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Black Veil Brides is an American rock band currently consisting of Andy Biersack (vocals), Jinxx (guitar), Jake Pitts (guitar), Christian Coma (drums) and Ashley Purdy (bass), that formed in 2006 in Ohio. more.


Black veil brides is a life saving band. They're lyrics are so relatable and deep. They mean everything to me. Andy is the best song writer in the world on my opinion. Jake Pitts is incredible on the lead! He is so talented that it's crazy! And Jinxx is just as good! Ashley is amazing on the bass. Christian coma aka CC is the best drummer I have ever heard as well. The way they all play together is the best thing I've ever heard. They're newest album BVB4 is the best music I've ever heard they have progressed in they're music so much. I've listened to black veil brides ever since I just turned seven. And along with many others I can also say that they saved me. They saved my life. They are my hero and my saviours. I love them all with my whole heart.

For example some people don't think that they're lyrics are life saving and inspirational. Well, they aren't in every song. They haven't started the band to save lives, that's just a bonus. Example in the song knives and pens, it's ...more

Think that that black veil brides should be the top screams band because andy can scream like its his job and well it is his job to scream and if black veil brides ends then all of the members are going to do nothing they are all very young what else are they going to do so that will be the end of black veil brides and by the way black veil brides are my most favorite band and the are very helpful to all the emo kids out there that are getting picked on so not only are they amazing they are helpful too so all of the band members are so beautiful and I love them!

They are one of the most amazing bands every they are very inspirational and they all have good personalities they are very talented and they are also very popular lots of people love this band and most say that they are their saviors and they are really amazing people most of them are in happy relationships and they seem very happy their music is not only inspirational but it is creative and fun to listen to I love to listen to it when I'm sad happy mad or just wanting alone time I love Black Veil Brides

I'm such a big fan! I love many bands but I just love this one the most. Nowadays most idiotic pop songs just talk about twerking and getting girls and cars but just read some of the lyrics from some Black Veil Brides songs. :

Knives and Pens

With Knives and Pens we made our plight,

And I can't go on without your love you lost you never held on.

We tried our best to turn out the light. Turn out the light.

For example, this pop song

My anaconda don't my anaconda don't my anaconda don't want none unless you got buns hun.

Like, what?!? That song has no meaning to it and it's inappropriate.

See what I mean? - rebel_fangirl

They have helped me through so much I love them and wish they were more known for their music, they are deserving on winning everything except "crappy bands" If other girls bags Ashley and Andy the I get Coma and Pitts, hmm, Helanna Vast Coma... It has a cool ring to it, or Helanna Vast Pitts, still little ring, BVB ARMY 4EVA

Black Veil Brides is an awesome band I love the way they sound. Their music is great. I am impressed with the sound that comes out when I hear their music. Their makeup is so beautiful, I am so amazed by their appearance. I wish them good luck with the rest their career and hopefully they will not ever stop making music.

Black Veil Brides has inspired me to do many things with their music, they are the best band ever! I actually figured them out because of the name Andy. My nickname is Andy and it has always been and I searched up Andy and I found Andy Biersack. I started listening to them and they became my favorite band of all time!

They have such inspirational meaning behind their songs and they are all stereotyped as aggressive or weird people, when in reality they are probably more kind than the haters that they get.
Andy BIERSACK! Is the most inspirational person I know. I look up to him when I'm feeling down

Andy's higher screams sound very different from any other I've heard and it is interesting to listen to them. In addition, Jake and Jinxx are amazing guitarists that deserve more credit than they are given.

Black veil brides was the first band I actually got into, I listened to them so much, the lyrics described every situation I was in, I got called names because I was the only 11 year old that listened to them in my school, I'm nearly 15 now and I've been to almost 12 of their concerts!

I love love love this band so much, all their songs have great meanings and are marvellous... This is the most awesome band in the world... I am not the girl that says this just because of their looks it is because of their amazing talents and voices...

Black veil brides is one of those band you can sit and listen to for hours at a time. They are definitely one of my favorite bands. If you are just starting to get into screamo music than this is a good start. They have good meaning and are very understanding.

They aren't one of those bands that scream for no reason. They have a meaning and they help the kids in need. I love their music and every band member not just Andy. Those fan girls are stupid and posers anyway. BVB Army forever

I LOVE ANDY BIERSACK black veil brides is amazing they are by far one of my favorite bands ever can't wait to see them on Friday. They have some of the best songs I've ever heard hope they continue making music in the mere future

Andy and the rest of the band are so cool... They don't care wheat people think of them and their fans they want their fans to be happy and be themselves. If they can do anything then we can too and they inspire us to do that!

Black Veil Brides is my FAVORITE band in the world, There Music, w=how they dress, They don't give a poop about the haters, I love every band member not just Andy, My friend listens to BVB because of Andy, and I told her she is not a true fan, and she got mad (: The music speaks to me, and when I'm sad or mad I listen to them

Black Veil Brides will forever be my favorite band. The messages in their songs mean so much to me. Their music has got me trough so much in my life.

Black Veil Brides is just so inspiring and has helped me through a lot. They are so talented and there music is nom, nom, nom. Not to forget Andy is an ANGEL! So is the rest of the band and I love all of them. They are my heroes.

How can bullet for my valentine be the number one screamo band I think that BLACK VAIL BRIDES should be number one because they are the best screamo band by far

I love Black Veil Brides! Not just because Andy is very attractive, but their lyrics are quite deep and meaningful, I can relate. I can honestly say that Black Veil Brides have changed my life for the better.

black veil brides is the most amazing and most influential band I have ever come across. I love andy six!

Black Veil Brides was one of the first bands I listened to and after listening to it, I got into the rest of the bands but black veil brides is definitely one of the top bands because of Andy Six's amazing voice! I didn't like screamo until I got introduced to this band and Andy Six is one of my Idols! I BVB!

They are one of my Favorite bands ever! They are amazingly good. I love all the band member to death! They help people through bad times. They are very good looking. And all in all, they're just a good band.

Without BVB I wouldn't be here right now so I really appreciate the fact that they are in the top 5 but I don't really think they scream; I mean, they screamed in Knives and Pens and Perfect Weapon and I think that's it from all of my knowledge but anyways, check out this band, it's amazing! Andy has amazing vocals, Ashley is amazing at guitar, Jinxx and Jake won the Golden God for guitar and CC is insane on the drums. I am very happy because I get to see them in concert in October with Falling in Reverse

Black Veil Brides is a amazing band they get me through so many days of my life I'm not only a fan cause of Andy's looks don't get me wrong he is hot but I love the whole band and all there songs