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This is a List for the Top Ten best Rammstein songs Ever.

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1 Sonne

Defiantly my favorite, this is what Industrial metal is to me. It has many different meanings and interpretations all interesting in their own way, and it just sounds great!
Runners up for me are basically second equal and they are Mein Teil, Ich Will, Mein Herz Brennt and Engel. (in no particular order) :)

Sonne and mutter are the greatest songs from rammstein. It's amazing how they combine vocals with electronic guitars. Rammstein is one of my favourite bands alongside AC/DC and Children of Bodom. But links 2-3-4 should be in top 10 too

This is their best song, it's got awesome and heavy riffs, great chorus, really badass bridges and VERY clever lyrics. Overall it's just a masterpiece and a work of art in the metal genre.

Lot better than anything on the radio.

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2 Du Hast

First rammstein song I ever heard, and my favorite. - dragon13304

dude, yes! this song is so freaking epic. DU HAST! LISTEN TO THIS SONG YOU WILL FREAK OUT FOR THE WORLD OF METAL!

Amazing Live (Knebworth - 2010) and it really gets the crowd moving.


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3 Mein Herz brennt

Offering perhaps one of the greatest instrumentals found in the genre, Mein Herz Brent is a true masterpiece, from the chillingly suspenseful narrative expressed through its lyrics to the infectious nature of its tune, this is undoubtedly a perfect example of the prolific capability or Rammstein

This song is amazing! I don't remember how many times I've heard it, but it never fails to amuse me. Its a fantastic song.
Perfect transition from metal to the soft guitar reef in the end. Mind blowing!
The last bit will blow you away, I can swear

This was the first song I heard, that was before I started to listen to Rammstein. I thought it was AMAZING, it was one of my favourite songs. It still gives me goosebumps!

Gave me the most goosebumps out of all my concert trips.

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4 Ich will

This song has to be in the top 3 an amazing rammstein song infact this song should be the number 1 song it represents the great heavy metal that rammstein is

Anthem. The rising power electrifies the listener. The song evolves as the band dares to include various styles. It all works together.

Amazing Song, Impossible Not To Rock Along To It, Makes You Wanna HeadBang Until Your Head Comes Off.

legend - asliayk

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5 Ich Tu Dir Weh

I don't speak German... Maybe that is why I love this song even more than I should, but it is just amazing. The tune, the resonance in Till's voice,... The chorus makes me squirm in my panties. LOVE!

this song is plain brilliant. its sad that it isn't in the top 10. the bass is divine, and so is the tune. Ich tu dir weh is equally awesome. du hast is good, but not better than these.

Are you serious, this should be a lot higher up. Ich Tu Dir Weh is the new sound of Rammstein, such a great song.

I always find myself going back to this one on YouTube.

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6 Mein Teil

The Lyrics are so crazy and that makes this song different to other bands and it is much crazier than many other songs by rammstein

Rammstein has so many great songs, I think making a list is impossible, but Mein Teil definitely deserves to be at least in the top 5.

Although I don't like very much the video, the song is great
This one, Feuer Frei and Amerika should be the top three! - rock2metal

One of the heaviest if not the heaviest track the rammstein library has to offer, it's a draw between Zwitter and mein teil in my opinion. - cpjl03

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7 Rosenrot

I'd put this up to number one. This can't be below 5...

Such amazing power and harmony at the same time...

The song that got me into Rammstein, STILL currently in love with the song... - MeowMix

This song is amazing, the one that got me into Rammstein. Not exactly the first one I heard, but the first one I downloaded.

I'm surprised this isn't higher, the song is brilliant and the video is awesome!

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8 Engel

I Love this song, amazing lyrics and powerful, intense music. Should be in the top 5

The music is awesome. Bobo's voice is heavenly! I hear the song repeatedly for the whistling alone.

Oh, that whistle's got me learning to whistle after years and years! *. *
And ohh, Till, you sexy thing.

Awesome for driving

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9 Feuer frei

I am goin mad listening to the song... freakin awesome...


This song is amazing great job from the keyboard and th singer way better than du hast.. At least it is not repetitive

So good even Sabaton covered it.

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10 Reise, Reise

The energy in the guitar riffs in the song coupled with Till's voice take this song to a different level altogether. My favorite Rammstein song. Can listen to this on loop

Reise, Reise is an awesome song. Sounds great and the meaning of it is so amazingly chilling. Especially when your dad wants to be a fisherman.

reise reise seems like it hase many different meanings, and this is def. the best song by rammstein

My favorite song ever

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11 Mutter

Rammstein has and continues to be one of my favorite bands of all time and thus song is my personal favorite and one of their best. Mutter is probably their most touching song and yet tragic. This song is just so powerful it can make people cry. As a kid I didn't understand any German at all but I didn't need any translation when I heard the word "mutter". Perhaps the most simple yet powerful word in our language. It's the first German word I learned and it still gets me every time I listen to this song.

