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1 Kindergarten

Yeah, you just color, sing, sleep, eat snacks, and play! What's wrong with that?

I agree. In kindergarten the biggest worry was not having the coolest necklace or whatever you kids fight about nowadays.

In Kindergarten, you just play with toys, sleep, and don't have to worry about grades or tests or homework. For me 4th Grade was probably one of the worst years of my life. I gut bullied for being the shortest girl in the class, a boy named Alex almost threw a dead wolf spider on me (On purpose), I had a mean teacher, and I was known as the werido in 4th grade.

Ok if I had a day at my school where my class went to the kindergarten room and did every test they were gonna take that year we would all finish in like 5 minutes - Amaimon

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2 Grade 5

In 5th grade, there was a dance party only for 5th graders, there was a pool party only for 5th graders. In 5th grade, there is no one older than you, so you rule the school until the teachers walk by. 5th grade was the best so far because I had perfect grades, awesome group of friends, and amazing teachers. When I was in 5th grade, there was an ice cream party for the kids who got A's and/or B's the entire year, that I got to attend. I also attended a pancake party, and let me tell you, that was pancake party ranks higher than all of my birthdays combined on a scale of awesomeness. Only two or three school bullies, but they one of them was in 3rd grade, and I could easily lift him off the ground if I wanted to get back at him. One of the most awesome, cool, amazing things you could do in 5th grade was sign up for safety patrol. I told my best friends to sign up, because I wanted to experience it with them, and they did. The rules were that if your grades dropped to a D or lower, or ...more

Back in 5th (which was a year ago by the way), I had a very rude math teacher who gave out marks for really bad reasons. The rest of 5th grade was fun though. - TeamRocket747

Fifth grade was amazing, but there was one thing. Me and eleven people got into this special class for "smarter" people. Of course, everyone thought that we thought we were better than them, which wasn't true at all, so it was the only year I was ever bullied, because the rest of the grade along with my classmates were just pushes and teased and insulted and bullied that year, and none of us were outcasts before. However, that year was awesome also because my classmates and teachers were nice, we did fun stuff, and I got good grades. - MaxAurelius

Probably the best school year ever! My favorite part of fifth grade was going to camp Green Lane for a whole day. Probably the most fun outdoor experience I've ever had! The only bad part was when we graduated, I was the only kid in the entire grade who didn't go to the middle school everyone else went to. Which meant I was back to square one when it came to friends. I have many friends at my school that I just graduated at. - PhoenixAura81

Grade 5 was the best. My math class was hilarious, and I had the best friends ever who just... drifted apart. - mistyglow

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3 Grade 2

I am in 4th grade, and kindergarten really sucked, so I will have to go with 2nd grade, and it really was fun, she was my FAVORITE TEACHER of my life. GO 2nd GRADE! WOO HOO

My teacher is like the best teacher. Floats? Yum! Marble parties and perfect attendance parties? Fun! Hating her? Dumb! - mathguy37

My teacher was awesome and my life went from awful to good. I took fun field trips and many ither good things happen

My teacher in second grade was on a Britgirl level of nice. - 445956

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4 Grade 4

My school life in grade 4 was the best. Perfect grades. Perfect friends. Good teachers and admired by school and community

HORRIBLE. The teachers yelled at me I couldn't go the bathroom by myself REALLY? It was so bad I didn't like it the bus driver that year was rude and it was so boring! - Lordvader3500

Grade 4 was the best year for me. There was no bullies, lots of fun when we worked really hard, and I've had the nicest teacher ever! - MissRWBY202

Three words: Best Teacher Ever. - gizzmokids1

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5 Grade 3

Third grade was amazing, even though I missed the fabled Survivor week. I went to Prague, Czech Republic during that week. It was great, but I wish I took part in Survivor week. - PhoenixAura81

My sister and I loved third grade! Awesome teachers, great class, and just an overall good year.

My teacher was really nice then. - Tacocheese

Good old dazes - 23windomt

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6 Grade 12

Hey, you're almost done with school! - funnyuser

I love Senior Appreciation Week because you get to skip class, see a cool talent show, and enjoy a BBQ and if you live nearby, you get to go home after the BBQ!

Best because at graduation day, it will be the best day of school ever.

Better time of my life next to college - blackdragonwoman95

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7 Grade 8

Currently in 8th grade, SO much better than 6&7. Not as good as 5, but it's just been easier for me. However, a problematic girl who hates me (and would probably jump me) has just been moved to my ela class and might be moved to my math class (lunch class! ) so that kinda sucks

Good grade due to being easy, but it is still really boring, has same friends, and feels somewhat like 7th grade. - Call

The only reason I'm voting for this is because it is the only year so far I didn't struggle to make friends.

Although it was not easy, but I'll never forget it.

