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1 Give Me Everything

WoW... what an amazing song. music, lyrics everything perfect, can't stop your feet tapping, Best one by pitbull, vote for it guys

Should be number 1 its great amazing
Beats are great and pitbull never heard much better and neyo amazing vote it number 1

No doubt this song is the best of pitbull powerful ; amazing ; party song >>> really this is the best of pitbull
& NE-YO he too do his best >> nice song

I love Pitbull's songs. They are truely amazing. Since I have the hungama music app, I have made a playlist of his songs though even they have it. I love "Hey Ma" ( It's such an amazing dance number

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2 International Love

I just love this song first time I heard this I was just murmuring this song whole day you just can't take out this song from your head. The lyrics and music of this song - I just love them. Also I like this song more than 'give me everything'. Pitbull n Chris rocks

The combination between Pitbull and Chris Brown is just simply to die for. Chris Brown does a great job in the chorus and of course what else do you expect out of Pitbull he's A LEGEND! This should be number 1.

I love Pitbull's songs, and International Love is the best song I've ever heard after Give Me Everything. I love it's beat, lyrics, and also the video clip of course. When I type this comment, I played this song too. I think I'm fall in International Love!

Easily his best song Down like NYC! Wild like Los Angeles! This song is the best one he has made. Chris' part might have something to do with that.

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3 Rain Over Me

Best song ever in the galaxy by pitbull the songs is the best song of pitbull
It is best than any singer in the galaxy after give me everything tonight I will not love you tonight for all we know me might not get tomorrow so let it rain over me

Best song... Hands up
Pitbull you rock... Sir keep it up...
Love your songs... Let it rain over me...!
I was playing with her she was playing with... And the next thing you know we were playing with 3...! Love this song

Pitbull's combination with Marc Anthony is something to die for... Nothing beats this song at least on this planet...

Best dance song ever. It electrifies me totally!

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4 DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love

This song is so damn catchy. I love Ushers voice with Pitbull because it is a PERFECT mix! Usher and his very catchy chorus and Pitbull with his awesome rap. It really should be in the top 3!

The Best song by usher,
If pitbull's Spanish removed from the song it could be just perfect and would deserve the top spot on both the lists

Anyways the best song by both of them
Can hear it a 100 times - shouryat2b

It should be at 5 at least because much better than 8 this is just unfair awesome song why so low and awesome combination of usher and pitbull it has so catchy quality

Nice song I ever heard from pittbull

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5 I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)

Amazing song really catchy probally one of his best songs ever! Really everything is perfect

No word to appreciate this song,.. Superb. Pitbull your always rock... Like this song... Video it just an amazing.. Superb song created by two super stars...

Amazing song and I love video lot. Girls are awesome!. Pitbull rap and music grt

I like the song

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6 On the Floor

What a great song... It must be number 1
The dance of janifer is just awesome... And the choreography of the song is unbelievable... Pit bull is as usual looking dashing.

What a great song... It must be number 1
The dance of Jennifer is just awesome... And the choreography of the song is unbelievable... Pit bull is as usual looking dashing.
It should be at number 1 I guess it is the best collaboration I've ever heard. JLo Pitbull= Rock

I think it should be number 1... Especially j lo.
I personally think the refrain is really good. The song really is good. Love pitbull


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7 Hotel Room Service

I like this song It should be no. 01

This song is far better than most of his other songs, and the lyrics are more appealing than other songs. This song has the potential of being No. 1. Give me everything is a great song, but the lyrics are too dull.

Very rocking song its music is one of the most famous theme sound in the world I

Catchy song

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8 I Like It

Enrique you are always rocking man he is unbelievable with girls I love to live his life always he is the man he always rocks he made it

Enrique is good but I feel that he used a little too much auto-tune in this one, but thankfully Pitbull was in it and now I really like it. It seems that anything Pitbull does turns into gold!

Hey it's a very good song and every one must listen it Enrique really rocks in the song and he steals every ones heart

It's a catchy song but the message is so messed up. - DaWyteNight

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9 Feel This Moment

Pitbull (Feel this moment)

Great song..
Pitbull & christina are excellent...
Good music...

