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1 Hit the Road Jack

Has one of the most catchy melodies and tells interesting story... In the end, isn't that what makes a good song?

I think that is really good

Soul at its best by the great ray Charles

so catchy - Himalayansalt

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2 Georgia on My Mind

This song bleeds my heart... Simply the best... This is the song that made me listen the whole album...No peace I find Georgia... Just an old sweet song keeps Georgia on my mind...

Classic spin on a classic song. His passion and musicality is clearly heard through the arrangement. Would also recommend the version honoring his by Willie Nelson and Wynton Marsalis

yo welcome

I just love this song.

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3 What'd I Say, Pts. I & 2

This song is awesome!. Not only created a new genre of music (called soul). Also, it was make complettely improvised in a concert. And is really good

Great song and rhythm

It even makes the top 10 best songs ever named by rolling stone magazine

Simply cannot be better

4 I Can't Stop Loving You

I've once a boyfriend whom I considered a trully 'gentleman'. He was a very charming guy AND I fell IN love with him. THE FIRST gift as token OF our relationship, he bought ME this CD OF RAY CHarlea. A great singer AND a EVER lasting love song.

Off to college, far from home... left my first love behind... she soon found another, and when this song came out it matched my feelings perfectly - has always been my favorite Ray Charles track...,

The greatest of all his song's. I vote it #1.

A beautiful ballad.

5 I Got a Woman

I have no words to this music, just perfect!

The fact that this isn't in top two means that people didn't notice a blues artists best jazz song. Hell, they don't even know the difference between jazz and blues.

It's just an awesome music.

6 Unchain My Heart

I vote for this song not because it is my favourite, but only because it needs to be higher. I know the man has plenty of songs that would work.

Probably in the top 3. An obvious top 5 though.

It is simply his best song. Ray Charles was a very good artist and he shows his greatness in this song. Why somebody wouldn't vote for this song I don't know.

Es la mejor por mucho. Sois bastante rancios por aquĆ­. Lilas.

7 Mess Around

planes trains and automobiles pretty much sums up why this song was so great. RIP both charles and candy

It might be a good song but I still didn't listen to it

The Made - Up song, RAY was one of the BEST.

8 Let Me Hear You Call My Name

It's such a wonderful, soulful song. - Britgirl

9 Shake Your Tail Feathers

very groovy and funky song of its time and still retains it to this very day!

Most recognised song by ray charles, courtesy of the blues brothers. Neewer generations would heard of this song as well, this song gives a great vibe when listened to, RAY CHARLES BEST SONG EVER!

This should be #1 What were you think putting it at #9

10 In the Heat of the Night

I hadn't heard this song until now... Wow... It's incredible! - Britgirl

Just a lush soulful grove put together by long time collaborator
Quincy Jones.

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? Let's Go Get Stoned
? Let's Go Get Stoned

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11 Hallelujah, I Love Her So
12 If I Could

Seriously, this is his best song in my opinion. Very underrated

13 You Don't Know Me

A pure gem of a song. A true Classic!

Along with Georgia, this is Ray at his best!

One of the most romantic songs ever!

The best; beautiful

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14 You are My Sunshine

The most unique, creative, exciting version there has ever been of this classic. This is also the very best ever performance by the Raelets. I'd put it at #2 right behind What I'd Say.

Proves Ray can give soul to any song, even one that definitely raises your blood sugar to dangerous levels.

15 Say No More
16 Seven Spanish Angels

This is the big deals guys, incomparable lyrics with Willie it was so good

Great song.

Once a week!

17 Night Time is the Right Time
18 Ain't that Love
19 This Little Girl of Mine
20 Bye Bye Love
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1. Hit the Road Jack
2. Georgia on My Mind
3. What'd I Say, Pts. I & 2
1. Mess Around
2. What'd I Say, Pts. I & 2
3. I Got a Woman
1. Hit the Road Jack
2. What'd I Say, Pts. I & 2
3. Georgia on My Mind

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