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62 Rewind

Hayley's vocals is on point in this song and the guitar is great, bassline on point.
This is so underrated!

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63 Circle

Some of the best paramore songs are the unreleased ones. I really wish this was on an album, I love it!

An amazing, underrated song. Give it a listen.

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64 Oh Star
65 Be Alone

Paramore songs have always been relatable but this songs makes me feel like Paramore have been stalking me and reading the thoughts in my mind. Then they came up with this song which is basically my life

66 Interlude: I'm Not Angry Anymore
67 My Number One
68 Hello Hello

Sounded like Avril Lavigne at the beginning haha! I had to double check!

Why hasn't this gotten any votes?
This song is one of their best ones to be honest.

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69 Just Like Me
70 Long Distance Call

This song is amazing! I love all paramore songs but this should definitely be up there with the top 20

71 Native Tongue

This is a really good song

72 Tell Me It's Okay

This song is full of emotions. I heard this everyday! Love it!

73 Interlude: Moving on

Love this one. Hayley voice + ukulele = epic - taufiq13

74 You Ain't Woman Enough (To Take My Man)

An undiscovered gem from the Coal Miner's Daughter tribute album.

75 Lose Control V 1 Comment
76 Pool
77 Caught in the Middle
78 Stay Away
79 Sunday Bloody Sunday

No, this isn't a Paramore song, but hayley sings it AMAZINGLY, as she always does. I think this is better than the original, with so much more emotion. Well done Paramore! Love you all!

This isn't a paramore song so shouldn't be on the list

80 Stuck On You

It is a really sick melody! When you listen to this you are stuck on it. I am stuck on this song.

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