Top 10 Best P.O.D. Songs

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1 Youth of the Nation Youth of the Nation Cover Art

The structure, the lyric (the message), the melody and the history behind this song are just amazingly wow!
And not to forget about the video clip!
So all in all 100/10!

Who would've thought a random event would inspire such a work of art? Amazing composition and deep lyrics that synergize into a masterpiece.

Amazing and powerful message... Everything about this song is so great, I love it. It really makes me feel.

Powerful song full of emotion. As much as I love P.O.D's other tracks, this one is best for me.

2 Alive Alive Cover Art

Best song! Nice rock! Nice drums rolls! And nice praise to God, a really worship!

Amazing how it got released on the same day as 9/11.

This song has the best drumming so far.

It's just the best

3 Southtown Southtown Cover Art

The best of the best song I've ever heard!

Pod forever..I love all the songs of pod.

4 Boom Boom Cover Art

There really isn't much that needs to be said... Just BOOM! This song pumps me up every time I hear it, and to me it's the defining song from P.O.D. I love it, and it never gets old.

It's their best song hands down. The rest don't even come close to this one, it's badass

Very good song I finish it then want to listen to it again! All around good song

Must be NUMBER 1! It's the only famous song of this group in the Canada here because others are meh

5 School of Hard Knocks School of Hard Knocks Cover Art

Frenzied energy, in-your-face drop d riffs, this song did it for me. Just can't stop listening to it

6 Addicted

Strong words against our enemy. "Liar! You are a liar! " A song of fighting and bravery. A calling to Truth and Action in our own lives.

I just love this one... Cool song... Awesome bridge part! Should be in top 10 according to me!

I'm addicted to that song!

A Very brave song

7 Going In Blind Going In Blind Cover Art

I find the emotion contained in this song so very pertinent to our own lives. The song is so very original. It really made me believe in POD!

I like the lyrics of the song, the tune is a little overwhelming

8 Rock the Party (Off the Hook) Rock the Party (Off the Hook) Cover Art

This song has a great beat and great bass. It just sounds crushing compared to some other P.O.D. songs

9 Goodbye for Now Goodbye for Now Cover Art

I love this song so much. I'm listening to it right now actually. Its amazing, that's that!

I also agree this should be in the top ten sogs, it sends a message to the wolrd, like Youth of the Nation did.

One of the coolest songs does anyone know it was Katy perry's voice in the end?

The best song ever...

10 Set It Off Set It Off Cover Art

This truly is an EPIC song and for those who disagree with me, there is a remix version of the song that gives the original a major point boost. Rock on P.O. D!

This is an underrated song... One of the best from P.O.D.. Listen & Vote up guys

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11 Roots in Stereo Roots in Stereo Cover Art

Best new metal song ever. Thing is, when it comes to quality and some musicality level, you'll always count on P.O.D. because these guys are pure gold.
G.O.D. S

12 Will You Will You Cover Art

So much raw emotion in this song. Perfect for working out!

The best of P.O.D. 's latter era catalogue.

13 The Messenjah The Messenjah Cover Art
14 Sleeping Awake Sleeping Awake Cover Art

The melody in this song is beautiful and it was made for the movie the matrix. You really get the emotion that is felt by Neo in this song. So I think it was a absolute success.

Best song that P.O. D made espectically when it was played in one of the Matrix movies!

How is it so down? This is their best.

It's a good song, usuall P.O.D's theme and tune, nothing can go wrong with this one

15 Satellite Satellite Cover Art

Best P.O.D. track. If you don't know this, you must listen and you will change your mind instantly!

Deserves to be in the top 10, simply amazing song.

16 Asthma Asthma Cover Art
17 Live and Die Live and Die Cover Art
18 Beautiful Beautiful Cover Art

This song intends to explain how life is beautiful to the people who have lost their confidence to live everyday. "Hey life is Beautiful, Its all gonna be okay"

This may be there new stuff, but it's my favorite by them, it's a lot different from their older mysic and this music touches me. MY FAVORITE!

BY FAR they're best song. Not even a competition. No idea how it's this low.

There most power full message in song so far.

19 Ridiculous Ridiculous Cover Art
20 Execute the Sounds Execute the Sounds Cover Art

Gives a western vibe with amazing guitar sounds, my first viewed P.O.D songs which made me to explore more about this amazing band, this song is a masterpiece

I don't know how this song isn't in the top 10.. that's just one their masterpiece

Such a chill song, reggae rap rock at its best.

21 Lost in Forever

This song deserves to be in the Top Ten. After all, it's a very catchy song and the chrous is brilliant.

I like this one

22 Murdered Love Murdered Love Cover Art

Love it! Is that a Cowbell towards the end? Great jam!

One of the best songs I've ever heard. It's amazing.

23 On Fire
24 Higher Higher Cover Art

This has some awesome rapping from sonny. It's amazing. The chorus is also really cool.

Epic chorus and harmony on last one.

This is the best song P.O.D. ever made!

Awesome melody and soul lifting!

25 Hollywood Hollywood Cover Art

I honestly thought this song was going to be on their greatest hits album... Definitely deserves top 20 at least.

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