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1 Kindergarten

No responsibilities, no homework, no work, Kindergarten was the best time to be a kid and still is the best time to be a kid. I love Kindergarten to death. - MasterBeef

All you do is eat have naps and nobody cares about anything

Yeah, you just color, sing, sleep, eat snacks, and play! What's wrong with that?

I had a really good teacher in kindergarten but I am now in 4th grade I miss kindergarten

2 Grade 5

5th grade was so far the best grade for because my teacher was a tech whiz and would let us play on Chromebooks she bought if we finished assignments early, which motivated everyone in my class to do better. That also made me and all my classmates smarter going into 6th grade. Now I'm going into 8th grade and I am thanking my 5th grade teacher for motivating us and teaching us a lot of things.

Fifth grade has been the best year of my life! I've made LOTS of friends and have had so much fun! This year has mostly been my favorite because of my teacher, Ms. Winters!
I am quite disappointed that the school year has come to an end, because it has been so great and I have grown a lot threw 5th grade! I hope people have as much fun in 5th grade as I did! Wish me luck in 6th grade!

In 5th grade, there was a dance party only for 5th graders, there was a pool party only for 5th graders. In 5th grade, there is no one older than you, so you rule the school until the teachers walk by. 5th grade was the best so far because I had perfect grades, awesome group of friends, and amazing teachers. When I was in 5th grade, there was an ice cream party for the kids who got A's and/or B's the entire year, that I got to attend. I also attended a pancake party, and let me tell you, that was pancake party ranks higher than all of my birthdays combined on a scale of awesomeness. Only two or three school bullies, but they one of them was in 3rd grade, and I could easily lift him off the ground if I wanted to get back at him. One of the most awesome, cool, amazing things you could do in 5th grade was sign up for safety patrol. I told my best friends to sign up, because I wanted to experience it with them, and they did. The rules were that if your grades dropped to a D or lower, or ...more

Back in 5th (which was a year ago by the way), I had a very rude math teacher who gave out marks for really bad reasons. The rest of 5th grade was fun though. - TeamRocket747

My grade 5 year was terrible - trains45

3 Grade 4

In in 4th - TheAwesomeDude54

I was sad because I Had to leave my teacher

Brings back so many memories - 23windomt

In Romania, 4th grade it's more of a bridge between primary school (1-4) and elementary school (5-8), so we had fun,we were all friends, a happy group, and my teacher was good, and my grades were flourishing (and still are), but one thing I am sad about, is leaving the teacher behind and moving on, in Romania the 1-4 grades are made with one primary teacher and another teacher who was the teacher of another subject. But I moved on, and now I am good. - AzureCrystals

4 Grade 2

I did so good in 2nd grade I won a trophy for it lol

My teacher was nice to me, but I got a bad vibe from her, seems shady I don't know. - Luckys

Best teacher of elementary school was in 2nd grade. - shiftaltkey

The grade when I moved into a new school. There was this kid that acted evil and he still watched very, very, very babyish shows like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. - poopesmoji111

5 Grade 12

Yeah they can do anything to 7th and 6th and other graders like cutting the line awesome

I feel like 12th grade is great because you've made it to the end of your school experience and this is where you can make up what you've failed before when it comes to required credits before it's too late and you either don't graduate or need to take grade 12 again or go into Adult Education. It's also one of the most free years of school you will experience

Grade 12 Because You Have To Finish School

I was in grade 12 be 3 years ago soon, time sure flies, it was exciting to have grad - trains45

6 Grade 8

Gave me a lot of anxiety that year, but 8th grade is the one year where you start to form your friend groups and you can basically start over if you wanted to (let's say you messed up bad in seventh grade), plus being a freshman most of the friends I speak to are the ones I made in eighth grade.

I absolutely loved 8th grade because I knew so many people from the past year. - Aleca

Better than 7th Grade - 23windomt

I found an official (temporary) friend group and it was an interesting year. Many kids were problematic and I developed a special loathing for three kids, but graduation was amazing and it was a good year to me. - PhoenixAura81

7 Grade 3

I loved third grade! I met my best friend for life during this grade and had a lot of amazing memories with all my friends and class! Loved it

How is this #7?! I LOVED this grade, and my teacher was the best. I could have voted grade 5, because I ended up getting the same teacher as in grade 3. I had a better relationship with my class that year, because I have been with the same group of people for a long time.

