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1 Black Black Cover Art

I really don’t think this song needs much arguing to be considered Pearl Jam’s best, and it also happens to be my favorite song of all time. If you’ve been heartbroken, listen to this song. Decipher the lyrics, find the true meaning, and you will agree with me. That’s all that needs to be said.

I've seen this song misinterpreted so many times. Its about a guy who loved a girl who just didn't feel the same. She tryed to show him love in return but it wasn't real. The first of the first verse he's saying she was his inspiration and he's not inspired with out her. The canvis and clay are empty.then it tells how she didn't love him. It was just costume she was Wearing. Then he tells that he thinks she is so beautiful that the whole world revolves around her like the earth dose the sun. Then he ends the verse by saying that the main thing we near to live (air). With out her has gone bad. So he's saying he heads her to live. So the first verse is pretty much the meaning of the song. And the last verse is just what it says WHY NOT ME!

Black is by far the most emotionally powerful song I have heard. It touches your soul and your emotions flows with the beats and vocals. This song becomes the integral part of my feelings, like it is being played within my head, my head moves uncontrollably with the beats and eyes remains closed. Truly magical!

"Now I hold the broken glass, of what was everything"... Amazing. So deep, and emotional, and REAL. Makes me feel alive every time I hear it. I wish they had more songs like this.

2 Even Flow Even Flow Cover Art

Eaily one of the very best songs of all time! It's literally perfect and even my mother loves it, should definitely be number 1, but If I had to choose a song to be number 1 instead it would have to be Alive or Jeremy, not Black (My mother doesn't like Black! )

This is the true Grunge Song From Pearl Jam How on earth is this not no one

Plus if any song was going to be ahead of this one then why is it Black? Last Kiss is the only song that could be better than Even Flow.

A complete Pearl Jam song from their best album, Black is a good song but it's overrated and over-played. Awesome lyrics by Eddie with a super catchy chorus, True Grunge

This is the song that got me into the band and is still the catchiest and best song I've listened to yet.

3 Jeremy Jeremy Cover Art

"School is important to your life!" Well, just stop and think of this song. It tells you how many depressed students kill themselves at school yearly, and many friends become traumatized of their friend's death. In this song, the kid shoots himself at the end, ringing out a clear explanation.

I think this is their second best song all time behind Even Flow. The only reason is vote for Jeremy is because I thought it might go higher. Still though, even if people might disagree with the order, the top 4 song here are Pearl Jam's best song. These song are all on one album, is just unbelievable.
This is a side note but I am proud to share my birthday with Eddy Vedder. December 23 is awesome.

Such an amazingly repeatable song shouldn't be seated behind Even Flow. If you show anyone what Pearl Jam sounds like, you don't have to show them anything but this before they love the band. Represents the kind of talent that few see in the band and is so lyrically brilliant that humming it is actually painful.
Definitely their best.

"Jeremy" speaks the powerful story of Jeremy Wade Delle, a high schooler who shot himself in front of his class. I love this song for its creativity on how to speak out on suicide by saying "Jeremy spoke in class today" symbolizing that Jeremy was a quiet boy before he spoke out on himself with a gun. Beautiful song and one of Pearl Jam's best.

4 Alive Alive Cover Art

I think this should higher, the ending riff is one for the ages, and definitely one of Pearl Jam’s best. Like many other of their songs, the lyrics have a deeper meaning, and once that meaning is found, I believe the song becomes much better.

Best song, am amaze that it isn't number 1. !
Yes, rest of te song are good. But this one is too great to judge. ! One of the finest song by pearl jam, amazing vocals and guitar chorus. !

The original and still the best. The song that IS Pearl Jam. Still get goose bumps today when I hear it, just like the first time I heard it 24 years ago! Pure brilliance!

The outro is some of the best music I think has ever been made.. Seriously, other songs by them are solid, but come on, just give Alive a listen and you're sure to like it.

5 Better Man Better Man Cover Art

This song is a pure delight.. Eddies lyrics and the two parts of the song (starting easy and then evolving in the second part) that add the needed rising of tention on what the lyrics are all about... Its perefect connection between music and lyrics.. And if you see them live in interpration... This is what PJ are all about!

This is one of the greatest songs ever written. The rhythm is just magical. This song set the tone for rock in late 90s and early 00s.

This song means the world to me. Can't express it really. Listening to it right now with tears in my eyes.

Crowd sings this every time at their concerts without Vedder having to instruct them

6 Daughter Daughter Cover Art

Classic Pearl Jam in everyway. Its hard to make a list of the ten best anything, but I'm glad to see that many of their best songs are represented on this list.

Incredible vocals, great guitar part, really goes to show how amazing Pearl Jam was. Inspiration from this song is tremendous.

Fantastic tune, one of my favorite entrances of any song (the drumming in the beginning). Always sill be my favorite.

