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321 Hell Within
322 Devil In Me
323 The Royal

These guys are awesome sounding for a new band and new album release. - utahman1971

Upcoming band from the Netherlands! Very good metalcore

Definitely a burtal newcomer in the metalcore scene!

324 Infant Annilator

Best band in the world! Should be #1 you know the lead singers vocals from anywhere

325 Chelsea Grin

Listen to "don't Ask, don't Tell"

Great Band!

Deathcore, not Metalcore! - utahman1971

326 Farewell To Atlantis
327 Start From End
328 Cancer Bats

Not as good as some people like them. - utahman1971

329 Bury Your Dead

I like them and they sound like Hard-core but close to Metalcore. - utahman1971

More like groove core than metalcore great band though

330 Botch
331 Spineshank
332 Feed Her to the Sharks

Honestly I like FHTTS more the PWD but that's because I really overlistened them, but to the point FHTTS has great riffs and amazing vocals, give there most recent music 'Burn the Traitor' a listen, then 'Buried Alive' or 'Deaths Design' a listen, and from there most original album, 'Extinction/Ressurection' and ' Fear of Failure a listen
Truly an amazing band and worth the listen because I honestly love everyone of their songs/albums

333 Strikken

Way under rated band, true metalcore with searing guitars.

334 Yashin
335 The Sorrow

Most underrated metalcore band out there.

These guys are awesome!

336 Fed to the Ocean

Really a good band, brand new!

337 Bhayanak Maut
338 Like Vultures
339 Verah Falls
340 Death of an Era

Very epic band. love the techno effects and former vocalist voice

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