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8 Grade 1

I moved to a new school in the second grade, and all my classmates told me that year that all the first grade teachers were the worst. - MaxAurelius

It sucks. Because the homework changes and gets confusing - SoloPotato

I hated this grade so much, it was long, boring and crappy. - LeRoiDesSapins

WORST. GRADE. EVER! Teacher stunk, I always was in trouble, kids were pos, the work was boring, and it was the worst year of my life! - blackdragonwoman95

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9 Pre K

Pre K was the worst for me. You had to stay in all day and do tests. No lunch, no recess, and the only thing they called recess was Water Days. You had to go into you bathing suit and run in the water. The teacher forced me to do it. But I'm happy I was only there for a month! - Tacocheese

No work just playing with toys ipads sleeping and having pizza days and having a lot of fun

People pushed me in the bushes and called me a rock star, which I thought was the meanest insult ever. - mistyglow

@KingSlayer93316- My PreK/Preschool class was Christian/religious as well. They make all the children worship and respect Jesus. I was (and still am) atheist but I still respected their beliefs.

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10 Grade 9

This grade is my favorite grade, I don't know why, but I like how the numbers are going, I had great things happening this grade. So I see how most people hated this grade, because there was a lot of bad things happening this grade in there personal life! Like there was upperclassmen picking or bulling them, getting put in special ed/recourse classes, having a hard getting good grades, and of course there are police officers arresting them! So it really bothers me to see how people claims 9th grade was the worst grade! You can either like or dislike my comment that's fine, because there are plenty of people who had a good time and enjoyed this grade like me. So you need to be accepted even though you hate this grade!

OPINION SO FAR: After my very traumatic middle school experience, I moved into the best band program and matured quickly. 4 of my teachers suck though. - Ender_

After suffering from what happened in my 8th grade year, I started to keep my head up and move on!

Very sucky... worst grade ever. Well, sophomore year is pretty bad too...and 6th grade. - MovieFan007

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11 Grade 10

I move from Africa at this grade. I met The Plastics at this grade, and they make me famous just like them. And I won Spring Flin Queen at just Grade 10. And I met the love of my life at this grade. Yeah it's you Aaron! This is the best grade

10th grade was NOT the best school year ever! It was stressful than 9th grade & your friends do immature things to you. So yeah I'm ready to be a senior in high school. - DPS501

For me, 10th grade started bad, but ended good. - LeRoiDesSapins

I’m not in grade 10 yet, (I will be this September) so the only reason I voted on it as of right now is because grades 10-12 at my school get an extra day of the summer break, plus grade 10 seems to be the least stressful year in high school as you won’t feel like you’re on the bottom like you do in grade 9, but at the same time, you don’t really have to worry about college yet. - 3DG20

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12 Grade 11

11th was NOT the best grade ever! It was better than 10th grade, but 11th grade was awful! Lots of students going to detention, students are too involved in sports than education & lots of good friends I have be going to activities during lunch! So yeah I'm happy to be a senior in high school now. - DPS501

It's great being in 11th grade because you're over halfway done, you're one of the big kids, and you still don't have to freak out over college yet.

Its great. Only 2 years left in school, all wrapped up in the anticipation of Senior Year and Graduation, and best of all, this is the grade many get their drivers licence. - MovieFan007

For me, 11th grade was my favorite grade. This should be much higher than this. - LeRoiDesSapins

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13 Grade 7

The start of a non-universal middle school life... As a turning point in my life, it was hard to adapt at first to the environment. Eventually, I made close bonds with my friends today, went out of my introverted shell, and developed as a mature student. My grades didn't change though (I still got A's as of the 2017-2018 school year). Though in 8th grade, I continued to become the student I am today while began understanding the importance of being myself. I'll never forget my middle school years, especially 7th! Let's hope I improve even further during high school. - Kwaysar

7th grade was a really fun year for me. I reunited with some of my previous friends in elementary school, and the teachers were all pretty amazing to me. There were some situations where things were not so good, but I think it was one of the fastest years for me.

I liked 7th grade because we watched Disney's Hercules in class after studying Greek mythology. It was the first time I have seen the movie and I fell in love with it. I have been obsessed with it ever since.

I’m in this boring grade and health class... is the worst thing ever. - mistyglow

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14 Grade 6

I loved sixth grade because I had more friends than ever and it was my first year without social group (a thing in my elementary school for kids who need work with socializing. Thank god I'm done with that now).I was pretty popular, but it could be because some kids were maybe manipulating me, I don't know. - PhoenixAura81

This was the year I started to do really well in school. - Pony

Grade 6 is one word HORRIBLE!

So much better than 5th and 7th grade! 7th grade is terrible for me. But I loved 6th grade. I wish I could go back to 6th grade honestly. And 5th grade was THE WORST! I wasn’t too fond of 3rd grade either. Wasn’t the best. But 6th grade! Oh it was awesome!

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15 Grade 13

Um I don't know grade 13 - FluffyLayette

This is first college - mathguy37

Grade 13 is the best year to be in school. - AlphaQ

You mean college freshman year.

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