Best Old Eminem Songs (Pre-encore)

FOR FANS ONLY. These have been chosen because of lyrics and meaning. Feel free to add more.

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1 Lose Yourself

Sorry Stan found Lose Yourself again! This gives you courage and if you set your mind to it you can do anything!

You better LOSE YOURSELF in the music, the moment...

Epic song and is the best ever. Love it and I love it. his palms are sweaty knees weak... this is truly the song of the generations.

2 Stan
3 'Till I Collapse
4 The Real Slim Shady
5 Forgot About Dre

Hello, not an Eminem song idiots.

6 Sing for the Moment
7 Infinite

One of Eminem's best, has a great beat and almost Nas like lyrics and flow.

One of the Best Eminem songs ever. A mellow flow, but deep lyrics and ryhmes. One of his most underrated songs ever.

8 Criminal
9 Renegade
10 I'm Back

Last few lines on the last verse made me want to laugh, scream, cry and gag at the same time. (Imagine that)

The Newcomers

? Still Don't Give a F***

The Contenders

11 Who Knew
12 Guilty Conscience
13 Without Me
14 Biterphobia
15 The Way I Am

Listen to the album.


16 Just Don't Give a F***
17 What's the Difference
18 Soldier
19 Cleanin' Out My Closet
20 Like Toy Soldiers

Wow. Just wow. How is this #25? This song has so much meaning to it and it sounds so beautiful. Should be #1.

21 My Name Is

Classic lyrics, classic flow, and a self-sung hook make his first commercial single one of his greatest. Definitely my favorite.

22 Rock Bottom
23 Hailie's Song

Best song ever

24 Bad Meets Evil
25 Drug Ballad

Love this song. Great flow and the chorus is very very catchy. Good party song. Especially love how sweet the flow is into the first words of the 1st verse around 30 seconds: "Back when Mark Wahlberg was Marky Mark... "

I believe that this is the best song on The Marshall Mathers LP apart from The Real Slim Shady

26 White America
27 Brain Damage
28 As the World Turns
29 Say Goodbye Hollywood
30 Rabbit Run
31 Marshall Mathers
32 Low, Down, Dirty
33 Role Model
34 Mockingbird
35 If I Had
36 Remember Me
37 Bitch Please II
38 Kim
39 Amityville
40 Under the Influence
41 My Fault
42 Superman
43 Square Dance
44 When the Music Stops
45 Drips
46 Just Lose It
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1. 'Till I Collapse
2. Stan
3. Forgot About Dre
1. Marshall Mathers
2. Lose Yourself
3. Hailie's Song
1. Lose Yourself
2. Stan
3. The Way I Am

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