Saving Private Ryan


Tough choice to make one pick. So many good movies. Most movies in the top 20 are all great. Get Harry Potter out of there and move Silence of the Lambs up! Saving Private Ryan was amazingly portrayed and a tribute to the Greatest Generation - never forget that our country wouldn't exist without them. Fantastic generation and fantastic movie.

I disagree with this list A LOT. Saving Private Ryan was a perfect screen play by Spielberg showing the actual events of the Normandy invasion. Not to mention Tom Hanks was the perfect actor and it really showed the bound brother's in arm grew in the great and horrible World War II. THIS NEEDS TO BE #1

There is no way in hell this should be number 17! There is no better depiction of World War II. Tom Hanks was brilliant in this movie There3s so much emotion and facts all wrapped up into one perfect film this is the best movie of all time!

This is the best war movie in history. No drama, no over the top cgi, Michael Bay crap. Just straight up harsh realities of war, entangled with a powerful story about brotherhood. Two thumbs up to Stephen Spielberg. - AKASHPAWAR

It's a true story based movie and I love the movie from start to the end... Starting 20 minutes is amazing... Its really amazing to watch how they are searching for ryan... How they fight with Hitler armies...

The first 20-30 minutes of this movie made most WWII veterans get emotional, remember back or even leave the theatre. This movie is so powerful, it feels like it was filmed during the actual Battle. - MatthewtheMagma

This film is amazing it makes you understand how brave these men were and gives an insight into how bad it really was on the beaches we owe them so much these men are real hero's.

This is a great movie no doubt...Yet the star studded classic "platoon" which perfectly depicts the Vietnam war sits in 119th place...No justice!...

Hands down the best movie of all time why is this so far down? This entire website just keeps on disappointing me with all of the dumb rankings.

Masterfully depicts the true grit and grime of warfare. The action packed and silent moments are both perfected, and the casting is spot on

Unbelievably touching and makes you thankful for everyone that's ever fought for their country.

Must all be teenagers voting on this list. Not accurate at all. Loved this film. Schindler list perhaps better. Where's it?

Awesome awesome... Movie ever... I love this and I will never forget to salute solders...

And this should be number 1 movie..

Amazing in every way possible. Shows brilliantly the reality of how scary it was to storm normandy. Should be top 1!

This is movie is just amazing. I believe it should get higher than ten maybe eight or so.

I loved platoon, but then I saw this movie and it knocked platoon and every other film out, thank you Spielberg.

it has action its touching and very moving. and historical. and it has tom hanks. - Kablamfoo134

Such a moving movie. Great combination of action and drama. Definitely best war movie of all time!

This one is amazing for me it is tied with the usual suspects

One of my favorite military movies

This whole movie is visually and emotionally stunning!

Don't get me wrong, Titanic is amazing, but by far not as good as Saving Private Ryan.

Saving private ryan should be number 5 or 4 and it was funny when they beat that Nazi

The best movie ever made. Tom Hanks is the greatest actor now and always will be.

Probably would make you cry and wet your pants at the same time, IT'S SO GOOD