The Wizard of Oz


This movie is one of the greatest films with excellent actors and with a wonderful Judy as Dorothy Gale. A pure masterpiece.

Come on. Let's at least get this one into the top ten. It is one of the greatest American classics of all time!

By Far A Classic...Everyone Knows It And Loves It...The Ideal Image For The Perfect Film. The Acting, The Plot, The Hidden and Given Messages...The Cult...Everything Screams Perfection!

Like I just said on my garden state comment, this is the best movie of all time. Garden state being the second.

I wanted to watch this movie and then one day, I did. I like it but the only thing is that in my opinion, they have too many songs. I know the Wizard of Oz is a classic so don't hate me. Please...

If this film isn't al least in your top ten, you should be shot in the head. Everybody saw it at a young age, and everybody has fond memories of it. When I was a kid, it showed on television during Christmas all the time, so my best memories of it were also Christmas memories. Just like "A Christmas Story", I have such great memories of laying in bed with the T.V. on on Christmas Eve, not being to go to sleep, and just watching it. That is what memories are made of.

People tend to forget that this movie has been epic since 1939. Still watched today by millions. Why this movie is at least in the top 5 is beyond me! - westofohio

Probably the best musical of all time, it was huge improvement in the movie industry at the time and set the standard for any movie like it.

I'm glad to at least see a movie on here I've seen. Like seriously, guys. What's Forrest grump?

This used to be my all-time favorite. It is still on my list. This is a classic. I used to watch it every chance I got. I now have it on dvd.

The best film do all time, totally amazing and timeless, I have to watch it every few months or I get withdrawal symptoms, really!

The first greatest movie to be aired deserves the reward. No other movie was close in that time frame, and I rest my case.

If this list was based on longevity and significance, this film would, quite likely, be number one by a long shot. - BKAllmighty

Why the hell is this all the way down here it should be like number 5. On the list

It is a movie always keeping you on your couch ready to watch more and it is an all time classic.

Somewhere over the rainbow bluebirds fly!

A classic movie everybody in the world knows when they were a kid. - FerrariDude64

A CLASSIC, I LOVED how my sister used to LOVE it, way better than the Legends of Oz movie.

A Wonderful Movie Which Should Be Up More Than This It Is definitely One Of The Best

I love this movie so much! At first I didn't think I was going to like it but now, I LOVE it!

I love this movie, very clever and well done I wish I could have a dream like that.

As one of the first color movies ever this should replace the dark knight

Awesome. One of the best classics ever. -Movie Guy

It should be illegal not to have The Wizard of Oz in the top ten movies.

Timeless. A movie that every generation can love and grow up with.