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21 Forsaken Forsaken

, this song blows my mind...

ATTENTION : This is the favorite song of Shaun Morgan (Lead singer of Seether) from all the albums, you can listen to him saying that in Seether's interview

Awesome music! Should be in top ten!

This is like Seethers best song. Deeply disappointed that it's not in the top 10

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22 Because of Me Because of Me

Awesome heavy riff then melodic chorus I honestly can't belive its at 36?! This remedy and truth are the best thing about karma and effect!

Awesome song! Probably my favorite off of K&E, along with 'Never Leave' and of course 'Remedy.'

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23 Master of Disaster Master of Disaster

Why is this so low? It's one of the two songs along with Same Damn Life that made me start listening to Seether. Should be around 15 at least

Just listen to it once and you will see that it should be in top 3

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24 See You at the Bottom See You at the Bottom

What makes this song so special is the the vocal range exhibited by Shaun.. Should make top 10 at least

25 Save Today Save Today

Come on, all the way down here? That's sad. "Save Today" is probably my favourite song of all time, and that's saying a lot.

How is Save Today at #26? It totally deserves MUCH more recognition.

This song just strikes a chord with me. I cried the first time I really listend to it.

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26 No Jesus Christ No Jesus Christ

7 minutes of what is, by Seether's standards, post-grunge/alt metal perfection. The guitar work is great, the drumming is awesome, the bass line is possibly the best of any Seether song. The singing is epic. And the screams...oh my god the screams are so intensely filled with emotion. Lyrically it surpasses each and every song that the majority of people who voted here claim to be the 25 songs better (FMLYHM is the only song I like more but that's just because it's so catchy). This song, at the VERY LEAST, deserves to be in the top five! And even then that's being generous to the other four

I used to love Seether when I was younger now I'm back into them! And it's all because of this song! The words have real meaning and they work so well with the beautiful instruments

It's a best song for me. I think that it should be in the top ten.


This song consists of great lyrics performed with raw emotion over awesome music performed with even more of said raw emotion; memorable lyrics, and an infectious chorus that you will be humming, if not all out singing, long after you hear the song

This song is raw emotion! It deserves higher on the list!

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28 Keep the Dogs at Bay Keep the Dogs at Bay
29 Pass Slowly Pass Slowly

This song is amazing. More than amazing. The song has so much soul and depth in it. The lyrics are phenomenal and the emotions attached with this song makes it even more worthwhile. I think it should be in the top five easily!

This one should be in the top 5, TOP TEN AT THE LEAST! One of the best songs I've ever heard!

One of the bests it should be in the top 15

Very emotional song for me

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30 Simplest Mistake Simplest Mistake

Absurde... Nobody voted songs like Simplest Mistake and Tide my Hands. Probably above best works by seether. I know that songs like broken and fake it are really too much popular, but good bands aren't just two or three good songs, so come on boys, let's vote even minor works that people can discover and love.

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31 My Disaster My Disaster

Listen 2 it! It has such a good manipulative lyrics!

I bet this song is going to jump into top 5 :D
The best song from new album "Isolate and Medicate"

32 Pig Pig

One of the best heavy seether songs! Awesome guitar intro

One of the best on Disclaimer II. Should be a little bit higher.

33 Waste Waste

Waste is quite frankly 1 of my favorite songs by them. Why do they not play this live?

Staggering lyrics with even better music. It'll surely bring you your good old memories back to life

34 Tied My Hands Tied My Hands

Awesome song guys, ! Seeing it at 37 makes me sick!
This is probably one of the best songs of all time.. So damn heart touching :'( Just watch the lyrics and listen to this song with headphones, I am sure you're gonna have some nice time.

Should be at least in top 10!
Really so amazing!

This is another level of slow/acoustic, this is like escapism, very emotional and soothing. I float away from everyday with this one! Should have made the top ten!

43? Really? This song deserves to be in the top ten for sure!

How is this not higher? Top 5 for sure.

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35 69 Tea 69 Tea

This is easily the bands greatest song yet, its very deep, and every word speaks to you

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36 Love Her Love Her

This song has great lyrics and should be higher

This is how I began loving seether
Not the best of seether
But, with great lyrics, cool intro, 'love her' stands apart

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37 Sympathetic Sympathetic

Great song! It reminds of a late 90's movie soundtrack.

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38 Fallen Fallen

This song is so great! Seems like it is underrated when it comes to this list as it is 24th!

39 Out of my Way Out of my Way

Very good song, awesome to play when you are working out, this should probably be in the top 5 at the very least. Listen to it and you will know what I'm talking about, this song is very good, seether's best song in my humble opinion

This should be top 3 at least, it-s the song that actually got me into seether

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40 Roses Roses

This is honestly one of the better songs off of Holding Onto Strings Better Left To Fray. I think this needs to be a bit higher on here.

Great song. Y so far down the list?

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