Best Motion City Soundtrack Songs

Best songs by the "Pop Punk" band Motion City Soundtrack.

The Top Ten

1 Hold Me Down
3 Timelines
4 My Favorite Accident
5 Stand Too Close
6 The Future Freaks Me Out
7 This Is for Real
8 Everything Is Alright
9 Disappear
10 Fell In Love Without You

The Contenders

11 A Lifeless Ordinary (Need a Little Help)

This was the first song I heard from them, and it's awesome.

12 Antonia
13 Broken Heart

This is a great one... chills your heart... you feel so cooled... explains how we move on with a broken heart... even after a love failure beautiful life awaits us... this specific one is great

14 Delirium
15 Hello Helicopter
16 Hangman
17 When You're Around
18 It Had to Be You
19 Time Turned Fragile
20 Resolution
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