Best The Mamas & the Papas Songs

The best songs by the 60's group "The Mamas & the Papas".

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1 California Dreamin'

This is such a beautiful song. Its so relaxing to listen to.
I was just about to look for this list. - fireinside96

This song is a classic, it's a number one for me... This is when "make love, not war"...

Who doesn't love this song? Very iconic, and catchy, too.


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2 Monday, Monday

One of their first #1's! The Only reason this is at #5 is because it isn't really a song to dance to, as the only upbeat part is "Every other day, every other day every other day of the week is fine yeah yeah".

This is such an awesome song. It's so sixties. I love the acapella background vocals and the lyrics. Ba dah ba the the the ba the ba the the it's stuck in my head.

Reminds me of The Other Guys. - JCHOW

3 Dedicated to the One I Love

Another One of their hits, at first I didn't like this song, but after I listened to it a little more, I fell in love with it.

4 Dream a Little Dream of Me
5 I Saw Her Again
6 Look Through My Window
7 Go Where You Wanna Go

I Feel This song is very busy and hard to sing along to, therefore, it is #6 on the list.

8 Creeque Alley V 2 Comments
9 Got a Feelin'
10 Spanish Harlem

The Contenders

11 Mansions
12 Words of Love
13 Glad to Be Unhappy
14 Dancing in the Street
15 My Girl

Background Vocals Are Awesome, Harmonies are Great. Only Slightly Better Than California Dreamin'.

16 For the Love of Ivy
17 Twelve Thirty

This song to me, actually feels like it has a disco vibe to it. And I like me some disco.

There are a couple of different mixes of this song, but the best one is on the original mono 45 rpm.

Love the piano guided verses and the groove during the choruses in this one.

18 Safe In My Garden
19 Rooms
20 Straight Shooter

Almost Sounds Familiar. From their first album, If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears. Harmony is definitely present in this song, too.

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1. California Dreamin'
2. Monday, Monday
3. Got a Feelin'
1. California Dreamin'
2. Monday, Monday
3. Dedicated to the One I Love
1. California Dreamin'
2. Creeque Alley
3. Dedicated to the One I Love

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