Top Ten Best Excuses for Not Doing Homework

Ever wandered into school, then went into a panic attack when you realised that you'd forgotten your homework? Well, here's a list of explanations to give to your teacher, so stay calm.
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1 My dog ate it

This one is a classic that I'm sure many students and teachers have heard before.

Teachers didn't even believe this when my parents were at school.

My dog has actually eaten my homework before no joke she was just a puppy so I can't blame her, and I'm only on this website because I forgot to do my homework so I need and excuse

These are great but I tell the truth.

2 It offended me

Excellent one, especially if it's on a white paper, because then you bring up the fact that BlackPaperLivesMatter.

3 I left it at home

I used this excuse all the time in my 8th grade physics class, mostly because I was too lazy to do my homework and could care less about the assignment. It still didn't stop me from getting homework notes, though.

I'm pretty sure we have all said this before.

Everyone has used before right?

When I don't do it I leave it at home, tell them I left it, nothing happens to me, I do it later that day

4 You asked me to do it, you didn't tell me to do it, so I thought it was optional

I like this one it is good and I think this might work sometimes...

5 I ran out of toilet paper

Ha, That's a good excuse

Haha laugh out loud

6 I had an accident, so I was rushed to the hospital
7 Some bullies stole it

Then they would ask who the bullies were.

That's a reasonable one.

That's a good one to use

8 My house burnt down, along with the homework
9 I put it in a shredder

That one's not so good. Your teacher's just going to say that you need to be more responsible.

I wanted to shred paper, but it turned out it was actually my homework.

10 I spent the afternoon playing with my cat
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11 I didn't have time

Sorry I was too busy getting lost in my closet and searching for Narnia.

Pretty good excuse.

Not an excuse

12 I saved it on Google Drive and the school computer blocked it

This would be a good one to use as long as the teacher doesn't make your prove it. It also shows how many stupid things the school computer blocks (I'm looking at you, iBoss). This has even happened to me when I was trying to do homework on Google Drive and it was blocked because of "prohibited email-based content." I ended up having to do my homework on my desktop computer at home.

13 It was so cold at my house that the ink in all the pens became a bose-einstein condensate, making it impossible to write with them
14 Didn't you feel the earthquake?
15 We had a family meeting
16 I left it at school
17 You assigned homework?

I did this before! But I really thought this because I didn't get homework. And I was at school!

Haha! I said this and she asked "you didn't know?"...and that's it!

This one is a 50/50 chance of passing.

Ha laugh out loud

18 I did it on the computer and the printer broke

Not a good one. What if the teacher says you could have printed it at school?

You could save it on a USB drive and go to a relative's house or the library and print it out there

19 We were starving at home, and the homework was the only source of nutrition available

"Ah yes, I'll make a homework sandwich..."

20 My computer got a virus
21 I threw it in the recycling bin
22 The dog had puppies on it
23 I thought it was an important document of yours that I had by pure accident, so I mailed it back to you
24 I played video games all day
25 I became a ninja
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