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Second Chance Second Chance Cover Art

I loved this song because I beileve in second chances and I want a second chance in my life and I want it so bad I can taste it. So in all of my heart, this song is the best song of shinedown's career so far and I loved it so freaking much it make me cry. So thank you Shinedown for make me believing in second chances and god bless your souls Shinedown. God bless your souls.

Epic song from Shinedown. Very inspiring song and it is so beautiful which describe me completely! I hope Shinedown makes more wonderful songs which will inspire us all.

this song perfectly describes me

I have been having a really hard life, this song brought me back to life, I now have a second chance, thank you so much shinedown, god bless you all.

Diamond Eyes Diamond Eyes Cover Art

My favorite song from Shinedown. Great rhythm, lyrics, and meaning. It will really get your blood pumping!

THIS, is there fastest most intense song. really good. its the perfect song to work out to. I give it a 9 out of 10!

Shinedown is my all time favorite band and Diamond Eyes is my all time favorite song. From Brent Smiths unbelievable vocals to some great guitar playing from Zach Myers and the phenomenal pace in the song, it is a song that is sure to blow your mind and is gonna get you pumped up.

I have always been a fan of 80's anthem arena rock songs. This reminds me so much of that! Powerful catchy hook with 'Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom', a build up before the chorus, and a chorus that you just wanna punch your fist into the air and sing it with them. Plus that guitar solo was BADASS

Sound of Madness Sound of Madness Cover Art

Amazing song! Nothing else to be said.

This song is number 1 of shinedown

This song is the best Shinedown song by a landslide. I love how it pulls you in from the very beginning of the song

Love the sound of this song. It makes me feel empowered at times. I absolutely love listening to this song, especially when I'm frustrated at someone. It is simply amazing!

What a Shame What a Shame Cover Art

What a Shame is an amazing song, I absolutely love it

How is this number 8? It's the best there is. You guys suck.

Not a popular song but I think it is Shinedown's best. Very emotional, true, great guitars, the best of the high and low from Brent. This should be #1 and all others tie for #2. Second Chance is a great song, but the only reason it's #1 on this list is because people who have only heard that song are voting on a topic meant for hardcore Shinedown fans. Sorry, but it's true.

Of all the great Shinedown songs why was this not a single?

45 45 Cover Art

A few reasons why I voted for it and will again:
1. To raise it above What A Shame. What A Shame is a great song, but shouldn't be anywhere near the top 10.
2. Because it's clearly the best Shinedown song, melody wise and lyrics wise.
3. Because Leave a Whisper is the best album, so I don't want the top 4 to all be from Sound of Madness
Of course I want this at #1, but it'll be hard, as many people who only heard Second Chance vote on this list. Second Chance is great, but REALLY overrated.

One of the most gut wrenching song I've ever heard... Don't take my word for it... Listen to it yourself...

Still my favorite from the first time I heard it, can't beat the way this hits!

First song by Shinedown I heard a few years ago, and still is my favorite. Also kinda decribes me a bit.

Unity Unity Cover Art

This song is ultimate! Awesome music great singing and a rocking guitar solo, everything a rock song needs. Needs to be in the top 10

Really helps me when I'm feeling down; very uplifting song. So amazing to see this song live, when the line "put your hands in the air if you hear me out there" comes up everybody in the entire venue puts their hands in the air. It is so amazing and I got goosebumps both times I saw them.

This song is amazing! It doesn't just have meaning and awesome musical content, it also is the song that made ne a shinedown fan! If you for some stupid reason haven't heard of it, listen to the sample!

Come on give this song a chance its at least top 5 just listen to the sample

Call Me Call Me Cover Art

The best song, cannot beat it really. If I was to recommend any song of Shinedown, it would definitely be this one.

This is an amazing song that has true meaning behind everything! It helps me forget about everything and leave the world behind me... I hope they stay together for more years to come...

No other shinedown song hits me in quite the same way this one does. From gut wrenching lyrics to a beautiful showcase of vocal range. It hits home in every way. Easily their best song.

One of the few songs that touched my heart and made me cry..

I've said it so many times
I would change my ways
No, nevermind
God knows I've tried...


The Crow & the Butterfly The Crow & the Butterfly Cover Art

Such a beautiful and moving song, makes me emotional every time I hear it. This isn't, in my opinion, the best song from Shinedown; I love Second Chance and other less well known songs of theirs like Beyond The Sun. But something about this song, a mix of the lyrics, beautiful lead vocals, and raw emotion put into this song make it my favorite. Should be much higher than #11!

