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This is a List for the Top Ten best Rammstein songs Ever.

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1 Du Hast

First rammstein song I ever heard, and my favorite. - dragon13304

dude, yes! this song is so freaking epic. DU HAST! LISTEN TO THIS SONG YOU WILL FREAK OUT FOR THE WORLD OF METAL!

Amazing Live (Knebworth - 2010) and it really gets the crowd moving.

Great mix of metal and a little bit techno. Also it has a cool musicvideo and a nice live performence. It is the Rammstein song everyone knows

2 Sonne

This was the first song I ever heard by Rammstein, I've been hooked on this band ever since. To me Sonne Is the best.

I use it to energize myself before going to the gym

First Rammstein's song I've heard and the best, legendary

Absolute masterpiece

3 Ich will

Best ramstein Dong

Das beste von Rammstein.

This song has to be in the top 3 an amazing rammstein song infact this song should be the number 1 song it represents the great heavy metal that rammstein is

Anthem. The rising power electrifies the listener. The song evolves as the band dares to include various styles. It all works together.

4 Mein Herz brennt

Should be in top 3

By far the best

Definitely my favorite Rammstein song

Started rammstein with rosenrot like du hasst a lot but this one is a masterwork

5 Mein Teil

The best! - Ananya

This song legit makes me feel sick. So it does it's job. The theme is so dark, but man, the instrumental is so bad-ass!

This is such a good song, especially the topic. Cannibalism hasn't been sung in such a vulgar, explicit, and informative way. It's unique and I'm sure it takes courage to post songs such as this. That's Rammstein for you, and that's why I love them. Sadly, everyone votes for the more "popular' songs like "Sonne" and "Du Hast". Kinda sad to be honest.

The Lyrics are so crazy and that makes this song different to other bands and it is much crazier than many other songs by rammstein

6 Ich Tu Dir Weh

Awesome Song!

I am a 69 yr.old guy that grew up in northern
canada, served in the military went overseas to over 36 countries on this planet, then became
A USA MERCHANT MARINE! I'm a us citizens and I love everything about Rammstein and their music their videos with their music is what I listen to everyday while I am building wooden boats!

I don't speak German... Maybe that is why I love this song even more than I should, but it is just amazing. The tune, the resonance in Till's voice,... The chorus makes me squirm in my panties. LOVE!


7 Engel

I Love this song, amazing lyrics and powerful, intense music. Should be in the top 5

The music is awesome. Bobo's voice is heavenly! I hear the song repeatedly for the whistling alone.

Oh, that whistle's got me learning to whistle after years and years! *. *
And ohh, Till, you sexy thing.

The most complex, most melodic but at the same time a very powerful song. The lyrics are superb and the angel's singing and the whistles only make it better. In my opinion the best Rammstein song, but at least top 3.

8 Feuer frei

I am goin mad listening to the song... freakin awesome...

It's EPIC! Such an amazing song, personally my favorite from Rammstein.


Sick song! Everything that’s great about this band incorporated into 1 track!

9 Ohne Dich

Best of Rammstein

This song is so touching for me, that it's my favorite of the band.

Best one

Their saddest song, this is one of their best songs simply because it puts a spark of peace at the end of a concert full of metal.

10 Buck Dich

The most pulse-pounding and synchronized track with a definitive and constant rhythm; the track flows the best and is comparable to a climax-packed boss fight in a video game. Definitely my favorite of all Rammstein tracks due to the congruent beat and awesome tune.

This a great song. This is the song that got me into rammstein. You should definitely take a listen before you vote.

Definitely the most representative of the lengths Rammstein go to in the scope of their music. A nice heavy song, and one with raw energy that shows exactly what Rammstein is about

What! You kidding me, it's one of their bests!

The Contenders

11 Reise, Reise

Amazing song has a very good melody to it

The gigantic start is awesome, they don't build up in they song. they just START

The energy in the guitar riffs in the song coupled with Till's voice take this song to a different level altogether. My favorite Rammstein song. Can listen to this on loop

Reise, Reise is an awesome song. Sounds great and the meaning of it is so amazingly chilling. Especially when your dad wants to be a fisherman.

