Best Reality TV Bad Guy/Gal

In every reality tv show, there is always a good bad one.

The Top Ten

1 Jonny Fairplay - Survivor

came up with one of the best most decietful plans in televison history. You couldn't have written it better. He should have won that season. - crazyeyes56

Most deceiving guy in Survivor history. Best bad guy in Survivor history. - powercat2007

2 Omarosa - The Apprentice

OMAROSA! Jonny Fairplay comes a close second. And Evel DIck comes third

This is a close one but she gets my top vote. Best bad gal in Apprentice. - powercat2007

3 Evel Dick - Big Brother

Definitely best bad guy in BB history. Most annoying. - powercat2007

4 Tiffany Patterson aka New York - Flavor of Love

Have you guys not watched when half of the Flavor of Love 2 cast tried attacking her? - Greenbeast44

5 Nicole - The Mole
6 Trishelle - Real World Las Vegas
7 Lacey - Rock of Love

Close 2nd in loose cannon category. - powercat2007

8 Richard Hatch - Survivor

He's what made that show get off the ground. They needed interesting people, and he was any reality T.V show's dream.

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9 Trish - The Bachelor

Borderline stalker. Jesse Palmer will agree with that. - powercat2007

10 Larissa - Charm School

Biggest loose cannon in reality tv. - powercat2007

The Contenders

11 Spencer Pratt - The Hills

He is So Bad
Why does Heidi Even like him?
ow w8 heidi is dumb - bedingfield

12 Jerri Manthey - Survivor
13 Corinne Kaplan - Survivor
14 Russell Hantz - Survivor Russell Hantz - Survivor Russell Hantz is an oil company owner and former contestant of the reality show Survivor. He played 3 seasons, and never finished higher than 2nd.
15 Chance - I Love NY

NY should of taken a "Chance". A match made in HEAVEN - powercat2007

16 Randy Bailey - Survivor
17 Marcel Vigneron - Top Chef
18 Elavia - The Mole
19 Krissi Biasiello - MasterChef
20 Scott Marshall - Ink Master
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