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1 Creeper

The Creeper is the greatest scooby doo villain! The episode he appears in is one of my favorites!

This is the most famous villain in the Scooby Doo Franchise

He says his name


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2 The Phantom of Vasquez Castle

The phantom of Vasquez Castle and the creeper are the two most well-known Scooby-doo villains - Ajkloth

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3 Ghost of Captain Cutler

Captain Cutler's Ghost has always been my favorite for some reason.

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4 Black Knight

The first, the original, and still the best.

He was just a awesome character which looked cool

5 Phantom Shadows

That laugh mixed with the jingling chains just adds more creepiness to the villains and it makes them so much more terrifying, They are the best!

Their creepy laugh and mysteriousness was "pun intended" the final nail in the coffin for making them my favorite scooby doo villains!

I agree 100% they are creepy and the best, They even brought the green ghost back for Night of 100 frights and mystery mayhem

6 Witch Doctor

The funniest and coolest! - Freb

7 Phantom Virus

Best and from Cyber Chase!

8 Space Kook

Only one that actually scared me as a kid

Great spooky laugh and glowing helmet

Really good villain.

I loved space kook

9 Ghost Clown

Awesome scooby doo villain

10 Charlie the Robot

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11 Crunch
12 Dracula
13 Tar Monster
14 Snow Ghost

He is in one of my favorite episodes ever!

15 Cotton Candy Glob
16 10,000 Volt Ghost

#1 ghost and villain #ever

17 Brunch
18 Professor Pericles

The ultimate villain

19 Masked Figure
20 The Mastermind (Scooby Doo Night of 100 Frights)
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