Love the band, love the song, Rammstein for live!

This is such an amazing song by a great band with a crazy good catalog. Rammstein are incredible live too and if you haven't seen them for yourself, there live stage performance is definitely an experience I highly recommend seeing.

Their best song, according to me. But it was hard to decide : all their songs are wonderful.

Oh, come on! At least it's one of the best. And yes, I know the lyrics. It does not make it worse at all. Still beautiful and powerful music. The best, in my humble opinion.

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12 Keine Lust

It is most certainly my favorite Rammstein song and probably always will be. It's brilliant so headbang to and if you know the words, great to sing as well. O bloody adore this song. It deserves a lot higher than 11th place.

The way this song is performed is spectacular, but then with the video, its originality really makes it spectacular, should be in the top Five no doubt.

Keine lust is the best rammstein song... For a rammstein fan that is... For non rammstein fans is the popular songs before it in the list...

Best way to play the guitar so loud! m/, nice lyrics, great video and perfect for a mosh pit

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13 Du riechst so gut

Is a very powerful song I am told, by my Co-Rammers m/ m/.
Album-Herzelied -

I'm a huge fan of Rammstein. I love all his songs but none caught my attention like this music video. so inspiring, I loved this one the most. But its tied with: ich will, mutter, mein herz brennt, and sonne. But we can all just agree that Rammstein is amazing! - IchLiebeRammstein

I am a german listener and listen to Rammstein since my Childhood. This song was my first song ever heard from this band. It was the best Childhood ever...

Ich bin ein gro├čer Rammstein Fan ich finde alle Lieder geil aber du riechst sogut ist immer das beste

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14 Ohne Dich

Their saddest song, this is one of their best songs simply because it puts a spark of peace at the end of a concert full of metal.

Beautiful song - love the video as well. Really shows the power of Till's voice, one of the best ballads I've heard

Epic song. Should be in top 5 at least. Some songs touch hearts across language barriers, this is one of them.

! EPIC Ballad!

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15 Sehnsucht

The Best song of my loved Rammstein! I love Sehnsucht

One of the first and best rammstein classics.

I want to see you!

This is a Rammstein Classic.
The Song is so rousing and electrifying before I discovered this Song my Favorite was Sonne and Engel, now they are on Place 2 and 3 of my Top Three.

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16 Buck Dich

The most pulse-pounding and synchronized track with a definitive and constant rhythm; the track flows the best and is comparable to a climax-packed boss fight in a video game. Definitely my favorite of all Rammstein tracks due to the congruent beat and awesome tune.

This a great song. This is the song that got me into rammstein. You should definitely take a listen before you vote.

Definitely the most representative of the lengths Rammstein go to in the scope of their music. A nice heavy song, and one with raw energy that shows exactly what Rammstein is about

Aside from being one of Rammstein's heaviest songs, it has a powerful climax and is a winner from start to finish! The crescendo and the silent yet disturbing tone of the vocal climax are amazing and the sustained military dominance of the guitar is a melodic yet fierce tune unlike any other concocted by this machine of a band!

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17 Haifisch

This is one of my favorite songs by Rammstein and a awesome song to play on the drums. Has such a great beat that you would swear anyone would like. Between the effects on the keyboard and the beat on the drums, it's perfect!

Great music and it's refreshing. Not my favourite but definitely a fantastic one!

Simply a great listen ando the lyrics are quite deep too, when not translated by an idiot, as a native german the greatest sin ever is the translation of Du Hast into English. Poor Till, his lyrics were so misunderstood :,(

AWESOME song can't get better
Weird but cool

18 Eifersucht

Great song shame it wasn't performed live

I think Haifisch, rosenrot, mutter should be in top ten. Meanwhile I didn't see spring anywhere. But it's normal because as u said, Ramstein has too many good songs.

19 Stein um Stein

An epic composition and mad mad lyrics... Too bad not many have heard about it. A true personification of what Rammstein is all about! Deserves to be there right at the top!

How is this not even in the top 10? An epic song all the way with perfect lyrics.

"Stone by stone" just three of the dope lyrics in this song.

Why not in the top 10?

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20 Amerika

We are living in Amerika!
Amerika ist wunderbar! - rock2metal

A great reflection of American capitalism and globalization, all mixed in with an awesome rock-theme and epic guitar.

Coca cola sometimes war

The English version is better for me because of the instrumental.

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