Best Scooby Doo Villains

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1 Creeper

The Creeper is the greatest scooby doo villain! The episode he appears in is one of my favorites!

Most Famous and Coolest villain not to mention the episode was just awesome

This is the most famous villain in the Scooby Doo Franchise

He is the most known

2 Ghost of Captain Cutler

Captain Cutler's Ghost has always been my favorite for some reason.

One of the few to be both creepy, menacing, and not annoying

Looks like a Spongebob character...

This is a classic and my favourite

3 The Phantom of Vasquez Castle

The phantom of Vasquez Castle and the creeper are the two most well-known Scooby-doo villains

The phantom so so scary looking

4 Black Knight

To me, the Black Knight set the standard of Scooby Doo Where Are You? The setting in the museum was genius, and the episode as a whole was great. The original is usually considered the best, and the black night as the first scooby doo Gillian, is no exception.

He's the first Scooby villain and, is just cool. (He's also better than guys who are 'doctors' in ragged clothes)!

He was just a awesome character which looked cool

The first, the original, and still the best.

5 Phantom Shadows

That laugh mixed with the jingling chains just adds more creepiness to the villains and it makes them so much more terrifying, They are the best!

Their creepy laugh and mysteriousness was "pun intended" the final nail in the coffin for making them my favorite scooby doo villains!

Ulhaha haha ulhahaahaulhahaa

I agree 100% they are creepy and the best, They even brought the green ghost back for Night of 100 frights and mystery mayhem

6 Space Kook

The episode with the Space Kook has one of the greatest gags not only in Scooby Doo but all of cartoons.

Only one that actually scared me as a kid

Great spooky laugh and glowing helmet

Really good villain.

7 Witch Doctor

The funniest and coolest!

8 Ghost Clown

Pennywise's father!
Pretty creepy guy, honestly with that psychopathic smile and those black malicious eyes.
Hey! Has anyone seen Crispen Glover's Clowny clown clown (in case you forgot Crispen Glover is the father in Back To The Future)? Anyone hmm... Clowny clown clown is such a "great" song😕. Anyone like it?
The clown in it looks like this one!

Awesome scooby doo villain

Easily the most maniacal

9 Phantom Virus

Best and from Cyber Chase!

10 Dracula
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11 Charlie the Robot

A lot of people don't consider him as an actual villain because he wasn't a bad guy in disguise. But he was pretty cool. With his walk and bright flashing eyes!

12 Tar Monster

He looked so cool.

13 Cotton Candy Glob

Cotton candy is like so scary...

Just kidding

14 10,000 Volt Ghost

#1 ghost and villain #ever

15 Brunch
16 Snow Ghost

He is in one of my favorite episodes ever!

17 Professor Pericles

The ultimate villain


A great villain :HYPERS:

18 Puppet Master

His ability to disappear in an instant is awesome. And the fact that he's an old guy and can move like he did makes him even better. The costume is perfect too.

I HATE PUPPETS! They are freaky! And when I saw this episode I decided I could never be a detective.

This guy kinda has a Batman feel to him with the dark costume and disappearing if you look away for a second

19 Crunch
20 Ghost of Redbeard
21 Miner Forty-Niner

Miner Forty-Niner is pretty cool, his moan from the episode he was in pretty Spooky.

That moan gave me the chills even if it was a animated kids show.

22 Masked Figure
23 The Freak of Crystal Cove

Aka. Fred's fake father, the x mayor jones

24 Skeleton Men
25 Mummy of Anka

I just think it is hysterical how surprised they are to find out that it is the very sinister and mysterious "Dr. Najib! "

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