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81 The Power of Love - Celine Dion
82 Blue Bayou - Linda Ronstadt

A vocal masterpiece. Don't think anyone on this list could pull this off -especially live - Linda singing is heaven on earth.

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83 I Don't Believe You - P!nk
84 Littlest Things - Lily Allen
85 Bad Day - Justin Bieber
86 Wrecking Ball - Miley Cyrus

This heart tugging song is just amazing from the jumpy yet emotional verses to the heavy anthem-like chorus the song is just awesome! - pauldoyle

This song is just beautiful heart tugging emotional heartfelt. from the awesome jumpy verses to the anthem-like chorus its just amazing - pauldoyle

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87 I'm With You - Avril Lavigne

The best ballad ever written was not on this list? Says a lot about the credibility of this "top ten"site. This song is definitely the real number 1 best ballad ever. I love Avril Lavigne. - Anggun

88 Clean - Taylor Swift

This is actually my favorite song in her album '1989'. When I first heard it, I was already captured by how she (and Imogen Heap) wrote the whole song. The lyrics are deep and the choice of words will you to listen and understand - or know, rather- the story behind it.

Give it a listen... And then you'll know!

89 Paper Hearts - Tori Kelly

This song is definitely under-rated.

90 Can't Help Falling In Love - Elvis
91 4 In The Morning - Gwen Stefani
92 California - Belinda Carlisle
93 One More Night - Sandra

A cute voice always should be number one. Sandra has the cute voice especially in one more night.

94 Have You Ever Been In Love - Celine Dion
95 I'm Your Angel - Celine Dion
96 The Scientist - Coldplay

Jam ( preferred to be strawberry)

97 Who Knew - Pink
98 Story of My Life - One Direction V 3 Comments
99 Make Me Pure - Robbie Williams
100 Love Story - Taylor Swift

This is a really relatable song to many of the teenagers out there whose parents don't agree to the man-of-their-choice. Or those out there whose friends keep on telling them not to like a certain people or as the song goes 'Romeo, save me they're tryin to tell me how to feel'. The lyrics are meaningful and though the characters' names are inspired by Romeo and Juliet, it was given by Swift a happy ending.

This song is so cute, and so's the music video. if you haven't already, WATCH IT ON YouTube!

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