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1 Eenie Meenie Eenie Meenie Cover Art

This is a very catchy track especially the chorus by Sean Kingston. I think the only reason why people don't vote for it or hate it is because that Justin Bieber is in the song. I agree with them because I hate Justin Bieber but it doesn't stop the song from being number one.

This is a great song mainly because of Sean Kingston's part because he brings this song forward. Justin Bieber is the down side of this catchy song, if it was someone else besides Justin Bieber it would be even better.

It is a great song. In this song sean sing it more beautiful than bieber. Excellent song, outstanding music
Whatever is being said from my side is not enough to describe this wonderful song

Justin Bieber and sean kinz look vry cool 2gether. I think this is the best song of the year 2010 after jb's baby. As an Indian girl I never liked English songs too much, but when I listened 2 baby and eenie meenie I can't stop listening 2 English songs. A lot thanxzz 2 jb and sean kinz 4 this song

2 Fire Burning Fire Burning Cover Art

This should be the best song of Sean Kingston.

Tantalizing lyrics and melody.

Brilliant song gives the wave to the dancers perfect disco or party son

Some one call 911 I'm dancing to the song smooth criminal whoa whoa I own the dance floor

3 Beautiful Girls Beautiful Girls Cover Art

This is the song that has Sean Kingston the awesome singer that he is today. If it wasn't for this song people might not even know his name.

This was his first number one song ever and it is always going to be his best song ever because it catchy and relaxing to listen too.

This song is amazing! It's very catchy and I love the beat! Probably his best song ever!

I think this is his best song ever, my friends and I are in love with it. its summery, fun to dance to, and super catchy.

4 Me Love Me Love Cover Art

Shawty if your a true Sean Kinston fan this is the song because its his first hit!

5 Take You There Take You There Cover Art

Easily the best chorus he has written. Give it a listen before voting and it will end up being in the top 3 for sure.

The best song not just with Sean Kingston but all song.

I feel its way better than eenie meenie it should have been higher

6 Letting Go (Dutty Love) Letting Go (Dutty Love) Cover Art

'Dutty dutty dutty love love'... Awesome rhythm... Must be in top 2... Neck-to-neck with 'beautiful girl'...

I like you sean kingston long live! %$#%$#%$#%#%

Should definitely be 1

Love this, Nicki Minaj is really good in this, great collaboration

7 Face Drop Face Drop Cover Art

AWESOME SONG... If a girl judges you by your looks, she obviously doesn't deserve you.  Most girls look for guys with six packs, money, car etc... Sometimes, the best guys are not so perfect, but they do care about you.

Great song with a deep meaning. The music urges you to get up and dance

Why isn't this song at least in the top 3?!

8 Party All Night (Sleep All Day) Party All Night (Sleep All Day) Cover Art

What the hell these ratings are on.This song at least deserves top 5 ranks. So listen and try it once and you will push this song to rank 1.One of the best Party Songs especially better than LMFAO Party Rock Anthem. Please at least give a meaningful rating.

I am wondering whats the matter, this song not even in top 10. The beats, lyrics, his pitch everything is fantastic here. You can't stop yourself from while listening to it.

What is going on, this should be number 1. great song, catchy, good lyrics and great tune love it and vote

What! This song is at 11? This must be in top 4's..
Awesome song...

9 Kingston Kingston Cover Art

This song is so good! Should be top 10!

10 Shawty's Like a Melody

I love this song very much... I want many songs like this...

This must be number 1... really awesome song

This is Replay by Iyaz (so the same as #10).

This is the first indeed

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11 Ready or Not

Just awesome song... Must listen!

12 Magical Magical Cover Art
13 Dry Your Eyes Dry Your Eyes Cover Art
14 My Girlfriend My Girlfriend Cover Art

I like song the among all Sean songs.

15 Back 2 Life Back 2 Life Cover Art

Man this is such an awesome song just wanna make you dance! Well you know a research shows how good might a song be it does not appeal to you at first time only after listening it again a few times you would feel yeah this is a nice song! But there are some song which have the potential to make you addicted to it at the first time and they are the ones who usually win awards I don't know why this song is not in top ten but it is the song which appeals to you at first time so please vote for it guys you won't regret it~!

That's such a cool song can't stop listening it please vote for it guys it's the best song ever created!

Amazing... Catchy.. Makes dead come back 2 life

16 Replay

The song 'Shawty's like a melody' listed here is not a song, it's actually this song titled 'Replay' which is actually IYAZ's song FEATURING Sean Kingston so neither should be listed here.

! Is it true this song is not in top 5. I love everything about this song from the start to end. Fan of kinz vote for this song.

Fantastic song thumbs up

Shouldn't bee here not even song my him and why is it higher then Party All Night

17 Your Sister Your Sister Cover Art

It is his the best song ever. Catchy in true hip-hop style! Shocking its not even mentioned

18 Beat It Beat It Cover Art

Best collaboration with Chris Brown and Wiz Khalifa..

Sean Kingston would be a great voice for Lubba from Super Mario Galaxy 2 w/ Chris Brown being a great voice for Pac-Man & Wiz Khalifa being a great voice for Gex.

Pac-Man aka Pac-Whiz

19 Over Over Cover Art

Sean has been the best since I started following his music and he always give out the best, keep it up from Hero 1 Ghana.

20 Tomorrow Tomorrow Cover Art
21 Roll Roll Cover Art

This is the only good flo rida song and it is all because of sean kingston

22 Island Queen Island Queen Cover Art
23 Dynamite
24 Rum and Raybans Rum and Raybans Cover Art
25 Dirty Love
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