Top Ten Greatest Billy Joel Songs

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1 Piano Man

I'm listening to this for the second time right now. Now, I haven't heard many of Billy's magnificent songs, but after hearing this, I definitely want to. It's such a beautifully crafted piece. Totally going on my iPod.

Simply the way in which Billy Joel yells "And the piano sounds like a carnival!" The way he tails off at the end of "carnival" is just the greatest thing my ears have ever witnessed. Period.

Emotional, touching, incredible, and beautiful. One of the very few songs that has such amazing lyrics. This song is probably one of the greatest songs of the '70s.

2 Scenes from an Italian Restaurant

New York State of Mind is my favorite, but I must say Scenes is the best Billy Joel song. It is practically every Billy Joel style joined together into one song. The middle section has a perfect rhythm. But even more, did anyone realize that the beginning of that section's rich instrumental accompaniment is nothing more than drums, a basso ostinato, and piano?

This shows how good of a pianist Billy Joel is. The melody is beautifully addictive. There's no way anyone would forget it.

This is the greatest soul song of all time. Billy has six greats:

1. Scenes
2. Piano Man
3. You May Be Right
4. Only the Good Die Young
5. Vienna
6. Back in the U.S.S.R.

Scenes is special. It's the truth. It's about people who once loved each other meeting up, going through past memories, and beginning to feel like there's something there. But then they come to a realization - the realization that it can never be the same, like the title of the S.E. Hinton classic, "That Was Then, This Is Now."

It stands out from a lot of the other '80s love scenes, or at least it seems like that. I wasn't alive then, nor in the '90s. Early 2001.

3 Just the Way You Are

I love this song. I never tire of it. The music is so smooth, and the lyrics are so simple, yet so honest. They reflect what everyone wants when it comes to love: "I love you just the way you are."

Love the music, tune, lyrics, and the chordal arrangements that thread through all. And so... if the tune and lyrics are labeled great, then this definitely is a great song. Meaningful.

Everyone has faults, but if you really care about someone, you see beyond the issues and accept that person as they are.

4 We Didn't Start the Fire

Piano Man is absolutely and undoubtedly brilliant. We Didn't Start the Fire is much lighter and not nearly as deep in meaning. That said, it is a magnificent tune and a song I like so much, I would put it even before Piano Man in my personal list of top Billy Joel songs.

I like the song in concert even better than just listening. The images that flash during the song along with the words are really cool.

This should be number one because this song talks about the environment!

5 Uptown Girl

Amazing song, pure Billy Joel. I've loved it since the first time I heard it. No matter how many times you listen to it, you like it more and more!

The catchiest song ever written! My friends and I sing and dance to this song incessantly.

The first time I listened to this song was the Westlife version, and I loved it! The original only gets better! Truly a brilliant song. Love you, Uptown Girl.

6 Movin' Out

Movin' Out has one of the coolest rhythms and ostinatos of all Billy Joel songs. Also, the harmony, which is often ignored, is fun to hear. This song deserves its place right now!

There's no reason for Movin' Out to be so low on this list. The song is so accurate and easy to relate to. It's among his best. No excuse for this being outside the top five.

Movin' Out - there's a reason it was used as the name for the Broadway hit. Hard to make a top 10 list when there are more than 20 top songs.

7 Vienna

Hands down the best song Billy Joel ever wrote. I used to think I was alone in thinking this, but my daughter, now 20, is in complete agreement after pulling The Stranger out of one of my old CD sleeves.

This is my favorite Billy Joel song. It should be higher up on the list because it is very simple, has a strong message, and the song itself is really beautiful.

The intro to this song is so beautiful! The rest of the song is incredible. The lyrics are so deep and meaningful. This is his most underrated song!

8 New York State of Mind

This is my favorite Billy Joel song and has my favorite piano intro of all. There's no need to explain. See for yourself what it's like listening to this song during the pandemic. "I'm taking a Greyhound on the Hudson River Line."

It's a song that isn't fast but will get stuck in your head. This is Billy Joel's best work.

Great song. Absolutely fantastic. One of many great songs on his fourth album.

9 Only the Good Die Young

Only the Good Die Young's lyrics go two ways. Though ironically criticizing the "good," it gives the audience a second option of comprehension. People say this song is supposed to be fun because of the instrumentation, rhythm, and melody. I think not. This is clearly one of the saddest songs from Billy Joel. The piano intro suggests nothing close to "sinners are much more fun." Being in "The Stranger" album, we can understand that in every song there is more than one side or perspective.

This song is playful, rocking, and even a bit naughty! Billy Joel is always brilliant, but this song is just the most fun song he ever recorded! I'd dance to this anytime!

10 My Life

I can't believe this song is #9 on this list. This is my second favorite song and should without question be in the top five on this list, along with Movin' Out.

By far the best song on 52nd Street, which is an amazing album. Doesn't beat some stuff on The Stranger, but deserves top five at least.

