Rust in Peace


While there have been more aggressive, faster, experimental thrash/metal albums out there, Rust in Peace and the Black album both make my all time Top 10 list. They brought this style of music to the masses which allowed all of us to do things more quickly and freely than if they had not been so successful. RIP is just phenomenal and Friedman set the standard for all other lead guitarists in this genre to follow. By the way, we all miss your playing Jason Becker.

I came here mainly for recommendations. I am a huge Metallica fan and I wanted to give Megadeth another try (every time Mustaine's vocals would put me off) So I downloaded this album (with proper sound quality) and... Holy ... This is pure Thrash. Fast, hard hitting, just the right amount of complexity (I hate it when songs become over complicated, the feeling of thrash goes away) and unbelievably fun. While in my opinion Metallica has better songwriting, there is no denying that Mustaine makes absolutely killer riffs.

Great album! Only not great song is dawn patrol. Can still listen to this album straight through after all these years. And by the way, Peace Sells isn't on this album. - blitzkrieg

Easily the best Megadeth album if not the best Metal Album ever made. Peace Sells a near second, then So Far, so Good, Killing is my business and I have a soft spot for Cryptic Writings. I've been into Megadeth since the 80's and think Dave's lyrics in this period are incredible. Can't understand why everyone rates Youthanasia so highly though. Apart from A tout le Monde, Reckoning Day and Train of consequences this album is terrible

I don't understand what's so special about this album. Everyone seems to act like a clone of each other and glorify this average album.There's nothing really here except for annoying solos after solos and the Riffs are just plain boring. And the vocalist voice is one of the most terrible sound that a human being can produce..4/10..Average the more I try to like this album the more I end up hating it especially that toad's vocals - Vip3r

This album has the best compositions, best structures, best riffs, best solos, best melodies, best songs and best sound/production. Easily the most brilliant album of all time. The likes of The Number of the Beast, Ride the Lightning or Reign in Blood only come after this one.

To rock2metal, Peace Sells wasn't on Rust in Peace...
This album contains some of the best songs ever made by Megadeth like Hangar 18, Holy Wars, Tornado of Souls, Take No Prisoners, Lucretia, the list goes on!

Best metal album ever, if not the best out of all genres of music. It is simply timeless, and after over 10 years of listening to the album, I'm still not bored of a single song. In fact that goes for most Megadeth albums.

I listen to this whole album, everyday. This is the best album ever made. Best quality, awesome variety of speed, best drums, awesome bass work. Most complete album ever made. And yes, you won't find better lyrics anywhere else.

This album defines thrash metal, and is in my opinion THE BEST thrash metal album of all time. Every single song on this album is a true masterpiece. Dave Mustaine is a GOD!

Every song on this album is 10/10. Not a single mediocre song. BY FAR the best album in all of metal, let alone megadeth's best album. If I only could listen to one album for the rest of my life, it would definitely be Rust in Peace.

This is just an awesome album from start to finish great guitar too. 4 songs from it you ought to listen to is Holy Wars... The Punishment Due, Hangar 18, Lucretia, and 5 magics

Other than perhaps Van Halen vs. 1984- does anyone have a better debate for their top album than Peace Sells But Who's Buying Vs. Rust in Peace? The song that puts it over the top is Holy Wars- the lyrics prophetic, the riff crunching fast, the solo Mustaine's best. The rest of the album is almost as good, particularly the title track, Dawn Patrol and the creepy delusional Lucretia. Overall probably the last great album of the classic era of thrash and Megadeth's best.

This album is almost as good as Metallica's amazing album Master of Puppets, but yeah it is definitely Megadeth's best album, I absolutely love this album.

Rust in Peace is a classic album in the metal world. As a guitarist, this and Master of Puppets are the two most influential albums for me. Truly an amazing album.

Totally awesome rock on!

Mustaine is the man!

Tornado of souls, hanger 18, and best of all holy wars just makes it the best megadeth album! - metallicadude

The best metal album of all time. Created by the best metal songwriter of all time. With the most insane lead guitarist for all of eternity.

Every song here is just pure songwriting genius, and proves that Megadeth is one of the greatest forces in music!

I am 40 now and I love riffs and the sound of distortion... so I'v listend to a lot of records, going through a lot of different rock genres... because it makes me feel alive. if I had to answer to the question: "what is the best guitar driven record out there? " I would name this record. it is so musical but at the same time so technical... and 23 years old... what!? Some time has passed I guess...
I warship a lot of bands like motorhead, black sabbath, trap them, all pigs mut die, a lot of 80's hardcore, power violence bands, grindcore and death like napalm or suffocation and what not, but RUST IN PEACE is the one. the songwriting is just stunning. a pretty much raw production with a lot of dynamics straight from the makers hands an feet
... and don't forget the great lyrics. so give it a listen, see if it is something for you.

"... the military intelligence
Two words combined that can't make sense..."

This is a masterpiece and without any doubt the best album megadeth have ever done.

Rust in Peace is one of the biggest milestones in (Trash) Metal in my opinion. An all killer no filler album.

An Amazing Thrash/Speed album, no fillers here just pure virtuosity & deliverance. Well deserved #1 spot.

Easy choice. Their best album with the best line up and and master Dave on his best song writing.

Common guys this sone has got to be their best...
1. Rust In Peace
2. Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?
3. So Far, So What, So Good
4. Endgame
5. Countdown To Extinction
6. Youthanasia
7. Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good
8. United Abominations
9. The System Has Failed
10. Cryptic Writings

Tornado of Souls demonstrates the mastery of wide vibrato by the master himself Marty!