Pierce The Veil

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Pierce the Veil is an American post-hardcore band from San Diego, California. Formed in 2006, the band was founded by brothers Vic and Mike Fuentes after the disbandment of the group Before Today, which was formed out of the San Diego punk rock scene.


Pierce the veil should be in the top ten at least. They put so much in there songs, its not about them being hot you shouldn't fall in love with a band just because there cute. You can tell each member puts so much passion in what they play. And you can tell they really enjoy it and the result of it? Amazing songs that you never get tired of (trust me I would know) Though I love Asking Alexandria and some of the bands in the top ten also so its pretty tough but this band? My number and should be in this list top 10.

Pierce a the Veil is one of the best rock bands in the world! There are so many fantastic guitar solos and the lyrics are so beautiful. Vic Fuentes never fails to deliver such beautiful meanings in his lyrics. And all the members are such sweethearts! They are all very dedicated to their families and their so kind to all their fans! And another thing that makes the band so beautiful, is that two members of the band, Vic and Tony had a rough childhood. Vic dealt with self harm and tiny was very depressed for a long time. So they pour their hearts into their music. This band is beautiful! If u don't love them there is something wrong with you

Fun fact:
Mike loves Harry Potter and has 3 or more Harry Potter tattoos.
Tony loves turtles and has a lot of turtle tattoos
Vic has no tattoos

This is one of the only bands I listen to. In fact, I'm listening to their "Props & Mayhem" as I'm typing this. Vic's voice is amazing (and no, I don't like this band because of how sexy the members are; hell, I'm a lesbian). Pierce the Veil is the band that got me into the screamo/post-hardcore genre. Before I heard their songs, I didn't even like the screaming. Now, I don't like some songs because they don't have screaming. This band is also amazing to see live. Vic has an amazing voice live, and the whole band is very fan-friendly, always getting their audience involved. Overall, this is the best band I've ever heard of (pun intended).

Absolutely love the band. They are very connected to their fans. The lyrics are so powerful. They have so much hidden meanings. It's fun to decode their songs. I absolutely love the rawness of Vic's voice. It feels personal. The only complaint I have is that they literally haven't posted a song since My Chemical Romance's break up besides The Divine Zero. Where is the new album boys? I haven't heard a song by them that was bad. The new album will be incredible I have confidence in that.

My absolute favourite band. Yeah, Vic can scream, that's the point of this list, but he has such a great mixed voice; I really love his post-hardcore vocals on Selfish Machines. He's a very close second to my favourite singer, Kellin Quinn (surprise, surprise). PTV's songwriting, though, is easily my favourite; it's emotional but unique and sophisticated. And their overall sound is amazing. Tony can shred! It's heavy enough that I can really get into it, but not too. Also, I met them and they're really cool and sweet. I just love everything about them.

They have a good style of music that's really different. Love their sound and everyone of their albums are amazing. The reason they should be number one on a screamo top ten is because of the way they implement it into their sound. It's used smartly and isn't overpowering the vocals of the songs. Overall my favorite band of all time and should be number one.

I hate how people are saying this is the best screamo band like no it isn't. There are so many better bands out there. And I admit, this is a really good band. I like them my self, but they shouldn't really be considered a screamo band, more like Post-hardcore where they scream its and bits. They should probably be lower down. But that is my opinion.

My tattoo says "Beauty Needs an Animal to Breathe" from PTV's song 'Sky Under the Sea'. Pierce the Veil makes amazing music and each song has a beautiful story behind it. And, let us not forget that... Vic... Is a sexy god.

I love them so much! They should be #1 for sure, not #19! They are the best band ALIVE! Plus they're really hot (: Vic Fuentes has one of the most beautiful voices ever. It's so natural. They don't use an auto tune at all which is good, it makes them REAL

I LOVE PIERCE THE VEIL. SO MUCH. Their songs all have real meaning in them, and a unique sound in general. My favourite song of theirs is 'A Match Into Water' - they have definitely helped me through some difficult times and I am so grateful for them.

I love pierce the veil, I really do, they're one of my favorite bands, but I don't know if I'd consider them to be "screamo".. I mean there's still some screamo but I feel like suicide silence and of mice and men should be higher in this chart.. - bandobsessed

Pierce the veil is so original and unique! Vic has an amazing voice, every band member is gifted. They know what young kids go through, and they write things in their songs that makes every one connect.

Pierce the veil is amazing. They have the most amazing songs ever. They ALL have wonderful voices and no auto-tune. All their songs are very emotional and you can definitely tell their songs come from the heart. Pierce the veil has changed my life and I'm sooo grateful they are my life even though I have never seen them.

I think they should be the #1 band there music inspires people all over the world. They change people's lives including mine. They are huge part of my life and so many others.

They are something special, with their unique blend and sound that is so unbelievably touching, beautiful, and hardcore at times. Amazing band. Life changing.

Most amazing band by far. All their songs, perfection. They pit their heart and soul into everything they write and play and that's what makes them the best

Why aren't they number one on this list? They are the best band to exist since the beetles and nirvana! I suggest them on the top rather than number one! They are perfect!

These guys write music from the heart. They are VERY talented and deserve to be on top

Pierce The Veil is one of my favorite bands! I always thought they were different. And besides, the band members are so nice to fans.

They are far too good. Like I've literally watched king for a day about 30 times in the last 3 days and I'm dying because they're so good

Literally the only song I like by them is king for a day all the others kinda suck if they are trying to be screamo no offense

Amazing band! Love vic so much and their music is so awesome. King for a day and 100 sleepless nights are my favorite songs by far.

BEST BAND EVER I think its not only the music that everyone can relate to, its vic's history. He dealt with self harm just as many of the listeners do

I love them so much they gave me a reason to live there are so cool love them forever this should be ########1111111111 I love them so much

They deserve number 1! Kellin's voice puts angels to shame! Plus they have a variety of songs that are so amazing!