2nd favorite teacher, everyone said my teacher was mean, but I liked she was only mean to the bad kids. She was also funny and where I met a few of my friends. - Luckys

I loved third grade!

8 Grade 1

Had the best teacher ever in first grade.

Ah.. The good times. - MasterHand

I had a very mean teacher in the 1st grade so this one is a big no for me - Yoshi

My favorite grade. - Luckys

9 Grade 9

This grade is my favorite grade, I don't know why, but I like how the numbers are going, I had great things happening this grade. So I see how most people hated this grade, because there was a lot of bad things happening this grade in there personal life! Like there was upperclassmen picking or bulling them, getting put in special ed/recourse classes, having a hard getting good grades, and of course there are police officers arresting them! So it really bothers me to see how people claims 9th grade was the worst grade! You can either like or dislike my comment that's fine, because there are plenty of people who had a good time and enjoyed this grade like me. So you need to be accepted even though you hate this grade!

Freshman year of high school was chill for the most part. - shiftaltkey

So ready for this grade eighth grade is the worst haha

OPINION SO FAR: After my very traumatic middle school experience, I moved into the best band program and matured quickly. 4 of my teachers suck though. - Ender_

10 Grade 10

Hi, I live in Turkey and the system in Turkey is like between 0-100 and so many of my grades are over 95.
I have never got any grades like these before, maybe because I turned a little bit nerder but anyways. My opinion is that way.

I move from Africa at this grade. I met The Plastics at this grade, and they make me famous just like them. And I won Spring Flin Queen at just Grade 10. And I met the love of my life at this grade. Yeah it's you Aaron! This is the best grade

10th grade was NOT the best school year ever! It was stressful than 9th grade & your friends do immature things to you. So yeah I'm ready to be a senior in high school. - DPS501

(i'm Australian)
don't have to worry about the stress of senior schooling- whilst being a senior? easy pick!


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11 Grade 11

Grade 11 was not bad for me - trains45

Its great. Only 2 years left in school, all wrapped up in the anticipation of Senior Year and Graduation, and best of all, this is the grade many get their drivers licence. - MovieFan007

It's great being in 11th grade because you're over halfway done, you're one of the big kids, and you still don't have to freak out over college yet.

11th was NOT the best grade ever! It was better than 10th grade, but 11th grade was awful! Lots of students going to detention, students are too involved in sports than education & lots of good friends I have be going to activities during lunch! So yeah I'm happy to be a senior in high school now. - DPS501

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12 Grade 7

This was great, I loved my teachers, did fun extracurricular activities, and had many close friends

I live in the UK, the equivalent of Grade 7 (age 12-13) here is called Year 8. It's the last year before you start your GCSE exam courses in Year 9, which is when you have to put in so much more work and it's a lot harder. Also in the summer of that year, there was a heatwave so we all ended up hanging around on the school field and playing football, it was carefree. I made a lot of new friends in this year too, all of which are still with me today. We also had a great school trip to Germany for a week, which was a really great experience for me. And I haven't even started on the World Cup fever in that summer... it was just glorious. - submergedboy

Man, my 7th grade teachers are amazing (I do online school). They want us to succeed, and they will help us all the time!

7th Graders are rude to 6th Graders - ArcticWolf

13 Grade 6

You're kidding? Sixth grade is the last (for me there was no grade thirteen)? No way! Sixth grade was the best year of my life! We had the best times, everyone was cool with each other... I LOVE sixth grade, especially since we started middle school. Wasn't as bad as my sister complained it was. I seriously wish that sixth grade never ended!

Sixth grade at my school was actually fun, robotics was the best

I loved sixth grade. Sure bad stuff happened like relatives dying, car crash, hospital visits, my mother spraining her wrist, but hey 6th grade was the best for me so far! I had a huge crush on a dude, and went around for ever without anyone knowing, and I was the one who finally got the chance to tell someone I liked them without a friend doing it, and embarrassing me. Plus my teacher was amazing! (Even though she split her head open and her brain was bleeding, and she almost died) she can’t smell or taste but she was still an amazing teacher! Greetings to you Mrs. Martin (ha beatchya! ) also I loved my math teacher, she was fun.

I'm going into 6th grade

14 Grade 13

My high school had grade 13 if you come back for an extra year after graduating to get extra credits and stuff - trains45

I think this was added as a joke.

Freshman year at college.

There's no 13th grade! You're silly!

15 Preschool
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