12 Rosenrot

I'd put this up to number one. This can't be below 5...

At least 6.!

What a song..

This is the Rammstein song that got me into Rammstein, and I normally don't even go for Metal! I was just working out with a friend and this song was on his playlist

13 Mutter

This song has the best chorus out of all the Rammstein songs, with the beautiful melodic guitars kicking in. It also has very emotional lyrics, which makes this my all time favorite song of not only Rammstein, but out of all songs.

Rammstein has and continues to be one of my favorite bands of all time and thus song is my personal favorite and one of their best. Mutter is probably their most touching song and yet tragic. This song is just so powerful it can make people cry. As a kid I didn't understand any German at all but I didn't need any translation when I heard the word "mutter". Perhaps the most simple yet powerful word in our language. It's the first German word I learned and it still gets me every time I listen to this song.

Love the band, love the song, Rammstein for live!

It should be in top 5

This is such an amazing song by a great band with a crazy good catalog. Rammstein are incredible live too and if you haven't seen them for yourself, there live stage performance is definitely an experience I highly recommend seeing.

14 P***y

The electronic guitar work is just phenomenal. Combined with the vocals of Till Lindemann and the catchy lyrics, it all makes this song so epic (not to mention the music video laugh out loud)

For someone who usually hates songs that talk about this kind of stuff, this is my favorite by Rammstein.

Why do we have to "o it quick"? Are we running out? So what's the problem? The best song of a super album.

Heh... Well maybe the lyrics are a bit "wrong" but I really love this song!

15 Sehnsucht

Till does a great job as always, the guitar riffs and the bass work is absolutely fantastic and flake adds a fun mix to the song with the keyboard

I love it

This Song is awesome, I mean is diferent to other Rammstein songs, is very nice, I love how start this song, because is fast, hard, and very well

The Best song of my loved Rammstein! I love Sehnsucht

16 Amerika

We are living in Amerika!
Amerika ist wunderbar! - rock2metal

A great reflection of American capitalism and globalization, all mixed in with an awesome rock-theme and epic guitar.

Coca cola sometimes war

Should be much higher in the list

17 Eifersucht

The chorus is the best!

I'd love to see this live, shame I probably never will due to the origin on the song itself

Great song shame it wasn't performed live

I think Haifisch, rosenrot, mutter should be in top ten. Meanwhile I didn't see spring anywhere. But it's normal because as u said, Ramstein has too many good songs.

18 Rammstein

Absolute headbanger!

You serious! This song is so fun to hear and play! You guys have no taste!

This is my favourite song of Rammstein, and I was surprised when I saw it on 32nd place... seriously, this deserves more

I think that this song should be first. I'm surprised that this is so far down. Maybe in German this song is boring. - Feirceraven

19 Seemann

dope riff

Can't believe this one is not on the top 5.
So sad, and yet so amazing song

One of the greatest ballads, especially if you understand the lyrics. Catches the heart.

Definitely one of the best, When I tell people to listen to rammstein, I tell them to leave this song till last, when you hear till's vocals on all the other songs, snd then hear them on this, it will blow you away, how a singer eith such a deep powerful voice produces such a sift beautiful sound on this song, a lot with the hypnotizing bass/ guitar riff, it is one of history's hidden gems

20 Du riechst so gut

Shame the album cover literally looks like a gay stop club though.

Why is this song so low? it's one of their absolute best!

I'm a huge fan of Rammstein. I love all his songs but none caught my attention like this music video. so inspiring, I loved this one the most. But its tied with: ich will, mutter, mein herz brennt, and sonne. But we can all just agree that Rammstein is amazing! - IchLiebeRammstein

Is a very powerful song I am told, by my Co-Rammers m/ m/.
Album-Herzelied -

21 Stein um Stein

great song

great song

An epic composition and mad mad lyrics... Too bad not many have heard about it. A true personification of what Rammstein is all about! Deserves to be there right at the top!

How is this not even in the top 10? An epic song all the way with perfect lyrics.