This should be higher on the list. It is an absolutely gorgeous song, and my personal favorite.

Such an amazing song, great lyrics. Should be Number 2 with Boom lay as first, but its still a nice song.

Beautiful song! It's breathtaking:)) please give it a listen this deserves top ten AT LEAST!

If You Only Knew If You Only Knew Cover Art

I love this song x10 for the past 3 years this has been my favorite song. It has been epic in every way and I believe it should conquer this list.

If you only knew.. I'd sacrifice my beating heart before I lose you... Very great and emotional lyric!

Their first love song and has the most meaning and isn't even "that" soft deserves to be at least top 5

Great song, not too soft, but still has good hook

I Dare You I Dare You Cover Art

An absolute classic with loads of emotion packed into the song. I'm sure many people can relate to this song.

This Songs is one of their Masterpieces But it gets thrown under the Rug for Some unknown Reason!

The Chorus is this song is amazing With Headphones on Try it I DARE YOU!

Brent Smith's Voice is Amazing and this song Proves that.!

I heard the chorus of this song playing--not too loudly--at The Habit restaurant during lunch the other day. I didn't know who the band was (forgive me) so I asked Google on my smartphone, "What song is this? " Google tacitly responded with the animated letters: Listening... In a few seconds, I Dare You, from Shinedown, with the album cover, appeared on the screen. I became an instant fan. Great sound and production, great hooks--and the vocals had me sold with a single chorus.

I have been a fan of Shinedown for ever now, the have been there for me when no one else has been there they have, this song is just a masterpiece and like is just absolutely beautiful.

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? Atlas Falls Atlas Falls Cover Art

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Bully Bully Cover Art

This is the type of song that someone should listen to if they have bullies whether at school in their neighborhood and this can get their confidence up to fight them to get the bully or bullies of their back but if not listen to a song like enemies or sound of madness

This song helps me, and a lot of others as well, to confront their past. This is music at it's best. The lyrics are brilliant, the video is amazing and the guitar riffs are solid. If you don't feel anything after listening to this song, you don't have a heart.

Excellent song in my opinion. A bit different compared to their other songs though. But to be honest I like this better than the top 3. Vote it up guys!

This song is inspirational. It helps me and others to know that we are able to stand against this. We are strong, that is all that matters. It helps us know that we will get through this and that we will be the victorious ones. Not our bullies.

Devour Devour Cover Art

This has got to be one of the most blood pumping songs by them. I'm in love with it. And its rather sad indeed that its barely number ten

The fastest and most intense song by them. The guitar, drums and bass are all awesome

Amazingly amazing... This song really sets the blood pumping!
If you like this, I recommend you listen to "Cyanide Sweet tooth Suicide" and "Sound of Madness"

Oh my gosh. I wish I could remember the lyrics because I can't help but sing every word even though I don't know a single one :P

Simple Man Simple Man Cover Art

It's is honestly, to me, one of the best covers of an already well established track in rock I've ever heard. Very easy going, but also sports one of Brent Smith's absolute best vocal performances.

A must listen to for anybody who enjoys great music.

Such a great cover Skynard's original was an amazing song and this just elevated it to another level

The most amazing lyrics I've ever heard with with a guitar play that still gives me goosebumps when I hear the song

BEST SONG EVER! Its very addicting one of shinedowns best songs the lyrics are amazing so definitely vote this it should be

Cut the Cord Cut the Cord Cover Art

It's One of the most powerful shinedown songs with Devil and diamond eyes, and deserves to be a lot higher than this

I'm honestly surprised this song is so far down on the list, I thought for sure it would be in the top 5. This song was like 35 for best alternative rock songs ever, so it's funny to see its even lower on a Shinedown only list.

Awesome song its newer so not as known as some older hits

In my opinion this song is going to soar up the charts and be just about with Second Chance maybe higher

Enemies Enemies Cover Art

This song for me has a great tune, also the Music video was just exemplary, such imagination and originality that the Shinedown band have put into this song, it should be No. 1 by far!

Awesome song off the newest album. It's pure rock and is very addictive. In my opinion, it's shinedown's best

This song is Shinedown at their BEST! This song is EXTREMELY exhilarating!

