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1 Kindergarten

To me uh, this was one of the worst, mostly because of the teacher that just ruined everything for me. I've heard that some people actually got to paint, play with toys, and even sleep. But not for me, kindergarten was in a normal school, with grades 1-6, however Kindergarten was just in a different area of the school. It was normal school, we learned, made friends, and all that every day school stuff. However this teacher was the worst, she scolded and threatened us, which of course all of us were delusional and didn't know what she was doing was wrong. Even the smallest thing we have done would set up off, I'm honestly jealous to those people who had a great life in kindergarten.

Kindergarten was amazing. Everybody thinks you're adorable, so you never get messed with, kindergarten teachers are generally, amazing, sweet, kind people, and you have literally no homework.

Kindergarten is the best k-12 grade as you don't have too many responsibilities. If I could go back to when I was starting kindergarten in August 2011, I absolutely would.

This grade was the best for me. Although I had to go to english class (because I spoke spanish at home) instead of playing in the end of the day.

2 Grade 5

In 5th grade, there was a dance party only for 5th graders. There was a pool party only for 5th graders. In 5th grade, there is no one older than you, so you rule the school until the teachers walk by. 5th grade was the best so far because I had perfect grades, awesome group of friends, and amazing teachers. When I was in 5th grade, there was an ice cream party for the kids who got As and/or Bs the entire year, that I got to attend. I also attended a pancake party, and let me tell you, that was pancake party ranks higher than all of my birthdays combined on a scale of awesomeness. Only two or three school bullies, but they one of them was in 3rd grade, and I could easily lift him off the ground if I wanted to get back at him. One of the most awesome, cool, amazing things you could do in 5th grade was sign up for safety patrol. I told my best friends to sign up, because I wanted to experience it with them, and they did. The rules were that if your grades dropped to a D or lower, or you ...more

Fifth grade was amazing, but there was one thing. Me and eleven people got into this special class for "smarter" people. Of course, everyone thought that we thought we were better than them, which wasn't true at all, so it was the only year I was ever bullied, because the rest of the grade along with my classmates were just pushes and teased and insulted and bullied that year, and none of us were outcasts before. However, that year was awesome also because my classmates and teachers were nice, we did fun stuff, and I got good grades.

By far the best. I had lots of friends, made lots of memories, my school had a cafeteria that sold good stuff, I got good grades, etc.

Probably the best school year ever! My favorite part of fifth grade was going to camp Green Lane for a whole day. Probably the most fun outdoor experience I've ever had! The only bad part was when we graduated, I was the only kid in the entire grade who didn't go to the middle school everyone else went to. Which meant I was back to square one when it came to friends. I have many friends at my school that I just graduated at.

3 Grade 4

I had a strict, mean teacher in 4th grade and he even screamed at and sent poor 9 year old me out of the room for not understanding a math problem. :'(

Honestly, this was my 2nd favorite year of school because the teacher was great and wasn't lazy or mean, and that math was easy and that there were lots of interesting new things I loved it.

Remember Lurlee well my old friends where Aiden, Austin, Chris, and Jayden.O I know 4 Jaydens ok the only new person I met there was Damien now there was a Damien in my class and when they saw Lurlee they talked about how they hated her

My fourth grade year started out kind of rough. A kid two grades ahead of me who was a really good friend of mine was starting middle school and I made my first enemy. After dealing with those parts, it was a good year for me. I went on a field trip to Harrisburg and my teacher was AWESOME! Social Studies was especially awesome.

4 Grade 12

I feel like 12th grade is great because you've made it to the end of your school experience and this is where you can make up what you've failed before when it comes to required credits before it's too late and you either don't graduate or need to take grade 12 again or go into Adult Education. It's also one of the most free years of school you will experience

I love Senior Appreciation Week because you get to skip class, see a cool talent show, and enjoy a BBQ and if you live nearby, you get to go home after the BBQ!

The best because after 12th you're out of school and free to make your own choices. I'm in 7th grade but I've heard it's a really fun year.

Heck yea! Who doesn't love senior year! Best you get before college. College was definitely better though.

5 Grade 3

3rd grade was pretty awesome, and my first day of 3rd grade in September 2014 was my best first day of school (besides kindergarten, of course).

3rd grade has to be the best. My teacher was the best part because even though she is something 48, she is always fun and really laid back. Like I would be saying "Um, Mrs Teacher, can you repeat that because I had to pick up my water bottle that fell." And guess what? SHE DID. Nowadays when you ask the teacher to repeat something they give you a dirty look and repeat it while watching you like a hawk. It was overall a good year and even though I had only one friend,he was a good one. I had no idea that 3rd grade was the one that I should've enjoyed while it lasted.This should be number one on list

We had something called "Quiet time" where we could do whatever we want for 10-15 minutes. It could be on the computer, you could draw, almost ANYTHING. We even watched movies. There was also something called passion projects where we could make a project of our passion. In math we played math games on the computer (sometimes.) Most of all, my teacher was super funny and not that strict.