This is such an amazing song! How is it below We Didn't Start the Fire?

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11 The Longest Time

I have absolutely no idea how this could possibly be so low on the list! The Longest Time is by far one of the top three best songs by Billy Joel. The song is out of this world.

The Longest Time is a great song, my favorite Billy Joel song. It takes me back to the good old days of doo-wop music. I wish they would make more songs like this.

Theme song of many people's lives, including mine! I am only 13 years old and I absolutely adore all of Billy Joel's songs! My favorite happens to be Vienna. I am truly surprised that this amazing tune was not included on the list. Only the Good Die Young is a beautiful song also. It's too hard to choose!

12 She's Always a Woman

A great all-around track with Billy showing off both his class on the piano and his great voice. Maybe not his best, but definitely a top 10 song, not 20!

This beautiful song is by far his best. "She only reveals what she wants you to see." Actually, this song is the perfect definition of a woman.

A classic Gordon Lightfoot-style tribute, this song is a true gem. Honestly, almost every Billy Joel song is a gem!

13 Miami 2017 (I've Seen the Lights Go Out on Broadway)

For a song that is about the final night of New York City's existence, Billy Joel does a marvelous job at telling the story through the intro and outro, as well as the events being mentioned. Power is turned off, the Empire State Building is demolished, churches are burned, the skyline comes down, and Manhattan is sunk into the sea.

Therefore, a concert is thrown that is trying to be stopped, yet the people just don't care.

This song is fantastic from start to finish. It vividly describes NYC's demise. Its beautiful piano part is equally pretty and sad. This is definitely one of Billy's best.

14 It's Still Rock and Roll to Me

How would you not include this song? Catchy and fun to listen to! It should be number three for sure!

The first Billy Joel song I ever heard, and also my favorite.

This was the first Billy Joel song I heard. It's a great song.

15 The Downeaster Alexa

Listen to it, brothers. It's such a great song with legendary music and awesome lyrics and drum beats that give me the chills. It reminds me of the hardship of fishermen out there on the coast.

The voice of Billy Joel is the best it's ever been in this song. Something that could go on forever and no one would ever complain.

A hauntingly beautiful song. This is my favorite of all his.

16 Captain Jack

How is Captain Jack not up at #1 or 2? This song is one of my favorite songs and it still gives me goosebumps when I listen to it.

This song, especially the live version, is incredible. One of my favorite songs of all time and even a bit better than Piano Man, in my opinion.

How this is not in the top five is astonishing. Odd subject, but probably my favorite of his songs.

17 You May Be Right

Why's this so low? By far his greatest, easy to dance to, Billy Joel's vocals are perfect for the style, it's just fantastic.

One of his best straight-up rock songs. Glass Houses proved he could rock just as hard as the Stones, Zeppelin, etc.

I like his punk rock and roll album, "Glass Houses." The second or third best song on "Glass Houses" is "You May Be Right."

18 Tell Her About It

It's simply amazing, telling a young man love advice. It is overall a great song and my personal favorite of his.

One of the best songs, lyrically speaking.

Simply a great song. Like amazing.

19 And So It Goes

This is, and always shall be, Billy Joel's most underrated song. You don't hear it much, but it is such a heartfelt, smooth ballad that is completely unlike anything else that Billy Joel ever wrote. Definitely Top Ten.

I can't believe this wasn't on here! This is my favorite Billy Joel song by far. Even after I've heard it dozens of times, it still makes me cry.

Great song. Indeed underrated. When you truly love someone, you'll understand these words.

20 Honesty

Honesty, in my opinion, sounds almost exactly like Vienna to me, but I think I like it better than Vienna. I like the tender, soft tone toward the beginning and the transition to the grittier, more tense tone as the song progresses. Really good song.

"When I'm deep inside of me I know, I know that 'Honesty' is the best song..."

It's a really touching song. The first time I heard it, I cried.

21 Summer, Highland Falls

I think this is the best piano arrangement on any Billy Joel song. You could write any upbeat ballad using this piano part. Such a great song.

Billy's personal favorite and just a great, beautiful song. His piano work in this song exceeds anything else he has created.

Beautiful song. I listen to it every day and never get tired of it!

22 Big Shot

How is this not up there already? I feel like everyone could relate to this song in some way.

Surprising this isn't top ten. Great song.

23 The Stranger

Absolutely beautiful intro. It also turns out that the rest of the song is awesome as well. Extremely catchy and has a great beat, as well as some pretty insightful lyrics.

Most classic Billy Joel rock song, I guess? One of the best lyrics I've ever read because it's so true, yet nobody mentions it.

Awesome song by Billy Joel. It has an amazing fast-paced tempo. I think it should at least be in the top ten.

24 This is the Time

This is such an awesome and magical song! I can't believe it's not on the list!

I love this song so much. I want this to be my wedding song!

25 Keeping the Faith

Maybe the youth today just don't get it or even appreciate Billy Joel's roots.

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