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41 Francis Ryan Lim

Francis Ryan Lim should be one of the Top Ten

Go for the top 1 francis

May the best win

I like Francis' voice than Darren.. but they are both great and Francis deserve to be in the top 10

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42 Luis Manzano
43 Rayver Cruz
44 Jose Mari Chan

Timeless voice... Soothing and relaxing

The true balladeer


Golden Voice!

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45 Rhap Salazar

" with his all powerful voice and his whistling technique that Mariah can all do will lift him up to top "

.. HE is the Best Filipino Singer..

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46 Charlie Green

He is a half Filipino and sings very very exceptionally well, and deserves to be more popular than he is

47 Julius Sandoval
48 Mark Herras Mark Herras Mark Angelo Santos Herras is a Filipino television and film actor. He won in the reality talent show StarStruck aired in GMA Network.

Mark herras is the "bad boy of the dance floor". He is so cool. When Iwas grade 6 Iam so inlove with him

49 Marvin Ong
50 Renz Verano
51 Lucky Robles
52 Noel Cabangon

Very pinoy, unique voice. One can literally feel the emotional meaning of the song he sings.

53 Divo Bayer
54 Elmo Magalona

I love elmo... Reggie salem!

I Hate Elmo Magalona

55 Roel Manlangit

He is gifted young man who can be effective in Singer industry. His humbleness will take him to the top of all. He who humble himself will be lifted up... says the Lord. We wish that he will be appreciated and love by all. Let us vote him more. Fans of Roel let us not forget him rather let us support him more and more.

He is the best among all. He can sing both female and male voices. He is young and talented. His voice is real gift from God.

He should be in the top or top 5. Why he is in 58. Did you not realize that his voice is so unique and a real gift from God.
Stay humble little young man, your humility will take you to the top and lead you to what you desire.

56 Franco
57 Dennis Trillo Dennis Trillo Abelardo Dennis Florencio Ho, more widely known as Dennis Trillo, is an award-winning Filipino actor, model and recording artist.

He's not just a good looking, award-winning actor, but he sure can sing as well.. Dennis you're not the best male singer in the Philippines but you can sing well.. Cheers to that..

58 Redmon Lat

Watch his videos in youtube. Nice and unique vocal timbre

59 Andrew Alejado
60 Ako
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