How is this #7?! I LOVED this grade, and my teacher was the best. I could have voted grade 5, because I ended up getting the same teacher as in grade 3. I had a better relationship with my class that year, because I have been with the same group of people for a long time.

6 Grade 2

2nd grade was pretty good for me, especially when I came home from school and got to play some random Adobe Flash games on my family's Windows 7 laptop on the Internet Explorer version 8 browser.

I HATED IT SO MUCH. My teacher kept me from coming out of school for not knowing a plural of deer. I was crying but she didn't care.

The grade when I moved into a new school. There was this kid that acted evil and he still watched very, very, very babyish shows like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

My teacher is like the best teacher. Floats? Yum! Marble parties and perfect attendance parties? Fun! Hating her? Dumb!

7 Grade 8

Gave me a lot of anxiety that year, but 8th grade is the one year where you start to form your friend groups and you can basically start over if you wanted to (let's say you messed up bad in seventh grade), plus being a freshman most of the friends I speak to are the ones I made in eighth grade.

I found an official (temporary) friend group and it was an interesting year. Many kids were problematic and I developed a special loathing for three kids, but graduation was amazing and it was a good year to me.

Currently in 8th grade, SO much better than 6&7. Not as good as 5, but it's just been easier for me. However, a problematic girl who hates me (and would probably jump me) has just been moved to my ela class and might be moved to my math class (lunch class! ) so that kinda sucks

8th grade was easily the best grade I went through. So damn easy compared to high school, but challenging enough at the time that you get a taste for it.
Just based on what happened to me this was easily the best. we went to DC, Ceder Point, the zoo, Montreal. You get to feel old without the responsibility of being a high school.

8 Grade 1

1st grade wasn't that good for me as I had some embarrasing things happen to me and I once had a mental breakdown over another kid breaking one of my 96 pack Crayola crayons (it was the shamrock green crayon for those wondering). That's one of the only 2 major things I remember from 1st grade.

I hated grade 1 because of the teacher I had in that grade. She was the worst, she was mean, to her everything we handed in had to be perfect

Absolutely not! 1st grade was horrible! Whenever I took my paper to her with only one wrong question, she'd say "NO!" then hand me the paper. She threw it at me twice. She also said "You guys are the worst students in the world!" When I looked at my watch ONCE, just ONCE, she said "Give me your watch!" She was just so annoying.

I moved to a new school in the second grade, and all my classmates told me that year that all the first grade teachers were the worst.

9 Grade 9

This grade is my favorite grade, I don't know why, but I like how the numbers are going, I had great things happening this grade. So I see how most people hated this grade, because there was a lot of bad things happening this grade in there personal life! Like there was upperclassmen picking or bulling them, getting put in special ed/recourse classes, having a hard getting good grades, and of course there are police officers arresting them! So it really bothers me to see how people claims 9th grade was the worst grade! You can either like or dislike my comment that's fine, because there are plenty of people who had a good time and enjoyed this grade like me. So you need to be accepted even though you hate this grade!

Man when I started 9th grade I thought it was going to be tougher than 8th grade, buts its not its was better. This grade was less stressful. After I came back from winter-break I finally started hanging out with upper class-men & they did not portrayed me.
9th grade feels like yesterday to me because every time I think of it I get tons of memories from like I wanna go back! I've gotten better grades & G.P.A. it's like god blessed me from what I been through. When the end of the school started I didn't want 9th grade to go.

OPINION SO FAR: After my very traumatic middle school experience, I moved into the best band program and matured quickly. 4 of my teachers suck though.

After suffering from what happened in my 8th grade year, I started to keep my head up and move on!

10 Grade 10

I'm not in grade 10 yet, (I will be this September) so the only reason I voted on it as of right now is because grades 10-12 at my school get an extra day of the summer break, plus grade 10 seems to be the least stressful year in high school as you won't feel like you're on the bottom like you do in grade 9, but at the same time, you don't really have to worry about college yet.

I move from Africa at this grade. I met The Plastics at this grade, and they make me famous just like them. And I won Spring Flin Queen at just Grade 10. And I met the love of my life at this grade. Yeah it's you Aaron! This is the best grade

Hi, I live in Turkey and the system in Turkey is like between 0-100 and so many of my grades are over 95.
I have never got any grades like these before, maybe because I turned a little bit nerder but anyways. My opinion is that way.

10th grade was NOT the best school year ever! It was stressful than 9th grade & your friends do immature things to you. So yeah I'm ready to be a senior in high school.