This song deserve to be in top 3

For My Sake For My Sake Cover Art

Dude This song rocks. The chorus just flows perfectly with the guitar, it is just amazing no doubt about it. This quality of song isn't very much like their others. It feels like the other songs are just fillers for hits like this.

As much as I love all of Shinedown's other songs, this tops all of them by a landslide. This song is perfect... We can all relate to it in some point in our lives. This song deserves number 1!

Lots of great songs by Shinedown, but this one worked the replay button more than all of the rest.

Stop slowing me down, stop holding me up, quit making a scene, enough's enough. Let's be honest, your promise, was never meant to last!
So I'm talking you on, I'm calling you out, there's nothing left for us here now. Let's be honest, I promise, I'm never looking back for my sake!
Amazing lyrics.

Save Me Save Me Cover Art

This song is just awesome, I can't believe no one commented on it yet. Its so expressive and I can really relate to the lyrics. Not only that, but its one of those songs that will always get stuck in your head.

I can't believe that this song isn't higher. It is amazing beyond words! Lyrics, sound, everything. It's great.

How is this not top ten? Good lyrics and overall great meaning. Read the lyrics and then listen to it.

Why is this song so low? This is one of their best songs! The first song I heard from them.

I'll Follow You I'll Follow You Cover Art

Shinedown's best song. A gut punch right to the feelings. Great melody & lyrics, and the breakdown in the bridge of the song gives me chills every time.

I really like song, because it talks about how we as human beings need each other to hold on, and have someone to count on.

One of the best songs that I've ever heard! Should be in the top ten!

Not just Shinedown's best song, but one of the best songs period!

Amaryllis Amaryllis Cover Art

This song stands the test of time as my favorite song because it applies to many different aspects of my life. And it's about opening up to both other people and myself. I'm debating getting this song's lyrics tattooed. That's how much I love it.

Says so much that is hard to explain

I can't for the life of me understand why this isn't in the top 3. Brent proves once more how awesome his voice is, accompanied with a really catchy chorus. you can't not love this song. the first I heard it, I was blown away! PLEASEEE, LISTEN TO THISSS AMAZINGGG SONGG ANDDD VOTEEE FOR ITT!

Through the Ghost Through the Ghost Cover Art

Beautiful lyrics, haunting instruments, and powerful themes result in a magnum opus for Shinedown

AMAZING SONG, amazing lyrics, great tunes and as usual an amazing voice. this should really appear in the top 10.

This is a relatively new song. But seriously it deserves a top 3 status.Just listen to this song once and decide for yourself.

It deserves top three status. Just awesome song. It's relatively new song but soon it will get it's status.

Her Name is Alice Her Name is Alice Cover Art

So mysterious and empowering. Not a typical shinedown song, my favorite of All time!

Her name is Alice!

Great Rock songs ever!

Should be way higher! Great song

Masterpiece, epic, amazing!
Her name is Alice!

My Name (Wearing Me Out) My Name (Wearing Me Out) Cover Art

How is this amazing song not even in the list? Just listen to it once! The power in the song is just so... TOO MUCH FOR ME TO COMPREHEND.

This song is amazing. It really has a lot of feeling behind it. Really makes you think. This has to be on the list

30th? Really? This is what got me to listen to the other songs, and I don't think they are as good.

Should definitely be in the top 3 or 5, with Bully. How can this song be so low in the ranking?

Devil Devil Cover Art

Pure hard rock! Not a very lengthy song but it goes HARD!


Fly from the Inside Fly from the Inside Cover Art

This should be the best song. It has the best mix of vocals, guitars and drums. And really, second chance is at the top, that song is overrated and overplayed. Everyone who voted for the top 10 are casual fans of music

First song of their first album. I was transfixed the moment I heard it. The killer opening, Brent's screams, the main riff (which is really fun to play on guitar), the moody verses, the soaring choruses, the heart-stopping bridge, the abrupt ending; simply sensational.

This is insane this is so low. Amazing intro, electrifying chorus and a head banging bridge. My number one anyway.

Best song should be number 1

How Did You Love How Did You Love Cover Art

I think this was the first Shinedown song I ever heard, but I'm not sure. It's incredible; it's very meaningful. I'm quite surprised it isn't higher up. I just love Shinedown.

This song should be higher on the list. I know it's one of the newer ones but it just pulls on your heart strings and makes you want to sing along with it!

I enjoy listening to this song with my wife and friends. All music types will enjoy this song

Brilliant song, One listen and you're hooked.

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