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81 Se Quiere, Se Mata Se Quiere, Se Mata

I love this song. She tells a story that means something

82 23 23

She tells about her Lovestory with gerard pique in this song, I think this is one of the emotional Songs from shakira.
I love it

It is really beautiful. You can feel her love in this song!
Highly emotional, and with the end it is really great!

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83 Obtener Un SÍ Obtener Un SÍ
84 Pienso En Ti Pienso En Ti
85 Get It Started Get It Started
86 Sale el Sol Sale el Sol
87 I Dare You

Yeahh this song (the whole album "truth or dare") isn't even released and I can't get it out of my mind! Its gonna be wonderful! :))

The very 1st tm I heard this song just felt in love with it lalalalalala truth or dare on the dancefloor!

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88 Beautiful Disaster
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