This song should be at least 5th amazing acoustic and lyrics we all know this song is the best from VS!

7 Yellow Ledbetter Yellow Ledbetter Cover Art

My god the way Mike Mcready plays the way Hendrix use too with the mumbled lyrics of Eddie. Any P.J. fan can tell you what this songs relating to but you can come up with different lyrics to make it what you want. If not #1 at least the best to listen to with you're significant other.

Their best song in my opinion. Always helps me when I'm feeling down. To me just singing along to this masterpiece seems to bring out a force that's pulling me up and back on my feet again after I've taken an ugly fall.

Don't know how some people consider this song "fun". It's a song about losing your brother in a war, but hey... Whatever floats your boat. The song is pure emotion within the guitar and vocals.

If you ask anyone anyone about this song most of them will surely mention the lyrics... The words are out of this world and brings a patriotic feeling to the song!

8 Release Release Cover Art

This song is about Eddie finding out about his real dad, and I too found out my dad was actually my stepdad all this time and that I had never actually knew my biological dad, so this song is the one song of all time that really resonates with me deep and heartfelt. But aside from any personal connection, the song is productionally a masteriece in its atmospheric building, simplistic instumental style and perfectly crafted lyrics. Release builds up to become such an amazing outburst of human feeling; a song of true words from the heart. All you have to do is listen to any live versions of this song, and you'll understand how magical it truly is, not just to Eddie and the band members, but to the audience who break out into becoming louder than Eddie himself on a microphone. Pearl Jam have a large arsenal of universally hard-hitting songs, but Release is by far their biggest bullet. An absolute gem of a creation

I understand why their most popular songs are in the top spot, but this song from Out of the Furnace is definitely my number 1. The guitar in the beginning is so magical, along with everything else...

This should be with Black, in my opinion, because this is definitely a ballad as well..

An astonishing, beautiful album closer to Ten. Despite all the brilliance elsewhere on the album, and all the much-more-famous songs, this the pinnacle. A heartbreaking exploration of Eddie's feelings for his dead father, and one of the most beautiful pieces of music in rock history.

The song I turn to when I wanna remember my father, when I wish I could have one more moment with him again, a conversation, tell him I'm sorry for being a jack ass all those years ago, I love you dad.

9 Rearviewmirror Rearviewmirror Cover Art

I can't relate to any song as much as I can this one, as iv'e lived through the pain of childhood abuse. This beautifully captures exactly how I feel and the build up in this song, is the best out of any song - ever! Towards the end it sounds like it's going to explode. Pearl Jam's #1 in my opinion.

The best songs by Pearl Jam are the songs done well live, and "Rearviewmirror" translates well on stage. It's brimming with energy and progresses to an awesome climax. Works well live, even more so than "Given to Fly".

So much emotion and energy on this song. Starts out with an amazingly catchy riff, then builds to a climax with Eddie Vedder's vocals on this song being one of his best ever.

The guitar beat is so catchy and I never get bored of this song. I've kinda gotten bored of Jeremy and Even Flow, but I still love this one. This is my favorite, followed by Animal

10 Once Once Cover Art

It is an amazing song. Beautiful bass and guitar lines, the drummer plays very strong, Eddy is a real Front man

This is the middle song of the mamason trilogy. I hope I can see them play all 3 of these together. THAT would be magical

Once, I liked 'Once'... until the intro ended and showed me what the rest of this album was going to sound like.

This song deserves a higher ranking. an amazing start to a great album, filled with emotion

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11 Corduroy Corduroy Cover Art

I just love the melody and constant up-beat tempo of the song, mixed in with the loud scream-like singing fro Eddie Vedder. Also it pretty much tells off a punch of rich pricks so, who doesn’t love that.

Ooh... Such a good song, really its fantastic I think the best from vitalogy and one of the best from Pearl Jam, the intro, the verse and chorus are fantastic, great works in the guitar and the lyrics are awesome... Corduroy its full of energy, the first time I heard it I thought it would be special and it this, excellent song long live Pearl Jam!

I LOVE Pearl Jam. But this song is easily my favorite. Eddie sings with passion and the sound of the instruments coming together easily makes this the best off their song list.

This song has absolutely everything a rock band needs to put in record: the slow and growing-powerful beggining, the vocal, the genius guitar, the outstanding vocal, and the catchy chorus.

12 Last Kiss Last Kiss Cover Art

A truly bittersweet memory that shows PJ can be as intelligent as anything out there and touches the soul unlike much of the new crap being force-fed to us. Last Kiss is as real as it gets.

That song just triggers such emotions it makes me wanna cry, it's a beautiful song that really makes you feel pain deep in your heart and even thought you also feel happiness and joy.

You can just hear the pain... The lyrics are sweet and innocent and the whole band just plays this masterpiece perfectly

Lovely song! Nice cover... Sad story! Great band! What it's even better! This songs makes you think!