Oh man once you listen to this song you wouldn't want to listen to any other song for a long time, the voice of christina aguilera and the awesome rap of pitbull is a great combo


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10 Timber

Your going down, I'm going timber, you gotta move, you gonna dance - Girly

You wouldn't forget TIMBER

Ke$ha voice damn nice!

Whenever I hear this song, I felt like It should be the theme song for My Little Pony - Neonco31

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11 Don't Stop the Party


Amazing song. So energetic! Love Pitbull

Yes the song will NOT STOP THE PARTY!

Anytime I have lead in my ass I crack open a monster and jam this song---- then things start happening.

12 Hey Baby (Drop It to the Floor)

This used to be in top 5, its perfect place. One of the best song. Lots of injustice done to this song.

I just love this song.. The flow, the rhythm, the beats and the lyrics are just so awesome!


This song is awesome

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13 Back in Time

Awesome new song its just so addictive quick vote to make it at least number 5 this song is just awesome like pitbull

Whoa so nice song must be at least top ten please guys vote it! So great song it is mib 3! Whoa! Please what a nice song!

Superb song and is very very catchy. The video clip came out today and it is just incredible. Definitely number 1 material.

Where is Timber? Timber should be number one

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14 Shut It Down

Awesome song. Akon is great with his great voice. The chorus is good with pitbull's scool hip-house rap.

Love this tune, love all of Pitbull's music... This coming form a 59 year old white man... Jim

This song is full of energy. The combination of Spanish Rap and Akon's hot voice is fabulous!


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15 Shake Senora

I love this song because it will make you MOVE and I adore the chorus because it is just AWESOME! This is one of my favorite songs of 2011 so please do everyone a favor and vote for this song I LOVE PITBULL, SEAN PAUL AND T-PAIN! O YEAH!

This is such a cool and very catchy song by Pitbull. It seems that every song he makes is a success because they are so damn good! I love T Pain in this song and of course it wouldn't be perfect without the legendary Pitbull singing the killer versus. He is such a talent and easily the best artist of 2011

The best song ever! It is EXTREMELY catchy and AMAZING! Pitbull is just awesome and always makes great songs. I also love Sean Paul and T-Pain in this song they are GREAT!

Awesome song by pitbull

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16 Wild Wild Love

I have been listening to this nonstop

I fallin' in love

17 Dance Again

Deserves position no. 4

Really nice song when I hear this song I really enjoy this song

One of the best songs in the world of music!

The best after fireball

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18 Get It Started

Best song by pitbull no doubt!

This song is totally epic.
Can't believe it's not in top 10 :(
Pitbull and shakira's dedaly combination is totally epic.
Come on guys vote for this song!

Good song... Pleasure 2 listen shakiras new song after "SUN COMES OUT" love Shakira!

I love Shakiras Vocals

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19 Culo

Yo this is by far the best pitbull song! It is one of his first! I used to listen to it when I was a little girl and new the whole song! Its such a fun and upbeat song:) keep votin!

This what got pitbull on the radar

20 Exotic

Wow...Awesome Song..Priyanka Pitbull perfect sOng..I Am INdian..And Love This Song Top The Charts...!

Mind blowing! Love you

I did not listn this song. Hope it is food. Because I'm an Indian.. I support priyanka!

Mindblowing song... Love you priyanka...
I think this shall be in 2nd number.
For me...
1)Rain over me

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21 Fireball

Our least favorite Pitbull song, but we won't insult Pitbull & John Ryan's talent although this song sounds like modern gaming music.

Love it I can listen to it once and I will sing it the rest of the day... "Fireball"

WHAT. THE. HECK. Why is this NOT number one? This is one of the most catchy songs EVER. - CatCode

fun beat

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22 The Anthem

This is best anthem I've ever heard

Cool song pitbull and lil jon have done a dashing song! Hats off to pitbull

Man it's catchy and funny

Mami el negro esta rabioso

23 Bon, Bon

Shocked to see this one as his 43rd best... Its ok 'bon bon', people are creul nowadays

Best video song ever...

