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1 Kindergarten

Yeah, you just color, sing, sleep, eat snacks, and play! What's wrong with that?

I agree. In kindergarten the biggest worry was not having the coolest necklace or whatever you kids fight about nowadays.

Kindergarten was awful for me. I got kicked out due to my condition! - Pony

Kindergarden was the worst for me my principal cussed at me constantly and all of the teachures bullied me and hit me

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2 Grade 2

I am in 4th grade, and kindergarten really sucked, so I will have to go with 2nd grade, and it really was fun, she was my FAVORITE TEACHER of my life. GO 2nd GRADE! WOO HOO

My teacher was awesome and my life went from awful to good. I took fun field trips and many ither good things happen

I had a nice teacher that spoiled us! I miss 2nd grade. Best grade ever!

I was in this grade last year it was nice

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3 Grade 5

In 5th grade, there was a dance party only for 5th graders, there was a pool party only for 5th graders. In 5th grade, there is no one older than you, so you rule the school until the teachers walk by. 5th grade was the best so far because I had perfect grades, awesome group of friends, and amazing teachers. When I was in 5th grade, there was an ice cream party for the kids who got A's and/or B's the entire year, that I got to attend. I also attended a pancake party, and let me tell you, that was pancake party ranks higher than all of my birthdays combined on a scale of awesomeness. Only two or three school bullies, but they one of them was in 3rd grade, and I could easily lift him off the ground if I wanted to get back at him. One of the most awesome, cool, amazing things you could do in 5th grade was sign up for safety patrol. I told my best friends to sign up, because I wanted to experience it with them, and they did. The rules were that if your grades dropped to a D or lower, or ...more

FIFTH GRADE WAS THE BEST! My teacher was really cool and nice. Every Quarter we would go to Dairy Queen if you read like 6 books. Since 6th grade is in elementary, they held a fifth and sixth Valentine's dance. We had parties if we got 25 paws. We had so many fun projects and competitions! BEST SCHOOL YEAR EVER!

In 5th grade, we got be safety patrols. The Best part of being a safety parol is going to Washington DC and miss school for 3 days. If you go to our school, they even have a dance for ONLY 5th graders. It's basically 5th grade prom. I'll miss you elementary school

5th (and 4th) grade was the absoloute best school year(s) for me. Flawless. Good classes, amazing friends, good teachers, and we just knew how to have fun on our own. While we did not had the same privilige that we have now. 5th grade will always be the best school year, in my opinion. A year that mixes actually knowing how to have fun and innocence perfectly. - Chatsa2

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4 Grade 3

My sister and I loved third grade! Awesome teachers, great class, and just an overall good year.

My teacher was really nice then. - Tacocheese

My teacher was really nice and it was actually fun..

My favorite teacher is my 3rd grade teacher. - AliciaMae

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5 Grade 4

My school life in grade 4 was the best. Perfect grades. Perfect friends. Good teachers and admired by school and community

Best year, amazing teacher, great grades, amazing friends, and shyness gone. Until 5th grade anyways

HORRIBLE. The teachers think you are the oldest in school when there's 5th, 6th and 7th! Also they say your too old to get cheered for. REALLY? and I'm in fourth grade and so far I'm about to get home schooled.

I love 4th grade!

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6 Grade 1

It sucks. Because the homework changes and gets confusing - SoloPotato

Best school year of my life

7 Grade 12

Hey, you're almost done with school! - funnyuser

The best because after 12th you're out of school and free to make your own choices. I'm in 7th grade but I've heard it's a really fun year.

Best because at graduation day, it will be the best day of school ever.

Totally THE BEST,

8 Grade 8

Currently in 8th grade, SO much better than 6&7. Not as good as 5, but it's just been easier for me. However, a problematic girl who hates me (and would probably jump me) has just been moved to my ela class and might be moved to my math class (lunch class! ) so that kinda sucks

The only reason I'm voting for this is because it is the only year so far I didn't struggle to make friends.

I have to say my 8th Grade year started off a mess, but it's going good. I'm passing! - SapphireGrim

8th grade was awesome - Aha223

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9 Pre K

Pre K was the worst for me. You had to stay in all day and do tests. No lunch, no recess, and the only thing they called recess was Water Days. You had to go into you bathing suit and run in the water. The teacher forced me to do it. But I'm happy I was only there for a month! - Tacocheese

No work just playing with toys ipads sleeping and having pizza days and having a lot of fun

I wish all of school was like this. - RalphBob

I loved pre K! - funnyuser

10 Grade 9

After suffering from what happened in my 8th grade year, I started to keep my head up and move on!

I'm going into this Grade!

Man when I started 9th grade I thought it was going to be tougher than 8th grade, buts its not its was better. This grade was less stressful. After I came back from winter-break I finally started hanging out with upper class-men & they did not portrayed me.
9th grade feels like yesterday to me because every time I think of it I get tons of memories from like I wanna go back! I've gotten better grades & G.P.A. it's like god blessed me from what I been through. When the end of the school started I didn't want 9th grade to go. - DPS501

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11 Grade 10

I move from Africa at this grade. I met The Plastics at this grade, and they make me famous just like them. And I won Spring Flin Queen at just Grade 10. And I met the love of my life at this grade. Yeah it's you Aaron! This is the best grade

10th grade was NOT the best school year ever! It was stressful than 9th grade & your friends do immature things to you. So yeah I'm ready to be a senior in high school. - DPS501

12 Grade 11

11th was NOT the best grade ever! It was better than 10th grade, but 11th grade was awful! Lots of students going to detention, students are too involved in sports than education & lots of good friends I have be going to activities during lunch! So yeah I'm happy to be a senior in high school now. - DPS501

13 Grade 6

This was the year I started to do really well in school. - Pony

Oops I forgot to log in well the person who said I'm in grade 6 was me and I am a boy - Belle9090

I'm in grade 6 I'm a boy I love it and I'm a huge Disney fan

My English teacher spoils me lmao - personal

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14 Grade 7

I hate 7th grade

Seriously, like every kid on T.V. is a 7th grader. Heck, I'm a 7th grader too!

7th grade is the worst grade of all of them - pjo

I love 7th grade!

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