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41 One of Them Will Destroy the Other
42 Letting Go
43 Hollow
44 12 Through 15

This is the song that got me into 12 through 15. It keeps in with Mayday Parade's beautiful melodies and lyrics, but shows a slightly darker side I love

This song is so good. It need to be number one.

This song deserve to be number 1

How is this number 40?! This is an amazing song and it shows the darker side of mp

45 Your Song

Come on? This isn't higher. It's just so perfect! I love the guitar line and well everything about it. It might not be an immediate tear jerker but once you really get into it's absolutely beautiful. It's all about a desperate plea to get the love of his life back and how this girl is everything he could've hoped for- "it all came out wrong except for your song" I mean it's in a sense the one who got away (they do breakup songs SO well) and it's so relatable. The passion in the song though inspires me to believe there are others out there who feel in a sense like I do and can put it a lot more eloquently than me

The acoustic version of this song is absolutely beautiful. The lyrics hold so much emotion, it is such a beautifully written song.

This has got to be higher. Seriously it's so beautifully written with such emotion, it made me really love Mayday Parade.

The only reason this one is so low is that the original version puts it to shame... acoustic is so much better by far

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46 The End

This song is just very meaningful and gets the blood pumping. I love how the lyrics are very catchy and how the elements mix well with it.

Most catchy Mayday Parade song in my opinion, and it's just as good as Stay and Save Your Heart.

What the hell this is an awesome song
I'm not saying it's the best, but at least top 20 PPLL

47 Take This to Heart

I love this song I listen to it all the time when I'm on the bus, its a really good song you should listen to it.

48 Girls

This song is absolutely beautiful, one of my favorites rom Mayday Parade! It's extremely catchy, the lyrics are AMAZING and Derek's voice, like always, is angelic

Ugh I wish this was higher up. One of my favorites.

This song is amazing!

49 Priceless
50 No Heroes Allowed
51 When I Grow Up
52 Demons
53 Repent and Repeat
54 Just Out of Reach
55 One of Us
56 The Problem with the Picture is that It's Hard to See
57 Just Say You're Not Into It

This is my favorite Mayday Parade song I like the style it's something I listen to when I don't feel like listening to the slower songs

58 I'd Rather Make Mistakes Than Nothing at All

Why is this so low? At least top 15!

59 Amber Lynn
60 Hear the Sound

One of the best songs to be honest

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