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1 Taxi Driver

Best Movie EVER!

Scorsese hit it out the park. - iliekpiez

De Niro in this probably gives the greatest acting performance of all time. What a movie.

De Niro goes A-wall! One of the best movies ever made.

2 GoodFellas

nobody can match Robert De Niro when it comes to Mob acting, except maybe Al Pacino and Marlon Brando

One of my favorite movies. Robert de niro and cast were excellent. I watch this movie whenever I can

OMG! Robert is so funny in this movie! He is an amazing actor!

Robert De Niro is extremely funny in this movie and he is a very feared man

3 The Godfather Part II

His best performance. - iliekpiez

One of his oscar winning movie, He is so good, to get Don Corleone into a younger version, it is so good how he does this, definitely his best movie.

Godfather beats all on this list! Robert De Niro made this movie! With his oscar winning performance!

We are talking about the Godfather here! greatest movie in the world

4 Mean Streets


Great film - iliekpiez

One of the greatest films of all time! Should be at least above Meet the Parents.

5 Raging Bull

This is one of the greatest acting performances on film, how can you forget how great this movie was because of Robert De Niro? It is so good. The realism of this movie is intense, The fighting actually looks real and you are getting what you expected. GoodFellas is a great movie, even better than this. But This is by far his greatest performance. You have seen the true side of Robert De Niro, the greatest actor to live on the planet




IT IS AN ENJOYABLE MOVIE AS WELL EASILY THE greatest boxing movie of all time, this is one of the movies to watch



This is a great movie, Robert De niro plays the greatest part of all time, graceful acting from the best film star in the world!

I think this is Robert De Niro's best film, simply because of the performance, he won best actor, and looks kinda like Jake Le Motta. Everything fits.

6 The Deer Hunter

This is one of the best films I have ever seen outstanding performances by Robert De Niro Meryl Street and Christopher Walken an very moving film.

One of the best war movies - iliekpiez

It's hard to discount any of the movies on this list, but this is my personal favorite from DeNiro. A touching and moving account of a group of close friends that endured the hardships of the ridiculous Vietnam War. Meryl Streep and Christopher Walken are also outstanding. Classic film. - jfausti

I tend to be bias about this being DeNiro's best movie, as this movie is my favorite movie of all time. But if you look at his role in this movie, it's astounding. In Taxi Driver, his character is basically a psychotic, lonely man. In Godfather Part II, he plays a man climbing up the ranks of mob life. This movie, his character Mike Vronsky goes though emotional and physical distress. He plays two different characters in this movie. Mike before the war, and Mike after the war. Underrated performance, my personal favorite. Check out the film, too.

7 Once Upon a Time in America

One of the most underrated movies of all time

It's 4 hours long, but this movie takes that runtime and uses every single second of it. It's a masterpiece, and I can't say that about a lot of movies. - DenyYourMaker

Incredible - iliekpiez

Many people may not realise just how difficult Noodles is to play. So complex and contradictory. And then all that background knowledge about him proves he's been through so much. Even during that brutal scene with Deborah in the back of the car, De Niro manages to make Noodles remain somewhat sympathetic. Incredible.

8 Casino

A graphic, behind the scene tale of the real Vegas in the 70's. At times, the violence is over the top, but accepted given the context of Mafia history.

People don't realize how great this movie actually is. Sure there is Raging Bull, Mean Streets, but I like Casino. - Beatlesboy9

9 Heat

Top score film!
I never get tired of watching this movie.
My favourite part is when the two poles confront each other at the cafe warning each other of what would happen to them the next time they were to meet.

Brilliant heist drama, and contains the best shootout scene of all time. One of my favourite performances by DeNiro; very subtle and classy but menacing at the same time. This movie will never get old!

The scene in the diner with Deniro and Pacino, one of the greatest scenes ever.

Best movie of all time!

10 Bang the Drum Slowly

The Newcomers

? The Irishman

The Contenders

11 Jackie Brown
12 Angel Heart
13 Jacknife
14 Cape Fear

This should seriously be in the top ten. Robert DeNiro gives the whole audience a very unique performance that gives them the chills!

Brilliant film truly one of me favourites great from start to finish

He made this movie. One bad a** villain

15 Awakenings

A great movie - DeNiro is such an accomplished actor. I was half way through this movie before I realized it was he playing the part of the patient. I had just seen Cape Fear and the characters were 180 degrees...he is my favorite actor!

Wow, this deserves to be much higher. - truckturner

An Amazing movie! - TheGeoffers

It is just so, so shocking why this excellent movie is not included in De Niro's Top 10 films. His performance is excellent, and Robin Williams and him are perfect for their parts. I am certain it was not easy for De Niro to portray such an individual with that malady, but he excelled in doing just that! Yes, there are other fabulous performances by this fine, fine actor, but this movie definitely belongs in his top 10!

16 The Untouchables

Disgraceful how low this is. I know De Niro only has a supporting role, but this is easily the best film he's been a part of. - truckturner

In my view this is definitely top DeNiro performance

17 Midnight Run

Best de nirio movie I know. absolute cracker that everybody should have seen. if you like a lot of humor with still enough action this is the one!

Under rated flick. the scene where he and groden confiscate the counterfeit 20s was hilarious.

18 The King of Comedy

Underrated - iliekpiez

It is the most underrated movie of the century. Watch this guyz and I will guarantee you that you will get addicted to de niro. - Shynash21

7 on top 15 are by Scorsese, men! And this is the greatest film ever

This is a masterpeace! it should be just as famous as taxi driver or raging bull. If you haven't watched it, WATCH IT!

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19 A Bronx Tale

One of the greatest story's in life lessons even in real life, it should be top ten most definitely

Why is this so low it's a fantastic movie

Not sure why this is 25, has probably his best acting scene when he drags his kid to see sonny

Should be top 10

20 Silver Linings Playbook

His best performance in years! Cooper and Lawrence were amazing too

Not as good as a movie such as Godfather 2 or the Untouchables but I highly suggest this movie.

21 Meet the Parents
22 This Boy's Life

AmAA zing

23 The Mission

Deals with the human condition in a manner which is poignant and resonates

This movie deserves so much more than it's given credit for. It's a deep intellectual that most overlook. The interaction between the Indians and the jesuit priests is something to admire. The feeling and soundtrack is incredible. The movie is more judged for its failure at the box office, rather than its incredible acting. It may not have been popular when it was released, but it is something to really love today.

24 Joy
25 Righteous Kill
26 Ronin

Great car chase scene, international flavor at it's best with a strong cast and great dialog.

27 15 Minutes
28 Analyze That
29 1900
30 Analyze This
31 Cop Land
32 Men of Honor
33 Hide and Seek
34 True Confessions
35 Brazil
36 Meet the Fockers
37 Joker
38 Falling in Love

One of the best

39 Limitless
40 Killer Elite
41 Stardust
42 The Score
43 The Good Shepherd

Angelina Jolie is miscast, but the film is highly underrated. - truckturner

Very complex spy movie. Focus is on Matt Damon, De Niro a minor role, but very good film if you enjoy espionage and history.

44 City by the Sea
45 New York, New York
46 Being Flynn
47 The Last Tycoon
48 Shark Tale
49 Sleepers
50 Little Fockers
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