Top 10 Redeeming Qualities of Virtual School

The pandemic has been... rough to say the least. After switching to a virtual learning environment, everyone faced challenges.
Fortunately, virtual school isn't ALL bad.

What are your favorite parts? Feel free to comment and add your own items to the list!
The Top Ten
1 No fights

Don't you hate it when the hallways are blocked by people fighting over something dumb? Not a problem in virtual school!

2 No bullies
3 Never accidentally leaving stuff at home because you are home

Normal school:
"Ugh, I left my _____ at home!"

Virtual School: All of my pencils, pens, binders, paper, and devices are here!

4 Sleeping in

No time spent on transportation = more time you get to sleep in!

Getting up early is hard...

5 Not having to listen to people complaining in between classes

My friends are awesome, but people at my school can be really... whiney. At home, I only have to listen to stuff that is necessary!

6 No one sits in front of you and makes it hard to see

My fellow short people know what I'm talking about. There needs to be a new word invented to describe distinct struggle of being stuck in a seat in the back of the room, behind someone SUPER TALL. Or, if you're really short, just someone average height. Then, you have to crane your neck and move around in all kinds of uncomfortable positions just to take notes! It's a pain. Literally. At home, on Zoom, YOU ARE FREE.

7 Never having to loan your supplies to someone who doesn't give them back
8 No uncomfortable chairs

Chairs at School are "one size fits all" and have 0 cushion. They are ok for a bit, but not comfortable for an hour. At home, you can join Zoom sessions on the couch and never be uncomfortable!

9 No fire/earthquake/intruder drills
10 You can go to the bathroom without having to excuse yourself
The Contenders
11 No annoying couple drama

This isn't a big problem at my school, but I would be very annoyed if it was.

12 No one can stop you from eating in class
13 The room you work in is the temperature you want it to be

Every school seems to have a bunch of rooms that are always too hot or too cold. And there are kids and teachers who don't even notice, so it never gets fixed. When you aren't the right temperature, it is hard to learn. At home, you HAVE THE POWER OF THE THERMOSTAT.

14 No backpack
15 You can see people's pets
16 No gross bathrooms
17 No need to travel to school
18 No items taken away because you are at home
19 Sleeping during class
20 Super easy to skip class
21 Easier to cheat
22 Get to wear pyjamas
23 Get to have stuffed animals with you
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