22 Links 2 3 4

This song starts heavy and progresses. Great song - Sabbath

How can this be so low come on! Till writes a song about the left but it's one of the biggest songs that the right enjoys. Look Rammstein couldn't come out and say they believe in some of what NAZIS stood for. Left or Right it doesn't matter to me Rammstein kicks ass!

Rammstein is not Nazist.
Album-Mutter -

When they came to Mexico, it was fantastic!
This should be in top 5, this song is TOP NOTCH!
Vote with me if you Agree!

23 Keine Lust

This song makes me wish I was fat, and wearing white suits, the whole song really goes well with the video, the fact that rammstein try to portray a bunch of fat wealthy people who are bored with everything and have lost interest just puts my body into heavy metal meltdown, I love headbanging to this song and just feeling like a boss.


It is most certainly my favorite Rammstein song and probably always will be. It's brilliant so headbang to and if you know the words, great to sing as well. O bloody adore this song. It deserves a lot higher than 11th place.

The way this song is performed is spectacular, but then with the video, its originality really makes it spectacular, should be in the top Five no doubt.

24 Te Quiero P**a!

Adelante Amigo!

Definitely not the best of R+, but I must vote for it, cause 5 days ago I made a tattoo on my chest with the name of this song :)

25 Mein Land

Awesome clip, and it's kinds funny how Rammstein decided to make a video just for fun. I just love it. It has that weird feel in it which makes me listen to it on and on. Should be in Top Ten.

That's the newest and in my opinion the best song they have made. Plus the clip is JUST awesome!

Catching riff, awesome clip. Totally one of my favorites.

Great anti-Nazi song. I like the motiv of Joker, the puppets on beach, and the watchman with spreading voice. Words "mein land" sound like coming from demons that claim the posession of land.

26 Küss mich (Fellfrosch)


I agree it has one of the best riffs and amazing build to the climax. - PrinceZarbon

27 Asche zu Asche

This is one of my favorite Rammstein songs. Definitely in my top 10.

I bet you gonna like this tune! is rammsteinly great! - rock2metal

How is this not top ten?!?!? I listen to it every day. It's much better then Sonne.

I can't stop listening to this song. This song should be one of the top 5

28 Fuhre mich

This is my favorite song of all time

Cannot believe this song is sitting this low. Maybe because it was a bonus track from LIFAD. Anyway, amazing song.

Awesome rock music take you into a wolrd full of lust

Better than Du Hast in my opinion.

29 Wiener blut

This song does great at creating a creepy atmosphere and then coming in with an awesome and intense chorus.

One of my favorites!

Xuz from oxkutzcab says it's the best song!

30 Wo Bist Du

Most underrated Rammstein song! This piece of art can relax your bones to an unimaginable level

Such an amazing song it's somehow intense and calming at the same time, and the flute at the start really sets the theme for the rest of the song. When I heard this song I instantly knew it would be the only song I would listen to that week

Deserves #1

Wo bist du is rammstein's best creation. I don't understand the lyrics as its German but it feels very emotional. The flute.. Its all crazy.

I think that this song Should should be in the top ten or at least # 12

31 Zerstören

Great song, you've got to play it to the max!

Awesome song,why so underrated!?!?


32 Radio

Great song

33 Stripped

It crates something that makes you fock

34 Haifisch

Q: Why is the ocean salty?
A: From the tears of misunderstood sharks who just want to cuddle

Great starting tone,lyrical poetry

This is one of my favorite songs by Rammstein and a awesome song to play on the drums. Has such a great beat that you would swear anyone would like. Between the effects on the keyboard and the beat on the drums, it's perfect!

This one is underrated. I can't decide which is my favorite, but this one, Rammstein and Mutter would probably be tied.

35 Donaukinder

I love how the electric guitar and choir harmonize.

Great lyrics, great melody, and that synthesizer intro that Flake composed is genius. Definitely sets the perfect mood for a song about an environmental disaster.

It sets the mood in general and works well even if it wasn't about an environmental disaster since it has such a powerful riff. - PrinceZarbon

Its very underrated song, my opinion this is the best song of rammstein.

I voted for this song because I really think this has got to be one of the most underrated songs ever. This song is extremelly strong, with deep lyrics and very good melodies. I still don't understand why this song isn't on the "normal" LIFAD album.

