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1 Evil

Killer solo,best song from mercyful fate hands down

Good song

Nothing compares to this song. This band had a lot of masterpieces, but none like this - ryanrimmel

The anthem of Black Metal and influential as well. - Nord666

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2 The Oath

King diamonds vocals at their best, absolute gem of a song

epic song

One of the darkest most epic songs ever written

Good osoong for mercyfull fate introduced me to the band and to king siamond

3 A Dangerous Meeting

One of the best metal songs ever recorded. enough said.

4 Come to the Sabbath

Perfect Metal Song!

5 Curse of the Pharaohs

That guitar intro gives me chills every time I hear it. It's such a badass song.

Sick riff - dubsinthetubs

6 Satan's Fall

The best Mercyful Fate song. It makes Evil look like crap and that song was great.

Seeing this at #8 is very disappointing

Seven satanic hell preachers, heading for the HALL!
I love this song so much - HeavyMetalHero

7 Melissa

Simply amazing song

8 Into the Coven

This is by far the best heavy metal song

9 Is that You, Melissa?

In my opinion this is the most underrated Mercyful Fate song. Great lyrics, melody, everything. - ryanrimmel

Oh Melissa!
So well-written and melodious!

10 Gypsy

The Newcomers

? The Bell Witch

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11 Nightmare Be Thy Name
12 Devil Eyes
13 Nightmare

You are insane... you are insane... you are insane... you are insane...

14 A Corpse Without Soul

I wish King Diamond stayed with them and made more epic stuff, this song is one of my favorites as it has an awesome solo and comes from an awesome EP

15 Burning the Cross
16 Nuns Have No Fun

How is this not #1?

17 Welcome Princess of Hell
18 Witches' Dance
19 The Uninvited Guest
20 Night of the Unborn
21 Black Funeral
22 A Gruesome Time
23 Mirror
24 The Lady Who Cries
25 Sold My Soul
26 Doomed by the Living Dead
27 Banshee
28 The Afterlife
29 Legend of the Headless Rider
30 The Old Oak
31 The Night
32 Egypt
33 My Demon
34 Under the Spell
35 Angel of Light
36 Church of Saint Anne
37 Torture (1629)
38 Return of the Vampire
39 Black Masses
40 Last Rites
41 On a Night of Full Moon
42 Desecration of Souls
43 Doomed by the Living
44 Into the Unknown
45 At the Sound of the Demon Bell
46 To One Far Away
47 Death Kiss (Demo)
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1. Evil
2. The Oath
3. Curse of the Pharaohs
1. A Dangerous Meeting
2. Come to the Sabbath
3. The Oath
1. Evil
2. The Oath
3. Come to the Sabbath

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