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41 Fast In My Car

Fast In My Car is number 25? Really? This song deserves to be in the Top Ten! Paramore is reborn now. It's about time that we finally started looking ahead along with Paramore, like good Paramore fans do! I say that this song at least be number 4. It's about looking ahead and moving on from the past, so lets follow Paramore on their journey.

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42 I Caught Myself

What!? How is this not in the top 10!? This is like as good as Decode and Decode is easily number one! How is Misery Business at number 1!? I bet most of you so called Paramore fans have never listened to this song, pathetic.

This is by far their best song lyrically, how on earth this isn't at least top 20 I have no idea

Really 29 needs to be at least 15

Such a unique song!

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43 Where the Lines Overlap

great song with great tune and just makes you feel good

I just love this song so much! It's got great lyrics that I love and the music is really good too. I think this is one of the songs that Hayley Williams really tried hard in, because it really brings out what a great and talented musician she is. Also, the rest of the band comes together, literally, around the end all singing, "I've got a feeling, " and those are the parts of songs that I love a lot. I don't know why, but those types of songs make me feel good.

22nd?! Should be in the top ten!

44 Throwing Punches

A seriously underrated song, like much of the "The B Sides," unheard by most fans. Some powerful lyrics
"You're so hateful sometimes, throwing punches lies, far from somewhere above, just to say you're in love"

45 Grudges
46 Idle Worship
47 Stop This Song (Lovesick Melody)

This song is so good... How is it at no. 38? It probably isn't that well-known! I recommend this song to anyone who wants to listen to more Paramore songs!

An emo-punk song... Great lyrics... This is n0t their best song but this should be on top 10 - Racetech

I love the ending to this song! Should be higher up

This is my favorite love song

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48 Feeling Sorry

I can't believe this song on 46th position. This song is perfectly great

41 really? I'd put this around number 10 for me. Considering it's from Brand New Eyes which had 11 songs (5 of which were singles) and this wasn't one of the singles, I can see how some people might overlook it. But if you actually listen to it, it is one of their catchiest songs without being poppy or cheesy.

What is this song doing so low on the list? This song is probably one of the best tracks on the album, I LOVE THIS SONG.. Amazing lyrics and catchy tune. At least top 15

You're days are numbered at 24

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49 Breathe

This song makes me sigh, and wanna cry

Probably the saddest paramore song. - RandomPerson1234

50 Told You So
51 Miracle

This should be so much higher!

I think this song is epic: instruments are amazing

One of the best song I've ever heard, its amazing

This song should be in the top ten it's amazing

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52 (One of Those) Crazy Girls

Really unique Paramore song, it should be ranked higher

Love this song, needs to be ranked in the top 20's. I love the lyrics, they get to my heart.

Yeah! I know! This must be ranked higher. just like let the flames begin, you want to play it on repeat.

This really needs to be number 1

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53 Rose Colored Boy

This is the best out of their new album! - xxpizzasrlifexx

54 Fake Happy

This song needs to be way higher! It's almost hauntingly beautiful. A great message that most people can relate to on top of a great beat. It's not only one of Paramore's best songs ever, but one of the overall best songs ever.

55 Franklin

This song reminds me good times, and well, it's a good one to listen when you're down, perfect.

56 Looking Up

Love This Song! It's Amaazing & One Of My Favourite Paramore Songs. It Should definitely Have More Votes!

This needs to be higher! People wake up!

It's so catchy and fun!

Talk about underrated.

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57 My Hero

A cover better than the original, enough said

It's a good song. ^-^

58 Adore

Should b in the top ten... One of the best songs from paramore

Another B Side that hasn't hit the spotlight, a tragedy.
"If I let you love me, be the one adored, would you go all, the way, and be the one I'm looking for? "

59 Here We Go Again

Seriously one of my favorites! It's so fun. I like what it's about.

Ohh I love this song... I can't believe its so low... I love its music, lyrics, drum beats... Ita a 5 star song... I don't know why paramore 1 album all we know is falling is so underrated.. It has all amazing songs.. Pressure, conspiracy, my heart, all we know, whoa and many more... But brand new eyes is best album...
Just listen to this song...

60 26

Such a sad beautiful tragic song. I can't stop listening to it

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