Best ever loved it xx

24 Across the World

Come on, 13! This Must go all way long and hold the crown! Best pitbull songs ever ^^, amazing background muzik and, the lyrics! Awesome!

Pitbull & B.O. B tried to make some music, & that's what they came up with.

25 Secret Admirer
26 I Know You Want Me

This song is awesome!

27 Time of Our Lives

Such an energetic and amazing song. I love it!

Haha it's a sick song even for someone who thinks Pitbull is crap.

This is a really good song.which was featured by ne yo.

28 Go Girl
29 305 Anthem

Hands down the best. This song should get anyone pumped up for any kind of activity, working out, or a game.

30 Times of Our Lives

Pitbull and Ne yo means fire

This song is the best!

Vote this song! please!

31 Celebrate

No wonder its used in a Penguins film... its AWESOME!

32 Krazy

Awesome song makes me wanna go krazy on the dancefloor!

I like your songs very much

Pitbull's most lovable song

33 Mmm Yeah

This is 100! 100 & every song above is awesome! Austin Mahone is funny by the way.

34 Where Do We Go
35 We Run the Night

How Could no one vote for this song? Good Song For Clubbing same as like Give me everything tonight. And, I like Havana Brown. She can sing, Dance, and DJ also. Pitbull make this song even better *4thumbsup*

Hey readers I think you didn't heard this song it's amazing go now and download it then listen to it and make sure you'll love it I can't believe it's 19th (-_-)

Nice song great lyrics incredible music just hear this song guys! You guys will chng your mind this must be @ the top 10 if not 3!

I like this song very much

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36 Mr. Worldwide

In most of the songs he has used it

Excellent. Short but 1'st listed song.

37 Candyman
38 I Like How It Feels

Wow... enrique's lyrics was incredible and the Beats. but why it is in this position it should be in top 10?

Listen to this once N I m sure you will vote for it.

39 Watagatapitusberry
40 Live It Up

Great song! Also the song had many awards. So guess how nice it is?!

Oh Mine! It's at 21st place! I've lost faith in humanity... ! It's awesome guys! What happened to you!

41 We Are One

Fantastic song for FIFA..

My one of the favourite one. This is really hot...

The Official FIFA 14 Song... Best ever by Mr.305. Should be in top 5... Vote for it giys

42 Can't Stop Me Now
43 Rabiosa

It's so good you can't stop dancin

Its a cool songs both version...

We will all be cultural all the time.

Best combination

44 Daddy's Little Girl
45 Pause

It is a great song and very addicting please vote for it and make it reach at least no.16

46 Fun

You know it, Pitbull + Chris Brown = greatness.

RIP Quagmire LMAO

47 Took My Love

My first song here by pitbull ever, super composition, I love this song so much, love you pitbull

One of his best songs... The music suits the song...

Awesome song... all time hit... groove it

This song really took my love
It's so beautiful on the chorus and Pitbull's rapping is as breathtaking as always
Should be in the top ten!

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48 Tchu Tchu Tchu

Come on it has to be the most fun- upbeat song we've ever heard. I was so surprised when I didn't find it on the list! It is amazing and should deserve more!

Best song ever. Just listen to it once

Best duet song of pitbull ft. Enrique awesome. Please hear and vote for this.

You all are Misytaken... Deserves position below 10

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49 Suavemente

This song is so amazing! Great track anywhere! One of pit's best songs! You are amazing pitbull keep it up!

Best song ever sir! You my favorite artist

Must hear and you'll vote

Groovy rhythm must be in top 15 at least

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50 I'm All Yours

Very Cool Music., I like it, it should be on top 10, jay sean:he did his best and pitbull either

It's my best song

It's the best song... I think it should b up in the list... Absolutely rthymic... And d best R&B of pitbull... I'm all yours 2nite... I got a feeling that I can't deny.. Evrything about you gets me high... I ll keep it for d rest of my Life.. I'm all yours... Just like jay sean's someone has got him high... Dis song to gets me high... Vote it people!

Damn its god one

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