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61 Junkies for Fame

Will never understand how this was left off the album.

62 I'm Not Alright

What could make Shinedown better? Strings and violins and a sense of humor on "I'm Not Alright" improve an already amazing band.

Most underrated song by this band. It's energetic, it's fun, it's the best.

This song is awesome, should be way higher

Are you kidding? This song is a classic by them

63 Miracle

Come on it was the eighth it's an amazing

Really catchy song, great lyrics and a kick-ass chorus you will be singing for weeks!

I love this song. Shinedown is amazing but this is one of there best songs. I showed it to my boyfriend, and now it is our song. It is amazing, and explains our whole relationship. The song has to do with miracles, and he said I am his miracle. <3 so every time I hear this song I smile for a couple of reasons, Shinedown is my favorite band, and I love him to death.

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64 No More Love
65 Yer Majesty

Why hasn't anybody voted for this song? It's so catchy and gets stuck in your head. This song is so underrated but so good!

Am I the only guy that likes this song?

66 Burning Bright [sanford Mix]
67 All I Ever Wanted

Come on people how is this not even on the list yet?

68 Fake
69 Soon Forgotten
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