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41 Glorified G Glorified G

The most underrated Pearl Jam song, this song has everything:
Awesome lyrics
Awesome Riff
Awesome Vocals - Quemero

42 Love Boat Captain Love Boat Captain

So powerful in a gentle subtle way, just like a woman

Really catchy song with tragic meaning

Best Pearl Jam song by a mile!

Great song

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43 Footsteps Footsteps

There can be no more passionate song

44 The Fixer The Fixer

great song! it should be at the top 5 minimum! my favorite pearl jam song! great lyrics and the guitar sounds just awesome!

This is by far the best Pearl Jam song ever. It has one of the best guitar solos of all time and really great lyrics. It should be in top ten

My favourite Pearl Jam song has so much energy and rhythm with all the features bringing this piece together!

Great guitars, amazing lyrics overall a terrific song. A top 10 for sure

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45 Unthought Known Unthought Known

The Lyrics, The Rising Sensation Rhythm, The drum beat, And Eddie Vedder's voice in this song. For me this is definitely Top 1.

Feel the sky blanket you, with gems and rhinestones, see the path cut by the moon for you to walk on.
Those lyrics in itself explain why this is my #4 favorite pearl jam song and should be way higher. - Songsta41

This song definitely enters top five for me.
Great songs.
AWESOME lyrics.

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46 Satan's Bed Satan's Bed
47 Parachutes Parachutes

Perfect blend of progressive rock and melancholy. I'm surprised it's down here vote man.

48 Present Tense Present Tense

One of the most beautiful songs Pearl Jam has ever written, starts of with a really simplistic beginning and builds from there: a hidden gem on an under appreciated album

This really needs to be higher. It's a beautiful track that only true fans know, and if you don't know it, listen right away. - Songsta41

This is too important of a song. True PJ fans know that its coupling of Mike's expert guitar work and Ed's seemingly peerless lyricism/vocals make this share of greatness arguably their best song of all time.

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49 Red Mosquito Red Mosquito
50 Wishlist Wishlist

Can't believe this song is in bottom of list. Come on people this song deserves to be in top 5. Lets vote for this song.

Next to "Release" this is the best Pearl Jam song period!

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51 Green Disease Green Disease V 1 Comment
52 Of the Girl Of the Girl

This is surely one of my favorite song. Surprised to see it at 50. This list ain't good.

My favorite PJ song, I love the feel of this song. Mike's guitar is fantastic.

53 Hail, Hail Hail, Hail

WHAT? How can this song not be higher ranked? Just because its from one of their lesser known albums doesn't mean it's not their BEST SONG. Maybe people just haven't heard it? To think its lower ranked than crap like Blood... That's just sad. Grow up, people

Hail, Hail is an upbeat, catchy song that shouldn't be forgotten.

Not a top 10 by any means, but sitting currently at 76? Nah, nah, nah... Gots to be higher than that-

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54 Deep Deep

Deep is perhaps the most unknown Ten track, but it is empowering and Eddie Vedder shows some serious range in Deep.

How is this #72? This song is classic!
I can see Eddie flailing around stage every time it listen to it.

Even though it's a lesser track from Ten, it's on My Top 50 Songs of All Time. - Songsta41

55 I Am Mine I Am Mine

Beautiful Song, one of the best lyrics.. Deserves to be in top 5

How is this not top 20 at least? What is wrong with people!?

Best song. Or the unrated, of you guess

Greatest song by Pearl Jam

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56 Unemployable Unemployable
57 Long Road Long Road

Best song Eddie has ever written. The drumming of Jack Irons brilliant. The slow build up to the lyric "and the wing keeps roaring, and the sky keeps turning grey. And the sun is setting, the sun will rise another day." And then Eddie's desperate cry from his soul. Heartbreaking.

This is my favorite PJ Song, it's so beautiful and it help me in hard times. God bless them for give comfort to all the people through their music.

58 Master/Slave

The end of "Release"? What's so special about this? - Songsta41

59 Around the Bend Around the Bend

I honestly love this song! Why the hell wasn't it here yet?!

60 Smile Smile

A good grunge example. Catchy riffs, good solo, 'I miss you alreddie-hee-hea' part makes you sing.

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