welcome Me UListen to Sample
21 Swim UListen to Sample
22 Skin UListen to Sample
23 Rescue Me UListen to Sample
24 Hanky Panky UListen to Sample
25 Sooner or Later UListen to Sample
26 Fever UListen to Sample
27 I Want You UListen to Sample
28 I'll Remember UListen to Sample
29 Thief of Hearts

Is Madonna best song from the erotica album it has many different beats in it keeping you on the edge while Madonna sings lovely in the song none of that love kitten voice

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30 Sky Fits Heaven UListen to Sample
31 In This Life UListen to Sample
32 To Have and Not to Hold UListen to Sample
33 Has to Be
34 Survival UListen to Sample
35 Waiting UListen to Sample
36 Why's It So Hard UListen to Sample
37 Don't Cry for Me Argentina

"The best song in a sountrack in 90's"
" the best song of Madonna in the 90s after Frozen Ray of Light and Vogue"

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38 Buenos Aires UListen to Sample
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1. Vogue
2. Take a Bow
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1. Ray of Light
2. Nothing Really Matters
3. Frozen
1. Frozen
2. The Power of Good-Bye
3. Justify My Love

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