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Too many amazing knockout songs the likes of which include Du Hast, Buck Dich, Tier, Eifersucht, Kuss Much, Engel, Spiel Mit Mir, Bestrafe Mich, and Sehnsucht. The only album from Rammstein where I can say I love that many songs. The remainder of the albums only had one or two good songs and the rest were relaxing remedies or lame soothing sounds. This is the only Rammstein album that not only defines Rammstein but sets the standards and redefines the industrial metal genre. No album comes close to surpassing this German pulse-pounding, head-smashing, climax-riddled motor music masterpiece.

Above comment is mine. I didn't log in when posting. Additionally, Alter Mann is the only song I did not enjoy on the album even though I don't hate it. This is truly the greatest triumph of Rammstein both by vocals and melodically; it holds all the powerhouse riffs unlike any other and as an overall composition. - PrinceZarbon

This album had the funkiest, danciest feel! Engel is a classic and you can't say that du hast isn't great!

This is rammstein at their best moment. come on, Reise Reise is a little boring after the 3 excelent albums. This should be higher

The quintessential Rammstein album


I love all their albums, but I have to admit, every other album (mostly), has some fillers. "Mutter" is solid gold in my humble opinion, every track is just superb. It also contains my favorite Rammstein track "Feur Frei", simply superb.

Only songs I love on this album are Ich Will, Mutter, & Nebel. I like Spieluhr, Adios, & Mein Herz Brennt. But that's about it. Can toss the rest. I also hate Sonne and think it is highly overrated and non-memorable compared to the Rammstein library of amazing music.

This album only contains songs that are brilliant, some are even better than just brilliant. When I listen to one song I want to listen to all of the 10 other songs as well, this album is simply that good, from start to finish. Best album of Rammstein hands down!

The best album ever, everyone, who's fan of Rammstein or not, should listen at least one time the entire album. Absolutely astonishing!


My favorite album. took me some time to like it but now that I do it's pretty much the only album I listen to. might be because I prefer their romantic poetic songs rather than songs about eating human flesh. this album belongs in the top 3.

This album is the most atmospheric of all the Rammstein stuff. Super underrated.

Very under appreciated, has some of their best songs, not that I dislike the other albums but this is a cracking album.

Only songs I love on this album are Rosenrot, Mann Gegen Mann, Benzin, & Spring. Can toss the rest.

Reise, Reise

Many say "Mutter" is the best album because of all the hits, and I agree: The album is brilliant with lots of hits! But personally, and musically, I prefer Reise, Reise because of its variation of heavy songs like Mein Teil and Morgenstern and softer love songs like "Ohne Dich" and "Amour". My favourite Rammstein album!

The only songs I like on this album are Amerika, Stein Um Stein, Amour, Morgenstern, & Moskau. Can toss the rest.

There are excellent songs like Amerika, Reise Reise, Ohne Dich, Keine Lust, Mein Teil. Why isn't it at the 1st place?

Fantastic atmosphere, lyrics and music. Great mix of heavy and soft songs. My personal favorite.


This was before they went into more pop sounding stuff. This is a pure metal record. If you read the lyrics, it's some of the most angry and disturbing stuff ever written. The album is insanely heavy, my favorite for sure. No hits, just awesome music.

This by far the best album. also it is the album that got them noticed. So why the hell is it not on the top spot

I have to agree with the first comment, but the fun thing is Till doesn't write about his own opinion. The lyrics always contain a story.

I agree with the first comment, this album has insanely heavy songs, pure metal but not eating the mic metal. I listen to Rammstein on Shuffle and can always point out the songs in this album.

Liebe Ist Fur Alle da

The most consistent album in my opinion. They really outdid themselves on this one. Didn't expect it to be so impressive.

Simply the best one. Every song is unique and creative.

For me this is the best, followed with reise reise.

I love liebe ist fur alle the


Brilliant album but not the best. The best songs from It are: Puppe, Radio, Deutschland, Zeig Dich and Tattoo

I'm only guy in the world who doesn't like the album

The only songs I like on this album are Puppe, Sex, Ausländer, & Zeig Dich. Can toss the rest.

Made in Germany: 1995-2011

Awesome Album has old classic that made Rammstein GREAT and still Awesome TODAY

Best intro to the ramming stone

Has got all the classics, like my favorite "lincs 2-3-4"

Du hast is so great

Live aus Berlin

Best live rammstein


Volkerball is awesome! The track list is much better than Made in Germany. Every Rammstein fan has to get this Album!

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Rammstein In Amerika

The songs they performed on that concert were just the perfect choice for such an occasion, additionally, they were perfectly played!

Paris (Live)
Dem Regen

This isn't even a rammstein album its just a thing some idiot made with some rammstein songs and with other songs from different German bands in it

Rare Tracks: 1994-2012
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