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101 Murderdolls

Love them since they broke up I wish they could be a band again love Wednesday 13 and his bands

My all time band! Been to ever gig they done in UK and wednesday 13 by him self! Not really scremo though? Horror punk

102 Architects

This guys are my favorite band ever, they are way to good to be at 89, all their albums are great, and their live performances are AWESOME!
They have perfect vocals, they have perfect riffs, and they are way much better than Asking Alexandria who are at number one, Architects are at the same level (if not in a higher level) that Bring Me The Horizon are and if BMTH is at second then Architects should be at least in the top 5, even though most of the bands here can be classified as "Screamo"...

The best band ever, they're music makes me jizz, Feather Of Lead is a beautiful song, and Hollow Crown is a great album

This band is amazing. I cannot stop listening to their album Hollow Crown. This band is pure gold.

103 Make Me Famous

Awesome underground band they would be higher if people knew them

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104 Bury Tomorrow

AMAZING! First screamo band I listened too and got me hooked on screamo music instantly

105 Secrets

Everything you can want in a band, every song is so good.

The best band on this list.

Great band, sworn in is better though

106 Otep

Everyone knows I love them.. Specially.. Shamaya's stong and powerful voice.!

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107 Ghost Town

Ghost town is so great! The first band I ever liked. They deserve so much more credit

Ghost town can actually relate to how you are feeling more

108 Three Inches of Blood
109 Famous Last Words

You have to love their song the show must go on if you haven't heard it I recommend listening to it. But they are a bit underrated for how good they are.

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110 Set Your Goals
111 Demon Hunters Demon Hunters

Probably no one listens to them cause they're a Christian band, and most wouldn't even consider them Screamo just because of that, even though they clearly are. BUT they're really good, and should be higher up. Especially since their latest album Extremist is their best so far to me.

For the record, it's Demon Hunter. The "s" shouldn't be there. And these guys are amazing! - BKAllmighty

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112 In This Moment

In This Moment are cool. Please vote for them

There so cool I love everyone from In This Moment.

113 The Autumn Offering

They are not very well known and have had a few changes in the band over the years but all in all they were the first screamo band I ever really liked and I shall hold on to the belief that any screamo band that could have made a strictly classic rock guy like I used to be and pull me in like they did deserves recognition in every aspect I can think of

This is an awesome band, silence and goodbye is one if their best songs they made, it has great screaming, they are about relationships, everyone should listen to their songs at least once

Yes! They took my request for this band. This band is unknown to most people today. My favorite song by them is silence and goodbye.

114 Vanna
115 Hands Like Houses

They be in the top 15. Great band I don't know y there all the way down here. 2nd page. REALLY GUYS. THERE AMAZING.

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116 Converge

I loved this band at first, but then they just started to sound a bit monotonous. But that's just my opinion. Others can have theirs.

117 Hot Cross

Real screamo here. Cryonics is one of my favorite albums all time. Plus the band is made up of mostly Saetia members.

"The empty heads will always be the first to kill what's already dead. "

118 Lovehatehero
119 Heaven Shall Burn Heaven Shall Burn

Best song ever with the album is just famous

Great band...not Satanic just know that

Best screamo band (after bring me the horizon) and falling in reverse
They have the best screamer and band
Their lyrics are amazing

120 Dream On, Dreamer

Rated pretty low but they are an excellent band

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