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1 Episode 12 - My Very Best Friend

I was so sad that Madoka became a concept after being granted her wish, but she knew it was for the better of the universe

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2 Episode 10 - I Won't Rely On Anyone Anymore

It explains everything! And it does it so well!

At first I had no clue what was going on. Then it all made sense and it explained Homura's relationship with Madoka. It was a sad, but excellent episode.

This is the episode that has made Homura such a brilliant character. Her character development is awesome. - Goku02

3 Episode 11 - The Only Thing I Have Left To Guide Me

Homura is revealed in this one! such a good ep!

4 Episode 8 - I Was Stupid, So Stupid

I don't.. Know just like this one it sad

5 Episode 9 - I'd Never Allow That To Happen

I love this episode because it's just super sad.

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6 Episode 3 - I'm Not Afraid of Anything Anymore

It has such a perfect twist that affects the characters the rest of the series.

7 Episode 5 - There's No Way I'll Ever Regret It
8 Episode 6 - This Just Can't Be Right
9 Episode 7 - Can You Face Your True Feelings?
10 Episode 4 - Miracles and Magic Are Real

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11 Episode 1 - I First Met Her in a Dream, or Something...

Even that most people probably didn't liked episode 1 due to the "troll the audience" thing, It's quiet nice - MLPFan

12 Episode 2 - That Would Be Truly Wonderful
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