36 Klavier

Not my favourite, but probably their best.

Hows this not #1

Absolutelly breath-taking, I love it. So terribly beautiful.. - apouroiselle

One of the most emotionnal metal song!

37 Tier


Eargasm,Flake is my favorite Rammstein member.

Really? Number 53? No way! Because of this song I started digging Rammstein. Absolute awesome riffs and effects.

This is my favorite of all! Come on!

38 Laichzeit

As for me, it is the Best rammstein song

Awesome song amazing love dis song

This song rocks harder than some of their other songs like Ich Tu Dir Weh or Mein Teil. If you want to listen to classic Rammstein and still rock out, this song is a must

Love this song! :D

39 Adios

Amazing I was hooked the first time I heard it and the guitar solo 2:09-2:33 is just unique awesome song!

Probably the most powerful, and sad song by Rammstein

This song is too addictive!
Wont get bored listening to this..
Must have been quite some places above..

Best song ever :-)

40 Küss mich

This song just has an awesome chorus :D

41 Hallelujah

This song has to be my #1. This song maybe disturbing because is shines a light on the pedophile rings that were exposed in the Catholic church but one of the most fun songs I've ever played along with almost every other Rammstein song. Love it.

If you understand the lyrics this is definitely the greatest song

Glad to know that people are starting to notice this song! It's not known just because of its rarity I think. One of Rammstein's best in my opinion. Album-Mutter (Limited Editions)

This song was on the way to being my favourite song ever. Heavy rammstein on top dirty dance riffs underneath. Would have loved those dirty dance squirts to win more of the battle, but it's rammstein so fair enough. Still an uber classic.

42 Zwitter

I'm pretty surprised this is so low on the list. I think Mutter is their best album, and after having thoroughly enjoyed Ich Will, Links 2 3 4, Adios, Mutter, Sonne, Feuer Frei and Mein Herz Brennt I decided to continue exploring the album. I was pleasantly surprised by this song. Leave it to Rammstein to compose a song about a hermaphrodite and come out with fine art.

This is definitely a song that should be a bit higher. I'm not saying top ten, but 30? No... This has one of their best riffs and what the song is actually about is pretty damn humorous. I'm surprised they haven't played this song live in about 11 years. I'd go nuts if I was at a show and they played this.

What is this doing down here? One of their best, remember to leave a vote before scrolling away

This song rocks, should be there in better place as 10

43 Wollt Ihr das Bett in Flammen Sehen ?

Simply kicks butt


Come on guys! This had got to be the best out of all of them!

One of the tracks that got me hocked on Rammstein. A song that sums up what Rammstein is all about.

44 Morgenstern

The main riff is one of the heaviest riffs I've heard, the lyrics are kind of stupid but they are amazing and the keyboard makes the song so atmospheric and the chorus is simply beautiful.

Underrated as hell

I'm a big Rammstein fan and I think this song is very much underrated its one of their good intense songs love it I'm not to sure about the top ten list think it needs re shuffiling

Awesome song, as simple as that. Well, at least it's gotta be around the first 10, in my opinion it sounds amazing.

45 Feuerräder

This song is so damn groovy and it’s one of their old unreleased songs! Listen to it and it’ll become an ear worm

46 Sex
47 Spring

Listening this gem I imagine children's choir singing on the bridge, while man falls down and dies. I want it in a videoclip!

Best guitar solo ever heard. Such a waste that nobody has heard this song!

Powerful song with powerful lyrics. This is a kick in the teeth from start to finish. Very under appreciated, but any fan of Rammstein should pay this song a listen. You will love it at the end.

These lyrics are amazing

48 Rein raus

I always come back to that one!

49 Alter Mann

Still after 10+ years Rammstein is my favourite band ever and I truly love this song. It still sends shivers down my spine every time I hear it and Vocally Till has never topped this song.

50 Heirate Mich

Rammstein's song are always epic, but this...
The lyrics and the music in the background...
I always get goose pimples while listening this song.


Definitely one of their best songs, totally underrated, I would have loved to have hear it live!
N° 54?! Just abysmal...

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