13 State of Love and Trust State of Love and Trust Cover Art

Listen to the MTV Unplugged version of this, and then argue that this isn't the best Pearl Jam song. Vedder's vocals are top class, and the instrumental is extremely underrated

Listen to the MTV Unplugged or the edition of this that was on the Singles soundtrack. It's one that fills you up with whatever you need to feel.

This features such a great vocal performance from Eddie and just males you happy

Just listen to this song in accoustic version on mtv unplugged and then vote for this.

14 Why Go Why Go Cover Art

How is this song so low on the list? Most remember the more commercial songs from this album, but this song is among their best.

This is one of my top five Pearl jam songs, along with Jeremy, Black, Even flow and Alive

I hear Jeff Ammette's Girlfriend every second I listen to this song! I dono why this song is number 38!?! It must have been in top 10...

Great song on a great album

15 Nothingman Nothingman Cover Art

Deserves to be in the top 10 at least.
Great song, Vedder proves again why he's one of the better singers.

I am surprised this song is not listed in top tens! Deserves its place right up there.

The number one. Such a beautiful song

We've all Benin there!

16 Animal Animal Cover Art

Incredible live. Ridiculous energy. Not as epic as Alive but so energetic and great to head bang and just generally go wild to! Potentially my favourite Pearl Jam track! Needs to be in the top 10!

Top ten worthy. Great song. Possibly the best live PJ song, besides Alive and Evenflow.

Explicit lyrics. Five against one

Amazing. 2nd favourite after Once

17 Given to Fly Given to Fly Cover Art

Its such an inspiring song that lifts you every time you hear it. The ways Vedder builds slowly up to the chorus then lets it all go... Gets to me every time.

Amazing song!

The energy in this song is contagious. Just one of the those songs that makes you want to move. I could listen to this song, and this song only forever.

Whenever I crave an emotional escape I listen to this song. Its powerful and beautiful.

Can't believe not in the top ten, powerful song. Yield is an amazing album.

18 Leash Leash Cover Art

So happy. I definitely thought this was going to be lower. This, in my opinion, is the best song off of Vs. It has energy, good wah-wah effects. And Eddie is so energetic in this great 90's grunge song from the best band in the world.

One of the most energetic songs from pearl jam. Eddie's vocals are excelent here, it feels like he transmits the teenage spirit, the spirit of the youth. Makes you wanna jump, mosh and scream out loud!
Drop the leash, we are young!

19 Porch Porch Cover Art

The MTV Unplugged performance of this song changed everything for me when it comes to music. I was absolutely mesmerized by the passion and energy that Vedder brought to this song during that performance. That performance alone is without a doubt my all time favorite from PJ. Just phenomenal.

Come on! This song totally deserves to be in Top 10, it's my favorite song of PJ.. the Vocals are just amazing, the drums, the bass, it's perfect

So Powerful song! Lml

Why isn't this song in the top ten? What? They play it at almost every concert it's so epic!

Needs to be higher in the list. So much energy in this song! The best part is the end

20 Immortality Immortality Cover Art

I am very much enjoying this song when;
1. I need time alone
2. I feel like a chill out.
3. I feel like listening to an awesome song.

The instrumentals of this song are amazing. Pearl Jam for me is a perfect mix of protrusive messages and imminent shivers down your spine. This song is just the epitome of just that.

"A truant finds home and a wish to hold on to
But saw the trapdoor in the sun, immortality, " Some of the most amazing lyrics ever.

Amazingly deep with super haunting guitar solo. Pure genius for sure

This one took me a while to get into, but now it's one of my favorites.

21 Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town Cover Art

Very deep voice by the greatest singer of all time-Eddie vedder. He really brings power to a very dull song. A masterpiece.

First song I ever heard by Pearl Jam. Immediately fell in love from the first three seconds of this song. Just a great song.

My absolutely favorite Pearl Jam. It makes you reflect on life and reliaze how far or not you have come.

Should be in the top ten. It is one you just want to sing along with. Great lyrics.

22 Sad Sad Cover Art

Pearl Jam never should have rejected this song from Binaural. Even though it didn't really fit the style of the album, this song does not deserve to be a B-side.

Wish this was released officially, it has powerful vocals with deep meaning and still is up beat. As the song keeps going, it gets more epic

This is hands down the best Pearl Jam song

What is this song doing down here?

23 Brain of J. Brain of J. Cover Art

How is this song not #1? The chorus is amazing! I listened to this song almost 20 times the first day I heard it.

Awesome riff full of energy! This song deserves a higher position! It gives me chills just playing it

24 Insignificance Insignificance Cover Art

It got it all.

25 Grievance Grievance Cover Art

Will forever be my favorite song."for every tool they lend us
A loss of independence
I pledge my grievance to the flag
Cause you don't give blood then take it back again"

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