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201 The Fugitive

Don't get no better than Tommy Lee Jones and Harrison Ford.. they made a great movie together in the fugitive... I must say Tommy Lee Jones is a very good actor.. I'm sure you Agree... :-)

This list is nothing without this movie in the top ten.

My absolute favorite movie

Great movie for action fans,two thumbs up!

202 Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!
203 Blade Runner

I'm simply stunned. I have visited, and commented, on many different "Top tens" lists on this site. What had struck me as odd before was the wide difference between my views and even general consensus, and the results of voting on the "Top tens", but when I find Blade Runner at #224 I am truly wondering if this is some hoax. There is no way this incredible film is this low on any list of best films. It is not only my opinion, but almost every respected film critic would have it in his top 30, and any critic would have it in his top 100, guaranteed. I guess it's why Rotten Tomatoes includes both a critics rating and a viewers rating. This list is obviously nonsense. I would add some of the reasons why Blade Runner is an incredibly good film, but it would be lost on anyone reading it at this site. I might serve a better cause by warning readers here to watch out for cars before crossing the street, but alas, natural selection is coming for the bulk of you regardless.

This is a film that is so rich, deep and multi-layered, that it might need a second viewing to fully understand this masterpiece.

I have re read my earlier comment listed here on Blade Runner and would like to make an apology to all those who have commented on Blade Runner here. My scathing review of not the film, but the general silliness of this site (As Blade Runner was ranked #224 at the time of my visit) was not directed at any of you, I found your comments both entertaining and insightful. I was just stunned to find this great film so low on any list.

Ridley Scott's crown jewel. A film that started a new genre. A great blend of noir and science fiction. Filled with great performances. It's memorable roof scene with Ford/Hauer will go down as one of the best ever. - Ned964

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204 Scarface

Al Pacino is iconic. The Cuban in the suit is a phenomenon. A very colorful and comical crime classic.

Scarface was revolutionary at the time. Al Pacino 4 Me THe Best Actor next To Marlon Brando. This Movie deserves Nr 1 damn sure - copkiller

Favorited by many, this gangster epic is a top tale of how somebody can just crumble. Just remember when you reach the top, you can only come down.

Greatest movie of all time

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205 Whiplash

Get this to the top 50 immediately come on people VOTE

Amazing movie. Inspired me to become a better musician

281?! It should be at number 2! - HashtagBrownies

This is one of my personal favorites, I want this at least in the top 100 - Phillip873

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206 A Few Good Men

Yes, that is a funny scene where Jack Nicholson is testifying in the courtroom and says, "I want to be called Sir or Colonel, I believe I've earned it." Then he mutters under his breath to the judge, "what kind of operation are you running here? " To which the judge replies, "And the witness will address the bench as Judge or Your Honor. I know I've earned it." Funny scene.

Great movie to watch, and had a great performance from Jack Nicholson who actually got nominated for his role. The film is known for one of the best quotes of all time "You Can't Handle the Truth" and another funny one "I want to be called Sir or Colonel I believed I've earned it". A very good courtroom drama.

The most interesting movie of all time. Tom Cruise, Demi Moore and Jack Nicholson give amazing performances along with Kevin Bacon!

Even Tom Cruise doesn't ruin thus movie for me

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207 School of Rock

Great movie with jack black where he trys to be a sub. teacher.

For those about to rock, put this in the top 10!

Prepare to learn from the school of rock!

One of the best movie ever!

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208 Caddyshack

This movie is awesome. There are so many funny lines, that crack me up every single time I watch. This is definitely my favorite, and probably the funniest movie of all time.

Funnier everytime you watch it. Has to be the most quoted movie ever.

The movie is very funny and quotable - Ajkloth

209 Skyfall

Awesome movie. Crazy, psychopathic villain who effectively portrays the opposite of everything Bond fights for. Plus, a rare, personal look into what made Bond who is today

The best of the Daniel Craig franchise of James Bond films... Dame Judi Dench was excellent in this one... now let's have a new younger James Bond please...