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11 Grade 7

The start of a non-universal middle school life... As a turning point in my life, it was hard to adapt at first to the environment. Eventually, I made close bonds with my friends today, went out of my introverted shell, and developed as a mature student. My grades didn't change though (I still got A's as of the 2017-2018 school year). Though in 8th grade, I continued to become the student I am today while began understanding the importance of being myself. I'll never forget my middle school years, especially 7th! Let's hope I improve even further during high school.

I live in the UK, the equivalent of Grade 7 (age 12-13) here is called Year 8. It's the last year before you start your GCSE exam courses in Year 9, which is when you have to put in so much more work and it's a lot harder. Also in the summer of that year, there was a heatwave so we all ended up hanging around on the school field and playing football, it was carefree. I made a lot of new friends in this year too, all of which are still with me today. We also had a great school trip to Germany for a week, which was a really great experience for me. And I haven't even started on the World Cup fever in that summer... it was just glorious.

I ABSOLUTELY hate it, and by hate I mean HATE. 1. it's extremely boring. 2. I feel like it's just dumbing me down. 3. (maybe it's cause we need to stay home) I am friendless basically. I can't even talk to friends. -100/10

I am in 7th grade and it is a lot better than 6th grade. 6th grade sucks. It was the worst year of my life. I was bullied a lkt, and I only had one friend. But now I have a small group of really close friends and I am not bullied anymore. I have discovered new passions, like playing piano and listening to music. In 6th grade all I did was act bossy and watch trashy T.V. shows.

12 Grade 6

I thought it was going to suck at first bc nobody from my elementary school was going to my middle school but it turned out to be pretty great. Made some new friends and got good grades and my teachers were cool.

I loved sixth grade. Sure bad stuff happened like relatives dying, car crash, hospital visits, my mother spraining her wrist, but hey 6th grade was the best for me so far! I had a huge crush on a dude, and went around for ever without anyone knowing, and I was the one who finally got the chance to tell someone I liked them without a friend doing it, and embarrassing me. Plus my teacher was amazing! (Even though she split her head open and her brain was bleeding, and she almost died) she can't smell or taste but she was still an amazing teacher! Greetings to you Mrs. Martin (ha beatchya!) also I loved my math teacher, she was fun.

I think it should be higher. I thought it would suck, but it was the greatest year of my life. I suddenly surged into popularity in the middle of the year and I was well known and well liked. I was good in sports. One time, in October, I won my team capture the flag, but it was mixed with dodgeball. A few people were left on the other teams side, while the rest were out. I ran over with my friend and grabbed the flag. However, if my friend hadn't gone with me and blocked a ball from hitting me, I wouldn't have won the game. Also, friends. I gathered a bounty of friends in 6th Grade. Being a slightly shy boy, it amazed me that a lot of my friends were girls. I had awesome grades that year, most of my teachers were nice. Choir for me was the best though. My teacher was the best, and that's where I gained my popularity. But, all good things have to end I guess. My popularity died down near the end of the year, and April was a particularly hard month. Most of my friends from 6th Grade ...more

You're kidding? Sixth grade is the last (for me there was no grade thirteen)? No way! Sixth grade was the best year of my life! We had the best times, everyone was cool with each other... I LOVE sixth grade, especially since we started middle school. Wasn't as bad as my sister complained it was. I seriously wish that sixth grade never ended!

13 Grade 11

11th was NOT the best grade ever! It was better than 10th grade, but 11th grade was awful! Lots of students going to detention, students are too involved in sports than education & lots of good friends I have be going to activities during lunch! So yeah I'm happy to be a senior in high school now.

Its great. Only 2 years left in school, all wrapped up in the anticipation of Senior Year and Graduation, and best of all, this is the grade many get their drivers licence.

It's great being in 11th grade because you're over halfway done, you're one of the big kids, and you still don't have to freak out over college yet.

I'm about to fail with Fs in all my classes. I have no drive. Hello, people. Goodbye.

14 Preschool

When I was in preschool, I was 4 going on 14. I ditched class a few times, was the spoiled princess preschool bully, and I once threw a ball over the playground fence and laughed about what I did. I guess you could say I peaked in preschool.

Well I went to one of the worst preschools in my nearby with teachers who attempted to kill me multiple times by nuts. Exaggerated but seriously I despised my time here until my last year when I finally had control over my conscousness

You get to take naps and I only had to go a half day 2 or 3 days a week. Didn't have to get up too early.

Honestly, I liked preschool it had problems, but I didn't remember anything

15 Grade 13

Grade 13 is the best because the classes only focus on your interest. College has more freedom. Even though, I'm Only in 6th grade. It would be an exciting year for me!

What is 13th grade? It only goes to 12th grade. You could of just put "college". It would make more sense.

Sheesh this year is the best. I am only 9th grade and 13th is where it's at. Greatest Of All Time. (GOAT Status)

Grade 13 is the best year to be in school.

16 Transitional Kindergarten
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