Great movie. Everybody loves it.
Many people watch it and have recommended it so why should this not be at the top of the table of best ever films made.
I love it so how can you not?

I loved this James Bond movie it was great

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210 Hotel Transylvania

I was cracking up so badly. Please watch this if you haven't yet. Laugh out loud

It's a great Halloween movie - Ajkloth


One half-hour later...

I am sorry that I, Kieran Stark (aka The Ultimate Daredevil) overreacted.

211 Captain America: The First Avenger

Now this is how you set up an avengers movie

Winter Soldier was better than this.

Good this this is totally improved from the old version, I hate that one.

This one and The Winter Soldier were amazing, unfortunately Civil War was a huge crap.

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212 The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water

When a diabolical pirate above the sea steals the secret Krabby Patty formula, SpongeBob and his nemesis Plankton must team up in order to get it back.

This was an amazing movie and I don't care what all you modern SpongeBob haters think, this is a flawless film.

How many four year olds are reading this site, jeez.

Better than the orijnil

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213 The Fountain

Shame that not a lot of people liked this film. It was really good.

214 Rebel Without a Cause

Best teen movie ever. James Dean is amazing - Ajkloth

O this rebel had really a cause al though the title says different, the rebellious cause of the was being angry and rebellious at parents at the political system at the collegeau s at scool. He had numbrous cuases

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215 Ramona and Beezus

Please tell me whoever put this one on here was joking - nickisawesome

It's no joke. Not on this list. This site is obviously greatly influenced by very young voters, and as such, should not be taken seriously. - Ned964

Wait there is a movie?

Heart warming and hilarious - doctorman

How is this on the list?

216 The Prestige

I've seen Heath Ledger give a sinister portrayal of the Joker, I've seen Johnny Depp play a truly charismatic antihero, and I've witnessed Brad Pitt as a hardcore alter-ego leader of Project Mayhem, but the greatest acting performance I've ever witnessed on the silver screen is Hugh Jackman in The Prestige. He adds serious emotion to the story near the beginning, and continues to amaze all the way through. This was not only a Christopher Nolan modern masterpiece, but it offered a truly legendary performance.

Brilliant performances by Bale and Jackman bring to life this brilliant story about passion and obsession. The best movies in the world are the ones you can't stop thinking about and discussing with others, and this movie takes the cake. That aha moment when I was able to put the pieces together to figure out one of the movies great mysteries was one of the best experiences I've ever had in a theater.

Christian Bale is the greatest actor of all time and Hugh Jackman is just behind him! The way they acted this is so amazing!

It is amazing movie

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217 Blood In, Blood Out

A 5 1/2 hour long film, and I never skip a single scene in it. From beginning to end, this film is just absolutely masterful, and if it wasn't so overlooked, this would've definitely at least made top 20 on this list. - Mcgillacuddy

Again should of been in the top20s

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218 Bee Movie

It is an actual sin that the Bee Movie, starring Jerry Seinfeld, is only at 2,083th on the list. Even more evil is that Barney: Let's Go to The Zoo and various other filth beat out this movie.

Why is this not number one?

This movie is the greatest

The Bee Movie, which is the best movie, should number one on the list, not 1018th.
So eat your heart out Godfather, Bee Movie is coming for you.

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219 The Blind Side

It's one of the best movies I've ever watched... I can't believe is so low! I personally think this movie is so underrated... It is a beautiful TRUE story, full of meaning... it should be better ranked than some movies that have no meaning at all

Beautiful movie! Sandra Bullock's performance was flawless!

220 L.A. Confidential

Excellent tribute to film noir. Rather complex but understandable plot, involving police corruption, the "seamy underside" of 1940's Hollywood, political chicanery, tabloid journalism, and a dash of racism. Outstanding acting, especially by Kevin Spacey, Russell Crowe, and Denny DeVito. Another must see!

The mystery of this movie was great,how russel crowe found the criminal - zxm

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